Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wisps of Words' Christmas Future Card

I felt a lot of peace and joy when I drew the cards for you Wisps of Words, and for Martha too! I'm happy to have been able to do this! Ask me anything!

Wisps of Words' Christmas Future Card

Three of Wands

Fairy Tale: Hok Lee and the Dwarves

Once upon a time, there lived a very hard working man named Hok Lee. He was looked at with honour among his friends because he was a good man. But nobody knew that Hok Lee led a double life as a nocturnal thief. But fate does catch up and one morning, Hok Lee woke up with a swelled right cheek. The swelling kept getting bigger and bigger. The people who had looked at him with honour once, now saw him as a bad omen and wanted nothing to do with him. No doctor would see him and everyone suspected he was up to some kind of evil.

He saw a witch doctor in town who told him that for a very large sum of money, he would bring him to the dwarves who would cure him in the forest at the next full moon. The dwarves were not happy to see Hok Lee and told him to dance and he would be cured; but if he didn't dance well, he would be cursed. Hok Lee didn't make any effort to dance and left the forest. The next morning, his left cheek swelled.

Feeling humiliated, Hok Lee went back to the forest at the next full moon - having endured a month of hostility from the village. He asked the dwarves to give him a second chance and he let his spirit soar and danced marvelously for hours. Suddenly the forest went dark. He felt his face and he was cured.

Hok Lee danced all the way home, feeling gratitude and thanking the dwarves out loud with joy; and he vowed never to steal again. Instead he turned his life around to help other thieves change their ways and lead more honest lives.

The Blessings that 2018 will bring:

Wands represent fire - action, passion and spirit. Threes represent the trinity of life...which usually symbolizes maturation, fulfillment and achievement.

This card strongly symbolizes that you have learned from the past. The message is that you cannot change your past, but you can accept it and use it to develop new ways to use your skills and be creative. This is opportunity knocking, it's an energy card. Don't hide, accept what has happened and put your entire spirit into making your life good for you.

I saw this more as a present card when I read it, even though I thought about what 2018 would bring! But the more I think about this card, I think that the blessings that you will enjoy in 2018 are on the same track as the blessings you have been enjoying already. Whatever choices you make in the next year will bring you fulfillment. You know what you want and this card says that you have the energy to accomplish it! 

Dwarves are guardians of the Earth's mysteries. They have great knowledge, wit and speech. They prefer life in the forest than with the bustle of society. With that in mind and since this is a spirit card, perhaps you might bring more things into your life that feed your spirit through connecting with the Earth...maybe a daily walk, setting up a bird feeder to watch the critters; or some quiet daily meditation by a window; or just enjoying more of nature and the skies might be something that brings joy to your spirit and inspires you. Since the dwarves have wonderful knowledge and wit, have you thought of writing? Despite his early resistance, when he let himself go, dancing brought healing and joy to Hok the card is telling you to step out of your comfort zone and let your spirit soar...find something that makes you feel that gratitude. The action card suggests that you will follow through on some ideas and will enjoy the fruits of your labour! :)

Wisps of Words, if you want to try to think more about this card and the message: Wands represent the summer, the noon hour, a full moon and the colour red.


wisps of words said...

Oh thank you!!!!!! And wonderful that you felt peace, when drawing our cards.

My past... I have been contemplating an unhappy childhood/growing up time. I have! So this resonates with me. And I know (with my mind) that we have to let go... of bad memories. Etc. Etc. Etc. But mental knowledge, is harder to transmit, to the heart. I would say, that this card, has a very timely message. And it rang so true.

I do have many, many blessings in my life. And hope for them to continue. There is always fear, about this though... Even though I try to keep a positive outlook, worry "niggles" in the brain. So, "kick" that worry "to the curb"!!!! :-) Concentrate more on gratitude and on doing my part, to continue blessings.

I too, prefer a more solitary-kind of life. Opposite to being in society! I do not resonate with "the worlds" views. Do not seek going-doing-participating. I agree with the dwarves!

It has been too long, since we went on a little daily walk! I had knee problems, and have been "saving" my knee. When the weather warms, and ice is gone, yes... Time to return to quiet walks in nature. We are lucky enough to live across from a small woods, and a college campus.... Which has paved walking paths, through much more wooded and natural areas, which are preserved.

