Sunday, February 11, 2018

Celebrations This Week!

There are some fun days to celebrate this week! :) This Friday is the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the appropriate for me lol...I think I'll make the dogs one of those "Spoiled Dog Cakes" that our five dogs devour in seconds. Here is Charlie last year on her birthday! According to Chinese Astrology, I'm a Monkey. :) Those who are Dogs are communicative, serious and responsible. So for 2018, we should be focusing on those traits. It's cool because that's what I'm doing! I've tightened the belt and getting really serious with my finances. Which animal represents you? Find out here.

Big Pile O' Pancakes (photo from last year)

Tuesday is "Pancake Tuesday".

A lot of people know this day as "Shrove Tuesday" or "Fat Tuesday". In some religions, it's the day that you fatten up before you are "shroved" or confess your sins, be absolved and begin to pay your penance of abstinence during the 40 days of Lent.

In Pagan history this day was meant to ward off the gods of darkness and cold. Making and eating round pancakes symbolized the Sun. The ingredients of the pancake represented the staples of the kitchen in those days, and was an offering to the Sun to ask for warmer weather and the beginning of spring.

I have also read that people would put their pancakes on the window sill as an offering, then burn them in the fire when night arrived as a ritual of hope.

Even if you're not a Christian, have you thought about giving something up lately? They say that giving something up makes us appreciate it more...How about breaking a bad habit? I have one little secret habit (hidden chocolate bars) that I'm going to try to give up. I think that a successful way of breaking a bad habit really consists of replacing it with something new. If you have something you want to give up, what will you replace it with? I haven't figured out how to replace my dirty little not-so secret habit yet, but I will figure something out! I have a list of new things that I want to try. 

Wednesday is Valentine's Day. That'll be a nice day of romance and delicious food, wine and dessert! I'm already working on a card for Alex, this was the one I did last year. Corny! But we love that! :)

There are so many variations of the Pagan roots of Valentine's Day and honestly I don't know how many are credible, but this one is kind of interesting, sorry to the guys out there :) -

After Imbolc, the Galenalia festival was celebrated by all women in honour of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. Women would gather on spiritual renewal journeys for weeks at a time, often at the sacrifice of their relationships. In Celtic tradition, they would leave flowers on the makeshift graves of these sacrificed boyfriends.

Long story short, Valentinus was a Gnostic theologian who was martyred by the church in 160 AD. He later became a saint and was honoured on February 14th. So apparently a mix of the words Minerva and Galenalia and Valentinus became Minervalentine and Galentine...then just Valentine.

Another thing I read was that as the church continued to eliminate Pagan tradition, it became heresy for any woman to leave her boyfriend or husband on Valentine's Day; thus the culture of love and romance to keep the home fires burning. Sweets were exchanged, women stayed home and the flowers that once adorned the makeshift graves of ex's became tokens of love instead.

I don't know how credible all of this is, but it's interesting!

Even if everything is going superbly in your relationship, it's always a good idea to do some thinking about how things are going. Since Valentine's Day is coming up and it's heresy to leave your loved one 😄, why not think of ways to make things even better?

And for those of you who are single, how about thinking about how to bring more love into your life?

I've given you lots to ponder haven't I? :)  

I may not be posting here for another week because I have a lot on my plate this week. Not only the fun stuff, but it's THE DREADED SHOPPING WEEK lol...I usually plan and shop for a month, but lately I've been a little drained because of the winter doldrums and have been doing it bi-weekly. So here we are again. I do love the planning of the meals and cooking them; it's the being out with humanity that I can't handle lol! :)

Sending love out to all of my friends! xxx (don't send me chocolates)  <=== Do subliminal messages really work? ;)


wisps of words said...

First, please tell me how to 'put a line through a word' in Blogger???

I can not figure it out! And have even looked up, how to do it. And still can't.

I do hope it only involves one of those --- type of things. Those I can do. If I have to go-deep-into-the-bowels-of-my-settings, nope, can't do that.

Please... :-)

wisps of words said...


Love the faerie illustration!

I hear you on the dreaded food buying trip! Humanity, ugh. Humanity, coughing and sneezing, double ugh.

How ever did you give Charlie the spoiled dog cake, without everyone else digging in too???? :-))))

Ahhh yes, the dreaded Ash Wednesday, in the Catholic Church! We used to only be able to eat 3 meals a day and do the only fish on Fridays thing. Me, being OCD, and overly fearful of religion, had a horrible time with the 40 Days of Lent. Silly yes, but so. !!!!!!!! Sigh... Brrrrrr....

And I love all the lore around each and every possible Day! Keep sharing, please.

The 'Try Something New' art is lovely toooo!

And you do such cute things, with your own art.

Working on relationships, is always a good purpose. 'Working on' tends to be forgotten, the longer the relationship has gone on. Not wise. :-) I fully admit, I need to be a whole lot nicer to my husband. :-)

I'm going to work on that! Not as a give up thing. I have too many horror-memories of lent, from years ago, to ever do ANY giving up. But I can certainly work on adding being more thoughtful and attentive and etc. I like adddddding, more than giving up.

Best of luck with the process of eliminating *secret* candy bars from your life. Don't look on it as giving up. Look on it, as being more healthy for your body! Maybe grab some favorite fruit, when you would have grabbed a candy bar?<--I know, no help! :-))))))))))))))

Martha said...

