Thursday, December 21, 2017

Winter Solstice - Return of the Sun!

A lovely Winter Solstice to you all!

I love this day. I love all of the seasons and the holidays, but this day is so special because it marks the end of the dark season. I am someone who needs her sunshine, so the hope of each day lasting just a little bit longer is great for my spirit! Especially as we enter the coldest winter months here in the Laurentians. I tend to get a little bit of cabin fever by end of January and having the longer days and the bright sunshine really helps to lift my mood. Not to mention, I'm this much closer to porch season!!! :) Eegad, and bug season...okay I'll focus on the good stuff lol!

Many people talk about gratitude and the benefits of feeling it. I think that feeling grateful is a gateway to true happiness. When I feel grateful for what I have in my life, it makes the past traumas fade away and the plans for the future more realistic and attainable. Not very long ago, I had zero gratitude for my life. I felt like I was dealt a bad hand and all I could think about was how I could get out of that mess. The past was suffocating me and my desire for a different future was tormenting me. Of course, a lot had to do with depression. 

But once I was able to manage that issue, I started to slowly shift my way of thinking. I started to write a "gratitude journal". Every night before bed, I wrote down at least five things that I felt grateful for that day. At first it was forced, didn't feel natural at all. But after a while, I came up with dozens of wonderful things that made my day bright and warm. Practice makes perfect so to speak!

Now I live with gratitude. I'm so appreciative of Alex, the pets and the home we have. I'm grateful for my hobbies, my talents and the comfort I create. I'm so grateful for nature and being lucky enough to live up north. And during my best moments, I even feel grateful that I live in this noisy little village because it beats the worse noise in Montreal! 

What brightens up your day? 


Pam Jackson said...

Morning Rain~ I am happy that you have Alex and the furbabes! What makes my day brighter...watching my furbabes play with each other! It just seems to make my whole body smile and melt! Warmth would be the same! We all need gratitude in our life, we all need to be thankful for our life and what and who we have in it....thanks for being in my life Rain.

Toni said...

Nice! You have a great attitude. Although I have only been reading your blog a short time, I am thankful for you.

Winter Solstice is probably my favorite holiday. It is like a doorway to quiet time. The smell of in the woodstove, good books and comfy chair, quilt and pillows. A time to make and design quilts, play with clay in my studio, and best of all, wearing pajamas all day if I want to.

Good Yule to you.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

All hail the Sun King!! May He shine down upon us all and hurry along the warmer weather!

Happy Solstice to you and yours!!!! We are sunny and bright out today so fingers crossed the evening stays the same.

Lots to do tonight!! ;)

wisps of words said...

This is the first Gratitude post, which I have resonated with. Why? Because all those Lists of Gratitudes always seemed so..... Guess I had better stop, since it might not sound "nice." -grin-

Anyway, this time, the idea sounds about me. I know I am happy with many things. I know I need to pay attention to these things. Especially if a silly envy thought tries to wiggle its way into my mind. Keep looking at what I have!!!!!!!!

And being more aware, of the good things I have, is a very Wise idea, for me. Helpful to me. Giving peace to me. Giving smiles to me. And making me more kind, to he who is always there for me. My husband of 59 years.

So thank you! This Gratitude post, actually connected! Hooray for that!!!!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I love the idea of a gratitude journal. I should give it a try. And I am thrilled that we are now going to enjoy more daylight! I already feel so much better!

Rain said...

Hi Pam :)) I'm grateful for you being in my life too. I'm very grateful for my Blogging friends so much. Being someone who isn't social at all, it's so nice to wake up each morning to lovely and sweet comments! :) And also to read about your lives, I just love it. THAT'S my idea of society! :) Blog-iety lol...Your furbabies are just adorable, I think that having pets is the most wonderful thing a person can do for their happiness. We are so lucky to have them! :)

Rain said...

Hi Toni :)) Thank you Toni, I'm grateful that we met too! :) I love how you describe the Winter's so true, I was out the other night in the yard and it was so quiet, it was snowing lightly and I smelled a neighbour's chimney...Nothing beats that! Oh yes, PJ days are the best!!! :)

Rain said...

