Monday, January 22, 2018

Tap Into Your Inner Muse!

I have had a burst of creativity lately! I've been painting, drawing, sewing, knitting, cooking and baking...I hope there is no end to this!! :) This is the second drawing in my daily drawing challenge. I'll post all of them weekly on my other blog! My theme this week is MONSTERS......aaaaah!

Today, in Pagan tradition, is the Festival of the Muses. Each year on this date, the invisible spirits that inspire and watch over all poets, musicians, and artists are honoured and filled with Goddess-inspired poetry, Pagan folk songs, art, music and dancing. Doesn't that sound lovely?

So how can you thank these muses? By letting loose the inner muse inside of you! What inspires you and makes you feel passionate? What brings you harmony and peace of mind? How can you express this? Through writing, drawing, baking, sculpting, thinking...creating? What is your favourite way to be creative?

I think that my inner-muse invokes a combination of peace and fear. Okay...I know that sounds warped lol...but let me explain...most of you know that I have a wild imagination and a macabre sense of creativity when it comes to a lot of my artwork...for example:

My Headless Horseman brings me a lot of joy...but I watch the movie with one hand over my eye! Fear! :) Healthy fear lol...but it is inspiring to me.

As for peace, well, most of my creativity comes from the life I've sculpted for myself. Living simply, living with love and getting back to basics. This is why I feel so creative when I'm in the kitchen, or when I'm creating a homemade wardrobe, painting...or when I plant seeds and write Tarot spreads. Where some women might feel it's not their thing, I do enjoy being a housewife/homemaker...whatever you want to call it! :) I feel peace of mind, knowing I'm "home" and it's cozy and comfy here. I wasn't very creative back in the days when I hated my living arrangements, something always got in the way of the harmony I longed for. Now that I have that harmony, my muse is bursting out!

I did a Tarot spread yesterday. One of the questions was "What are your two main sources of power that inspire your creativity?" I drew these two:

Innocence and Magick. I thought this was so cool. I definitely have that childlike innocence about me when I'm creating, and I find magick everywhere I look. Again, it's related to my imagination and my simple lovely life here. What about you? What powers your creativity?

I'm at it again! My inner sweet tooth/baking muse was knocking hard on my head this morning, reminding me that I had extra lemon curd from Alex's birthday Lemon Meringue Ice Cream Pie...since my goal this morning is to tap into that muse, I felt the need to make another one! :) This is going in the freezer for 12 hours then I'll add the meringue and we can celebrate the muse of creativity! :)


Fundy Blue said...

Happy Monday, Rain. I always enjoy your "thoughts" posts. That's quite a cyclops! For years I shared the story of Odysseus and the Cyclops with my third graders, along with several other stories to introduce them to Greek and Roman mythology. It was always such fun. Now that I'm retired, I enjoy homemaking much more. I think the difference is that I am not overwhelmed by the responsibilities of teaching and union work. I even like to iron and wash floors! You're an inspiration. I'd try gardening again, but I'm blessed?/cursed? with the traveling gene. I don't know if it's ever going to loosen its hold on me. Meanwhile I shall live vicariously through you, my sister Barb, and a couple of serious gardening friends. Some of us are grounded and some of us are rolling stones! Have a good one!

Toni said...

Love your headless horseman...really captures the legend.

Perfect Tarot results! Innocence and Magic!

I wasn't aware that there was a Festival of Muses but now that I know, I'll light some candles, brew some tea, call the Muses in and have a little party while I paint the dresser. Thanks for the heads up.

Years ago, I lived in Palo Cedro. A very nice community, two acre minimums so we all had some space around our homes and plenty of animals and gardens. The one problem was that the population was 98% extreme fundamental Christians. Very uptight and judgemental crowd. Luckily, I am an old bohemian with a metaphysical bent so didn't get too upset with finger pointing!

One Winter Solstice evening, my adult daughter and two friends held a ritual in the oak trees in the side yard. When we lit the candles and called all the Elementals in, there was literally a stampede and whooshing of all invited. One little guy, was about 2 to 2 1/3 feet tall. He hung around and seemed full of joy.

He stayed through the evening and actually never left. I could see him in the house or in the backyard by the pond and waterfall, watching the fish. He would sit in the flowers, walk along the top of the fence boards around the garden. He stayed for about 8 years and I never knew what he was except a loving being. He would take walks with us.

We moved to town because the house was just too big and the yard too much to take care of. We invited him to come with us but he never did. Watching a movie sometime later, I saw a character that looked just like him. He was a Brownie! He must have just preferred living in the country than coming to town. No, I swear, I am not crazy Not certifiable anyway!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

I need to lean heavy on my Muses these days....I have none so they'd better come when I beckon! :) I just need them with a side of "alot of time" too....