I love your 'corny' Valentine's card. So fun. And youthful! I think once we stop bringing out the kid in use life goes downhill from there. LOL

All these stories (true or not) are very interesting. I really enjoy you sharing them. My ancestry (Greek) includes so much wonderful mythology, particularly all the incredible stories behind all the Gods and Goddesses. I learned about them when I was much younger and found it all mesmerizing.

Good luck with the dreaded shopping...and being immersed in humanity! LOL

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) I'm glad you found the strike out in Blogger!! :)

Humanity, ick! LOL...I take echinacea before and after I leave the house on those days...and I can't get enough hand sanitizer lol! Funnily enough, for staunch Christians, my parents never gave up anything for lent, nor asked us to. You're right that when couples become comfortable sometimes they forget to work on things or nurture the relationship. Alex and I always want to have fun and rely on each other so we both work at it, which I guess doesn't really need to be labeled as "work"! I don't like the idea of giving things up either. I'm all about adding things too, that's a great concept!

The chocolate thing...I get into this habit all the time after Halloween until after Valentines! We have a bad habit of buying way too much chocolate at Halloween, then our sweet tooth starts to take over, Christmas is full of sweets...then the last rush at Valentines lol! Usually after that I can slow it down, but the little rebel in me hides and hoards some for just in case lol!

Rain said...

Thanks Martha :) I just remember those cards we had in grade school, the ones you pop out of the page...they were all kind of corny like the "Bee" one!

I love all the stories too, true or not! :) They're fun and they make the day interesting enough to celebrate for me. Your ancestry has a LOT of amazing mythology, which I absolutely love. I took a Greek Mythology course at Concordia and I really loved it. Any kind of mythical, lore-related history is something I'm drawn to!

The shopping day, blech...the town where I usually shop is St-Jerome. When I get home after unpacking, I always rush to the shower to "wash the St-Jerome" off me lol!

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Rain! Really interesting!
I'm a monkey too!
I think I would enjoy your dog's birthday cake! LOL!
I forgot about pancake tuesday. I know what I'm eating tomorrow! LOL! I have somethings I will be giving up!
I love your card! Too cute!
Have fun shopping! Big Hugs!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Pancakes are on the menu for tonight! Tonight we hail the Sun! :) And I have my candles set upon my bay window in the kitchen for "extra" sun light tonight.

Oh the dreaded shopping day! Yuck.

I love your Valentine card! :) Such great talent! I cannot draw a circle let alone a bee! I think you should consider Etsy! :)

Pam Jackson said...

Great post Rain....I for one would not mind someone sending me chocolates also! haha...what is it about that stuff that makes it so desirable? I admit it...I LOVE CHOCOLATE...haha but then again I love anything with sugar in it! haha...I love stopping in and reading your blog.Since there is not a special anyone in my life at this time I miss out on all the Vday action...

Rain said...

Thanks Magic Love Crow :) We monkeys have to stick together...we're always up to something lol! ;) The doggie cake smells like heaven when I make it, but I decorate it with "Pupperonis" so that I don't get tempted lol! :)

Rain said...

Hi Dianna :) Yes! I love that extra sunlight idea! I'm going to do the same!!! I thought about Etsy in the future, really...why not right? I love the art, people seem to like it too...anyway, thoughts for the future when my disability dries up!

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) I know you have a sweet tooth like mine!!! I'm just hoping that my subliminal message is working lol! ;)

For Vday, you can spread the love to all of your lucky critters too. Especially those horses, my gosh, I'm very envious that you have them in your life!

Fundy Blue said...

This was an interesting post, Rain. I actually read it last night, but was interrupted by my husband Terry who was going up from our hotel lobby to our room to go to bed. I had to follow in a few minutes, and there is no internet in our room.

If you want to test the state of your relationship, try living in a tiny hotel room for two months! LOL Actually, we're going to shift to a second room in about ten days. It's very difficult to get into the Royal Grove, especially for a longer time. I keep asking myself what I can do that would make Terry happier, and then I try to do it. I have plenty I can change in myself to improve! And what's he doing for me? He's letting me put up a barricade of pillows between mine and his so I can read for an hour or so before I go to sleep ~ This is because there is not other room I can go to to read, and the light bothers him when he's trying to sleep. I suppose I could curl up in the tub, but that is way too hard. LOL

I have a terrible sweet tooth, and I am especially fond of chocolate. What I've done is to gradually switch to a high cocoa content bar ~ 86% cocoa. It's supposed to be much healthier. I eat a square or two most days. A nice side benefit has been that the higher sugar chocolates aren't as tasty anymore. However, whenever I go home to Canada, I have to pig out on Smarties, a Coffee Crisp, and a Cherry Blossom. Since switching to 86% bars, I've also found that many other chocolate-based desserts are just too gorpy.

Sending you a big hug and wishes for success!

Rain said...

Oh Louise, a hotel room for a weekend...a week? Okay...but months? That would definitely test the relationship lol! Ha ha ha about the, that won't do! :)

That's a great idea about the darker chocolate. I actually did that years ago...when did I stop? Hmmm...not sure, but it's true that it's packed full of magnesium, so a few squares of the good chocolate is good for your health. I love Cherry Blossoms!!! But I never eat the cherry! :)