Monday, July 24, 2017

Grizzly Bear: Facing Your Deepest Fears

This is the third of my ten bear-related Tarot spreads. The Grizzly represents facing your deepest fears and coming to terms with them. 

Experts will say that fear is a base emotion. Other emotions and conditions such as anxiety, stress, anger, resentment and vindictiveness are all based on fear. Many people show their fear through anger, by lashing out at others. They believe that by attempting to make others miserable, it will make them feel better. Avoidance only hurts the self as others normally just brush off the assault. 

Others, unfortunately like me, live with a general anxiety. I have faced my fears, I know what they are and I take steps daily to heal from them. It's a life-long process.

I remember facing a big fear back in 2008. I lived in Orford Quebec and the mountain was spectacular. I often climbed it and took the main trail back down. They ran the ski lifts all year round. Hiking down that mountain was very hard on my knees, so one day I faced my fear and rode the ski lift down the mountain. I was really in a panic at one point, and had to close my eyes! The photo above is my view from the ski lift...all the tree tops, it was very high! But I faced it head on and dealt with it. I took the ski lift many times after that day and I was so proud of myself for facing that fear.


MrsDuncanMahogany said...

I need to do this spread. I live in fear every day thanks to anxiety. Some days better than others, some worse. And how appropriate that this spread shows a bear. Huge fear of bears me.

Rain said...

It's scary to face your fears, especially with anxiety lurking all the time. I know that first hand. It feels like you're never safe and you can never relax. And even though I know the source of my fears and why the anxiety plagues me, I still have to work at it daily to keep it in check since I refuse to be medicated. I'm lucky I have a great support system in Alex. I did all this alone for too long!