Saturday, July 22, 2017

Polar Bear: Survival

This is the first of  ten bear-related Tarot spreads that I came up with during the winter. In the natural world, each animal represents something or has some kind of message to pass to anyone who is open to it. 

Polar bears are the great survivalists. They teach us how to adapt and how to weather the challenges in our lives. Sometimes we find ourselves coasting through life until something happens that opens our eyes. This happened to me in the late 90's during an ice storm that wiped out the grid for weeks during a gradually freezing January. I was lucky to only have endured a week, but some people were without power, water and supplies for many weeks. I learned during that time that my survival skills needed lots of work - not just for physical survival but emotional as well.

Since that time I've changed my life and my attitude towards society and what I rely on for my own survival and comfort. We are learning new things daily and increasingly becoming more self-sufficient and reliant only on each other.