I love this post!

wisps of words said...

-sigh- I haven't created anything in a long time. Like art or even sewing, if I can call sewing, creating. Which I guess I can. ,-)))

I certainly do love the peace of home!!!!! No desire to go "galavanting." We had 2 stores to pop into today, and we did them, quickly as possible and got back home. After that, we could relax and do what we choose. Lucky we both agree on this, I guess.

Oh mercy, the result of your sweet tooth muse! Yummmmmmmmmm....

I really have trouble with such. -sigh- Would like to bake but... My heart doc wants me to be 20 pounds lighter. Just for health. I'd need to lose more, if it was for vanity. LOL. I do understand, why it is good for me, to lose the weight. I do hate it on me. But it is so hard. Soooo, I would love to be able to indulge in my baking muse. But.......

Sorry for the pity party. -grin-

It's doesn't add weight, to sew of paint a picture though!!!!!!!

jack69 said...

I depend on moods alone I think for creativity. But Imma tell you that pie looks delicious. I also like to draw haven't done it in awhile. I like those!

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

I love your artwork, especially the darker kind. What does that say about me? LOL And although, I love watching horror movies, I watch them with squinted eyes or through fingers over my eyes or with peripheral vision. HAHA My husband does not like them at all! He literally jumps throughout these films. One of our first dates was going to see a horror movie and every time a sudden scary scene would occur, he'd bounce up from his seat and the popcorn he was holding would, too. HAHAHA It was the cutest and funniest thing I'd ever seen.

Your tarot cards are so perfect for you, Rain! Keeping that child inside you alive certainly contributes to a joyful existence. And so does living a simple life. George and I were just discussing last night when we were out for coffee that the more we get caught up in the material world and the further and further we get away from the basics, the less happy we are.

Like you, I am perfectly happy being home. I've had all kinds of jobs and nothing has pleased me more than the past few years. I enjoy the simplicity of it and having a free schedule. I've gotten not-so-nice remarks (albeit it indirectly) about this from friends (although people who criticize like that aren't really friends) but I don't care. I'm happy.

That pie looks delicious! I'll just reach in with my BIG fork and help myself :)

Rain said...

Hi Louise :) I do love Greek and Roman Mythology! I took a few courses at university in mythology as my complimentary courses. I liked them much more than the business classes that is FOR SURE! Okay, you are super lady because I do NOT like to iron or wash floors lol...but I know what you mean. When you have the time for homemaking it's so much more fulfilling. I'm grounded! I like to like to roam, that's just fine! :)

Rain said...

Hi Toni :) I love your brownie story. Ha ha, I don't think you're even close to certifiable lol! I have often thought I've seen little blinks of light in my peripheral vision. I think that if people can believe in a monotheist God, why can't I believe in fairies, elves, sprites and brownies? This is my heritage and I've done a lot of reading on the subject. When I walk in the woods, I often see little drifts of matter fly by...sometimes when I'm thinking of fairies, a butterfly will appear before me...I see fairy rings. I love the lore!

Rain said...

Hi Dianna :) muses were unknown to me when I had no time to quiet my life. I think in 4 1/2 years, you'll have PLENTY of muses to beckon!!! :)

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) Sewing is definitely creating!! :) Oh home...I'm with you, there is no galavanting in my life at all. I find every comfort right here. Isn't my sweet tooth muse a bugger? LOL...She WANTS me to gain weight...heck, what can you do? :)

Rain said...

Hi Jack :) Thanks :) Drawing isn't my strong point...I've been feeling a little uncomfortable with my drawings, but I think that the more I draw, the more I'll feel confidence! I don't know if the more I draw, the better I'll get lol...but that's okay too.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Well, whatever that says about you says that about me too! LOL...We both have a little dark side we relish don't we?? :) Bwah ha ha...That is so cute about George. Very endearing too!!! :)

You both hit the nail on the head...I mean, techonology, busy city life and go-go-go is good for some people...but getting back to basics and living a simple life is something I really love now and I know that's your ideal too. I did all that material junk before and it only served to make me ill. It's nice to know what makes you happy doesn't it? And you are right...people who criticize what makes you happy aren't looking out for you...I think it's kind of a lame attempt to pull you back to their way of life...or simple jealousy. Sad though that people have given you indirect (ahem, passive aggressive) remarks like that. I've had them too. And I don't care either, I'm happy! :)

Dive in with that big fork girl...this pie is so darn sweet, it takes us days to finish it!