Saturday, July 15, 2017


I wrote this Tarot spread in September of 2015 right after we got Jack. This is the photo that the shelter sent to us...he's such a fatty! He weighed 54 pounds when we adopted him, now he's a healthy 24 pounds. When 9 year-old Jack came into our lives, he was fear-aggressive, overweight, had been shuffled from home to home and he was so insecure. He taught us patience, new ways of training that promote positive reinforcement; and deepened our love for him. He's come so far, trusts us completely...though he's still growly grumpy Jack, he's our little hound dog, but he's also my favourite little fella. :) What or who have you been blessed with?


MrsDuncanMahogany said...

My Karma. This girl has brought me peace when I thought I had none, taught me to stay put when I wanted to walk away from myself.

She's a challenge in her own special way (do NOT touch her feet or back legs at all!!) but besides all her quirks, she loves me in a way that touches my heart.

Rain said...

That's really nice Dianna :) I feel the same about all our pets, but especially Jack. They do teach us a lot of life lessons!!