Hi Dianna :)) Thank you! Happy (belated) Solstice! I hope you had a grand evening! I did, I'll write about that on my Garden blog! I'm so happy to have the days a little longer now. I'm already planning my garden in my head lol! Though Pavlov has chosen my pumpkin patch as his PEE area lol...I'll have to make sure that's all cleaned up in the spring...still I'm grateful for those dogs! :)

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :)) Lol..I do know what you mean about those gratitude lists...they seem a bit cheesy and maybe a little forced. It really took me a while to take gratitude seriously because of those silly lists I used to read everywhere...I just had to really think about it on my own terms. I'm grateful for everything these days because I guess I lost so much of my life to depression and other issues. I only felt alive less than 10 years ago and I know how quickly life goes by and I don't want to miss a moment anymore. I sometimes have that envy too, but then I just look at a folder I keep on my phone or on my memory board...and I'm instantly happy again, knowing that I have all I want in life and what I still want IS going to happen soon! :) Wow...congratulations on 59 years with your husband! That is truly a happy accomplishment! :)

Rain said...

Hi Martha :)) I already feel so much better too. I was out yesterday morning having a little conversation with the sun! :) Thanking the sun for coming back and asking for a better summer this year for the garden too! Let's hope He heard me for all of us!!! :) I hope you start your garden this year! :)

wisps of words said...

RAIN, Thank you for coming to my blog and reading/commenting. I do like that "old" way of blogging! :-) Seems today, most bloggers just reply to comments, on their own blogs, never going to the commenter's blog. Again, thank you! And I would have said this, in private e-mail, but did not find an email addy, here.

A 4th Goddess, 'Queen,' between Mother and Crone. Yes, since we live so much longer now, than years ago!!!

Thank you for liking my user name. :-) It is what I would like my blog to be....

And I too, lost many, many years, of my life. Mine, to a form of excessive OCD. 'Lost' is 'lost', so I can relate. I can also relate, to 'getting one's life back.' :-) And the relief and joy, it brings.

Rain said...

I agree Wisps of Words! The old way of blogging is the best. I do love to communicate with people and I love reading their blogs too. I have quite a hefty blog roll lol...I have another blog that is my main one if you want to check it out I do most of my non-spiritual related stuff there. I am following your blog now too. :) I'm sorry about your OCD...mental health illness is just so difficult to overcome, and honestly, I don't think manage yes, to be cured? At least not for me. But I've found a way to manage all of it...I try not to regret the lost time by making the present as enjoyable as I can. Relief and joy, yes...I know that feeling!! :)

Michael said...

"I think that feeling grateful is a gateway to true happiness. When I feel grateful for what I have in my life, it makes the past traumas fade away and the plans for the future more realistic and attainable."

--TOTALLY true. And, yes, it is so easy to get stuck seeing one's bad hand dealt, esp if growing up in an abusive home. When we can turn to the things that are good, like even being able to see, walk, hear, etc, things get better. My son-in-law is always so positive adn smiling, even though he has ONLY one arm with two fingers! He is thankful to be alive when most of his buddies died in Afghanistan. He thinks too about how they got to really show women and girls how they did indeed have TRUE value, deserved an education and were jsut as good as any man out there. Some of those people may still remember that even while now mostly falling back under fear. Anyway, he taught me a lot about how everything is relative. in fact, my son in law, Jason, deals FAR more with the abusive upbringing he had which was on par with Alex's and maybe yours too. The one thing he also deals with not being able to do simple physical things fro their baby twins, like helping put a party hat on or such but he is more there in person, than, sadly some full able bodied dads are out there who try to keep their kids at arms' length!

Well, here we have an average of 320 days of sunshine even after or during a massive snowstorm! In fact, the last few days we were in the mountains at a cabin with the "kids" for our family xmas with them and it snowed but then next day, whilst still gently snowing, it was also almost too hot from the intense sunlight!

Michael said...

Rain, I saw you visited nicolas. I was gogin back through his blog, reading his comment back to my comments and came across this post (below) that really made me think of you, in terms of cutting off the world (in a good way!):

Rain said...

Hi Michael :)

I think that Jason is inspiring. We all have handicaps, physical, mental or emotional, and learning how to accept them and work with then instead of against them is a HUGE learning process, but gratitude helps SO MUCH.

When I have trouble with the anxiety, sometimes I will admit it gets out of control and I need Alex to help me and he does so having that support system makes me grateful each day. When I am able to think straight, I make myself remember all of the things that I'm thankful for in my life and not the things that give me nightmares from the past.

What you said, almost too hot from the intense sunlight...that's how my condo was when I lived on top of the mountain Morin Heights back in the early 2000' would be minus ridiculous out, but the sun had me opening windows lol! I hope you had a great time at the cabin!

Yes, I did visit Nicolas and I like his blog! :) Thank you for the link. I'm going to read about him cutting off the world...which for me is always in a good way too! :)