Monday, August 21, 2017

Barn Owl: House Spirits

This is my second of six Owl spreads.

I'm a believer in energy. Without getting too much into my own philosophy, I find it hard to believe that when our bodies die, our spirits/energy die instantly with them. Everyone has their own beliefs and they are too personal to debate, which always baffles me when people have religious arguments. I believe X, you believe Y, they believe be it. Whatever makes you comfortable!

I think that homes carry energy. Sometimes they are good, sometimes not so good. I've been to houses where I instantly feel uncomfortable or threatened. It's an odd feeling. I don't think a ghost will pop up and hurt me, but I always wonder what kind of energy was left there and why it still feels like it's trapped there.

Anyway, lots of ramblings for today lol. When we first moved to this cottage, we felt a weird negative energy in one of the rooms. We cleaned it thoroughly and I burned some herbs to help restore the positive balance. We always wondered what happened in that room.


MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Ohhhhhh this resonates HUGELY with me. I am all about the "feel" of houses, buildings, stores, etc. I have left shops quickly due to oppressive energy. The same with homes. I love houses that give off vibes. The house we were previously in had a girl and a whistler in the house. This one, well its my childhood house so there is nothing much going on here. It was brand new when my parents moved in in 1964 so there is not much of a history. Except those who have come to visit and now have passed thru the veil. I do hope they can journey back here, but I don't feel much in this house.

Rain said...

Hi Dianna :)) Me too. If I get a bad feeling about a place I listen to my gut. I remember once when I didn't. I went to visit a rental just after burning out, and it was far away, in Mansonville (yeah, the name alone should have given me a clue)...near the US border. The owner creeped the hell out of me, and the house he was renting gave me a bad feeling. But it was right next to the woods, newly built. I ignored my gut.

I was out of there 3 weeks later, packing whatever I could into my car and leaving at 3 in the morning! Apparently (so town gossip had it), the owner sexually assaulted an old lady living there previously and she was so distraught that her heart gave out and she died there. I remember putting glass jars by all the doors and windows because he had keys to everything (he built the house) and I didn't trust that he wouldn't come in and do the same to me. When I found that out (two people confirmed), I had to quickly secure a new place to live over the phone.

The night before I left, I heard a jar crash...I was terrified but angry at the same time and I yelled out that I was calling the police. I had to wait until 3am because he would stay up by his window just staring at the house.

I NEVER ignored my instinct after that one.

baili said...

my grand mother and mother used to tell me about this but when i grew up i stop believing in such things until i had some signs which were getting stronger and effecting my mental and physical health so i realized this too that there is something around me like shell trying to keep tiat negative energy away from me and i recognized it and rebuilt my focusing powers which helped me to push the bad energies away from me.
actually there in my closest neighborhood a old couple live which are badly popular as black magicians .and they made me target as we moved here because they realized that i have positive energy around me and they could not defeat it this thing bothered them,but at the end of the day one wins who has God at his side what i got from my experiences of life

Rain said...

Hi Baili :) I think that the more sensitive a person is, emotionally, the more they feel energy around them. Like me, and probably like you, we feel other's negative energy and it doesn't sit well with us. But on the good side, we also feel all the positive energy which evens it out! I notice that when I'm happy and grateful, the entire household is having fun and there is lots of love to go around.

It's one thing for a person to try to target you with their negativity, but you're right, whatever faith you have, if you hold on to that, nobody can hurt you! Thanks for sharing! :)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I bet if we sat down and discussed all this, we'd find that we have a lot in common, especially with our beliefs. Like you, I believe that because we are energy, we never truly die. We live on in some form. I feel energy around me quite often. Just yesterday, I had to turn around abruptly as I was washing dishes because I was 100% certain that someone was standing slightly behind me to the left. And if I had to bet, I'd say it was my brother who I feel is always there nearby; missing me, watching over me, comforting me knowing how devastatingly difficult his death was to me.

As for beliefs, I'm with you 100%. Who cares what people believe (or don't believe). It's all good.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) I think that more people than we think have our similar beliefs, but society frowns on such things, so people keep things more least I used to, and kind of still do. When you wrote about having that feeling of someone behind you while you washed dishes, my hair stood on end. In fact, as I type this, I'm getting that energetic feeling again, it's not bad, but it's kind of...curious and creepy at the same time if you know what I mean! I love that you feel your brother's energy! I often feel my grandfather's energy, though it wanes more and more as years go by, he passed away in 1987. When I'm in the woods in an area where I used to bring my late pugs, I feel their fun and positive energy running around. As long as things like this aren't frightening me, I totally welcome them!! :)