Monday, January 1, 2018

January Full Wolf Super Moon!

It is beautiful today. But oh my gosh is it COLD. Alex and I had a lovely New Year's Eve and I'll blog about that on Rain's Garden shortly! I got up early to watch the sun rise and welcome the new year, nearly froze my pants off! It definitely felt polar out there, but it was sunny all day with no wind, which  really brightened my spirits because weather lore states:

- No wind on January first indicates a dry, hot summer.

- On January first, no wind at all...a prosperous and happy new year for all.

After the summer we had last year, my gosh how much rain fell exactly???...I'm very encouraged that this coming spring and summer will be fantastic! I can't wait to get my fingers in the dirt and plant my garden this year!

I took this photo last night, the sky is beautiful! It's a pretty magical time of the year! We have a full moon tonight, the Wolf Moon. It's also a Super Moon, meaning the distance from the Moon and the Earth is as close as it can be. This brings a lot of great energy to those who are open to it! Even up north, we don't need any flashlights tonight, gosh the moon has been so bright the last few nights and I have definitely felt some strong energy.

If you are so inclined, this is a great time to ask the Moon for protection for your family and your home from the bitter January cold. It's also a time to be cautious. The Wolf Moon was named after hungry wolves that lurked in villages, looking for any food they could get. There is a strong message to listen to your gut feeling - it is usually spot on!

Some things to ponder tonight:

- Am I being my true self?
- Do I need to simplify my life?

De-cluttering is a great ritual for January. The winter months are a perfect time to relax and do some thinking; but also a fine time to try a new hobby or tap into your creativity. I'm always extra motivated this time of year to find even more creative frugal ways to live so that we can save more money towards our future home! Being creative doesn't always apply to arts and crafts. Think about how to be more creative and apply these ideas to improve your life.

If you want to read cards or just meditate on new beginnings, light a white candle (signifying renewal) and burn some lavender (for happiness and peace) or rosemary (for health and love). Most people don't have a wide array of incense to burn. I use essential oils in my new aromatherapy diffuser now, but before I had it, I just put oils or herbs and spices into a pot of boiling water and let it simmer in a bowl while I relaxed and focused on my thoughts.

Our Wolf: Charlie
Although I do try to focus on the positive all of the time, I do recognize that not everyone is having an easy life. We all go through that one time or another; some of us for far too long! I personally suffer from S.A.D. and awful cabin fever in the winter months up north, so I try to do everything I can to remain hopeful and positive. Here is a good thought for today and for the month of January:

If you feel weak and are ready to give up, think of the wolf who endures the frigid, hungry cold winter months. Spend as much time by a sunny window as you can. Howl if you need to and use your resourcefulness to keep warm and keep surviving. Spring is just around the corner!


Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Great thoughts! I do hope we have a much drier spring and summer because I'm excited about getting outside this year and building a garden. Even though we are a few months away, whenever January arrives I begin to feel hopeful and I start anticipating spring. It just feels like new beginnings from day one of the year. I've been feeling a little burnt out the past few days but this will pass. I've finished a list of oracle cards that interest me and I'll be making an order this week, along with some new art supplies. A little bit of spirituality, a little introspection, some meditative thinking and a whole lot of creativity should have me balanced shortly. This blog also speaks to me. You share things that define me in many ways. You're not an Aquarius by any chance, are you? Because you do sound like one! And I mean this as a compliment :)

wisps of words said...

Oh that picture of your wolf Charlie! Those eyes! That face! Wonderful!!!!!!!!

wisps of words said...

You have shown a beautiful sunrise. I tried to capture a very cold sunset. Although we never see true sun rise or sun set. Your photo is the best!!!!

I love the moon. Thank you for the words, concerning the moon and what we can 'do' at this time of this amazing Full Moon. In this also amazingly cold winter, we are in. Yes, the moon is so bright, and illuminates the night, soooo well. I must concentrate on feeling the energy tonight!

And the pondering thoughts. So spot on! I've been trying to find pondering thoughts, for this time of year. You have given them to me!!!! Oh yes, De-cluttering. I am always trying to de-clutter, and then, losing steam, as the saying goes. -sigh-

So much to ponder, in this post. As always, thank you! Thank you! Thank You! Thank you!

And I am going to return to a reply you made to a reader who was asking about cards. :-)

Stay warm my Dear! I am "below' you, and if I am frigid, you must be super so. Take care!!!

Lots of gentle hugs...

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

This is good! This is a really good post! All things have been done in preparation for the full moon which will be full here in approximately an hour and a bit. A very happy new year to you both! :)

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) I'm excited to follow your gardening adventure! What a perfect way to complete your home!! :) Any thoughts on what you'll be planting? I'm going to stick to what works here, which is root veggies, tomatoes and lettuces. I have flower seeds, but I won't be doing much more than that, plus herbs too.

I hope that you feel better, that feeling of being burnt out drains every energy you have. I hope you find your balance soon. And I can't wait to see what deck you chose! :)

Are you an Aquarius Martha? I am just close to the cusp of Aquarius and Pisces (Feb 20) but I'm a tried and true Pisces, that I cannot deny. I also find astrology fascinating, as the traits of each sign really does suit the person born under it! That is something I've been wanting to learn about more each year, but haven't found the time to do it yet. It all connects doesn't it?

Rain said...

Thanks Wisps of Wind :) Charlie is definitely our wild wolf gal...she howls too!

I always try to feel the energy of the moon during the full phase. It's harder in the winter because I just can't stay out too long - I agree, very cold this year - but during the warmer months, I like to sit out on the porch and enjoy every moment of the sky! almost feels necessary in a new year doesn't it? We have so much stuff...not, but we like to go to thrift stores and bazaars and we can't say no to a bargain lol...We will be moving in a few years and I think that will be the biggest declutter of our lives! In the end, it's all just stuff. What's most important isn't tangible, in my opinion. I do like my "stuff" though, makes like easy and comfy!

Rain said...

Thanks Dianna :)) Isn't that energy amazing? I hope you had a clear night. We should still feel her energy for a few days but last night was IT. Loved it. It turned the snow bluish in her hue. It was beautiful! Thank you, I wish you all the best in 2018 too, so far it's starting off well! :)

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I am an Aquarius! I should have thought about you being a Pisces because my best friend is one and you have similarities. But you do have quite a few of those Aquarian traits, so I had to ask...LOL Not sure yet what I'll plant in the garden but now that the holidays are over, I'm going to start doing some research, especially on trees. We'd like to add two or three small ones around the property. There are none right now and it looks rather sad. Things to look forward to!

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Oh trees are such a necessity, I love that you'll be planting some. We are very lucky here to have trees everywhere, we couldn't live in a place without them! In our new future home I'd love to have fruit trees too. That's something I really miss lately is fresh non-pesticided fruit. I really hope we have a nice summer for the garden!

I have to look up Aquarian traits, I usually only focus on the Pisces in me, but I am so close to the Aquarius timing too, I'm sure some of those are sprinkled into my personality! :)