I love to write!!! But not fiction, I just don't have those prompts. I love to blog, because I love to write, though. So writing is yet another things, which rings true.

And I love the moon, and warm colors!

Oh thank you, my Dear! This has been wonderful, and deserves re-reading, and contemplating. Thank you!

wisps of words said...

I don't want to sound greedy (blush), but you said ask you anything. When you have the time, inclination, would you please pic a card for me, from your new Celtic Tree Oracle deck?

I too have Celtic roots, and feel drawn to them. My maternal grandparents came from Ireland and Scotland.

So please and thank you.

And meantime, I will continue to ponder, the card you just drew.

Rain said...

Wisps of Words, firstly you are NOT greedy. :) The deck that Alex got me is so wonderful that I want to share it! I've been reading the companion book today and learning about the Celtic Tree Calendar and it's fascinating! When I'm ready I will most happily draw a card for you! :) My roots are also Scottish and Irish with a twist of British :)

I completely agree with you about mental knowledge. I don't remember the pain I felt when my left wrist was broken at age seven...but I do remember emotional pain that started then too. It seems almost impossible to shake from our memories. I wonder why that is. But I try not to fight it, I try to accept it then release it. Easier said than done right? :)

There are so many people that I have come across on Blogland who are just like me and you...preferring a solitary existence (solitary with our mates if we have them!:)), shunning society, tired and burned from the media...just like the dwarves! :)

I'm sorry about your knee problem. I had an injury with my right knee years ago on a ski hill (first and LAST ski experience) and it was separated. Oh the pain...I was afraid to use my legs for a long time, and like you, saved my knees from things. But a good walk in the woods, hugging a few trees...for me anyway, is worth the little aches I feel now! :) I love that you have a path at your doorstep! But now isn't the time I think...way too darn cold an icy! But then, our card does represent the summer doesn't it? :)

Have you ever thought of writing more about your spirituality? Even if it isn't public? That might be an idea. Though blogging is so much fun. I love it!

I'm so SO happy that you liked this interpretation and the card! :)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Oh Rain, this is so much fun. And extremely interesting! I can't tell you how much I appreciate you doing this for us. I should learn more about these cards, maybe even get myself a set and learn how to read and interpret them. I'm really fascinated by all this and it's something I have a deep interest in. You must be really enjoying the deck that Alex got you!

Rain said...

You're welcome Martha! :) I think getting yourself a deck would be a fabulous idea. There are SO many out there...the normal advice is to get the standard deck which is called the Rider Waite deck. This is what most people learn from..but, that deck never did it for me. I prefer a deck that appeals to me, like the fairy tale tarot deck and now my tree oracle deck (Tarot and Oracle are different). If you want any advice or suggestions, just email me and I'd be happy to find some good links for you. Alex found a Halloween deck ( that I'm hoping is worked into my next birthday gift lol!
Llewellyn is a U.S. company but they sell so much, it's a great site to browse then try to find what you want on Amazon or something like that.

wisps of words said...

RAIN Writing about my spirituality, even if not public..... A wonderful suggestion. It has been quite the journey. And I don't even know if I have any spirituality now. That means, any rather Dogmatic Beliefs. Not even Written Down ones. Even my own, personal firm ones, at this point.

A Wise suggestion. Explore this! Me! Explore this and find out exactly what I believe.

Again, thank you!

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) I think that I have wandering beliefs...I'm more of an eclectic type of Pagan, where I don't have a set of rules to follow. I just live by the seasons and appreciate everything that Nature has to offer. If I read about a ritual, lore or practice that someone else loves, and it appeals to me, I will adopt it to my own liking. I started a spiritual journal this year (2017 that is!) and I just write about lots of things. I'm someone who needs structure and I take time each day to think about Tarot cards, self-improvement which leads to self-therapy, what's going on outside my window and what little charms I can do to make my life fun. For example, on Winter Solstice, I took some silver dimes (though I'm sure the Canadian mint doesn't make them 100% silver anymore!!), went outside and tossed them up in the air. I asked the Universe to help me be more prosperous in the coming year as I tossed them and caught them (quite a multi-task lol)...then I hid them because if I spend them, I'll lose any prosperity I might have coming to me!

So for me, it's a little mix of superstitions too.