Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Great Horned Owl: Adapting to Change

This is my fifth of six owl-related Tarot spreads.

I have to admit, I'm not big on change! In fact, until I met Alex I was still using Windows 98...and that was in 2013!!! I guess that's why I like Blogger, it's easy and I don't have to adapt to all the crazy new technology that I just can't (won't?) grasp.

When things are going well, I don't have any desire to change a thing. When things that are out of my control change, I find I'm resistant at first, but then quickly adapt because I want things to get back to that harmonious state that I enjoy so much. I've realized that every decision I make is to keep my home life happy and peaceful and to avoid any type of conflict.

People on the other hand - I resist to ANY change a person wants of me! When my neighbour decided she hated me (because I told her I couldn't drive her around anymore), she forced me to change a few things and I was resentful. I couldn't be friendly with her anymore and say hello, she would completely ignore me. She made me feel uncomfortable whenever I left my driveway and passed her house - I would always get the "death glare". 

She forced discomfort on me, that kind of change I hate! Because I can't handle confrontation, I changed my dog-walking route to avoid her hostility. It's been six months and she's still holding a grudge, but I am at the point where I see the good in the change - no more pressure to have to find an excuse not to drive her around town anymore! When I told her that I couldn't drive her around, I was honest. The fact is, I hate driving and I'm already nervous when I have Alex and the pets to be responsible for. She was asking me weekly for favours and the whole ordeal affected my emotions and caused me lots of stress. My honesty was a mistake! I found out she badmouthed me to a bunch of neighbours, telling them I made up a story to "get out" of helping a neighbour. Just a note though, this woman has pretty much alienated everyone in the village. I think I was the last person willing to help her out! Anyway, this was an opportunity for me to stand tall and just remember nobody's opinion matters but my own and Alex's. That's the positive outcome of this forced change.

And just a personal note: I will NEVER understand people and their insane reasoning. I always said to Alex that it's not worth getting to know neighbours beyond waving hello, because they will always take you for granted or cause problems. I've never been wrong about that! The good old days of "love they neighbour" don't exist in our society lol! 


Tammie Lee said...

I am glad that you spoke your truth.
When neighbors get mad at me I still wave at them on the road. After a while some get friendly again. Others.... well they just show their true colors. I am sorry that you had to go through that. Change can be hard for me too. There is usually a hiccup of 30 seconds to a week ;-)

Rain said...

That was a nice comment Tammie Lee :)) I kept waving at her when I saw her and she just kept ignoring me so eventually I just gave up!

Guillaume said...

I love owls. We might have some nearby.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

What a terrible position to be put in! You should be able to say no and the recipient should accept your decision gracefully. You aren't obligated to do this. It's by choice. But there are people you just can't reason with. I'm sorry this happened to you.

Rain said...

Hi Guillaume :) We likely have owls here, but we never hear them, they probably live more deeply in the woods.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Thanks so much for your comment. This happened in April. She was getting a little pushy because she got a new puppy and expected me to drive her to the vet 6 times (every week) for her dog's shots. I always want to help anyone with an animal, but her vet is a 45 minute highway drive each way and I just couldn't handle that much driving plus the gas expense, which she never offered to pay for. She's 70 years old but she does drive, she just chooses not to own a car. I suggested once she rent a car once a month for everything she needed and I was pretty much told off!

I think she thinks because I'm home all the time that I "need" something to do...I don't know. Anyway, she did show her true colours and I'm at the point of not caring all that much anymore. Our neighbour across the street warned us not to get close to her because she was hot and cold, but she was always so sweet with us the first 2 years we lived I know why! Once I'm of no use to her, she has no use for me. People suck lol...not all of them of course! :)

Treey said...

Hi Rain, I'm sure if we were neighbours we'd get on really well. We could watch the same tv programmes and never get bored with talking about them. I love ❤️ the Canadian accent more than I love the English one and I'd probably just listen to you as much as I could. I think it's strange that some parts of Canada spell 'favours' differently to other parts of Canada. Am I missing something here? Anyway, take no notice of the annoying neighbour. There's always one who will expect too much from you. If they can't get their own way then tough luck.

Rain said...

I think we'd make great neighbours Terry! :) Honestly, I have no clue why some of Canada FAVOURS "favour" and others favour "favor" lol...I think that a lot of people "Americanize" the way they spell, but I try to keep traditional in my spelling. And you're right, I pay not attention to her anymore, but honestly, it took me a while because I'm kind of a sensitive person and I don't understand why I was judged and juried. But it's out of my control right? I can only change MY reaction, not hers!