Saturday, February 3, 2018

Chakras - Healing and Balancing

For those who aren't familiar with the Eastern concept of Chakras, here is a very basic description:

Chakras are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. We can commonly count 7 Chakras positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. ~ (

Here is a quick reference (I've included links for a much more detailed explanation, including symptoms common with blocked Chakras and ideas on how to unblock them):

1. Root Chakra: associated with the foundation of our life, our basic needs, how we are grounded; personal security and illness brought on by fear.

2. Sacral Chakra: associated with our emotions, our creativity; emotional disorders.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: associated with our will and our personal power; our energy levels, our emotional and physical health.

4. Heart Chakra: associated with our ability to love and show compassion; hormone production and the regulation of the immune system.

5. Throat Chakra: associated with communication skills; mouth, tongue, jaws, palate, shoulders, neck, thyroid and metabolism.

6. Third Eye Chakra: associated with intuition and imagination; pineal gland, sleep and wake time.

7. Crown Chakra: associated with higher states of consciousness; the brain and nervous system.

I personally believe that we are just a big bundle of energy in a human body. I can already attest to the fact that negative energy harms my emotions, my mental health and my physical well being. I was talking with a friend about my nasty old neighbour who is so hostile with me because I told her I wasn't able to drive her around anymore. It's a long story but I was honest with her about the stress it caused me and that I hoped she didn't take it personally...well...she pretty much hates me now! I FEEL that negative energy and I have physical illness from it (I'm working to heal that too!). So it's not out of reach for me to believe that our bodies have energy centers and that our entire physiology is reliant on this energy's ability to flow.

I sometimes come across various ceremonial celebrations from many different religious belief systems as I research and learn about spirituality.

Today marks a yearly Orthodox and Christian ceremony called the Blessing of the Throats. It takes place to honour the healing powers of Saint Blaise and to magickally ward off throat ailments brought on by the winter's cold. This got me thinking about the Throat Chakra. I have always had trouble with my fifth Chakra. Over the years, I've done healing work and I really have found it helps a lot. I think that my Throat Chakra tends to continually get blocked. This is due entirely to the experiences from my past. Sometimes trauma stays with a person for a lifetime. It's manageable, or so we think, but if there is any kind of post-traumatic stress, it manifests itself in other ways, and I'm convinced that my Throat Chakra takes the brunt of it all!

It makes sense because as a child I was not allowed to express myself. I was not allowed to voice my opinions. I learned that my voice wasn't valuable so I just kept everything to myself - every emotion from happiness to fear to anger...all bottled up inside. I continued this into adulthood by becoming a people-pleaser to the point where I burned out, and well, you guys know the story! :) You also know I have so much difficulty eating. Food gets stuck at the base of my esophagus, my throat suddenly seizes up and I can't swallow. This happens especially when I experience any kind of stress. And I'm talking about what most people don't even consider stress! I'm such a "dainty doily" lol! :)

It's so important to have flow and balanced energies. After the burnout in 2003, I went to a spiritual healer, oh my gosh she was wonderful! She taught me the Tarot too. But she worked on my Chakras and gave me exercises to unblock the energy in my throat. I incorporate those exercises into my daily life now, though I do admit that under times of stress, I forget all of my training and intentions.

For me, the key is prevention. I make sure I express myself very well any time I need to. I journal and of course, I blog! :) I'm open and honest, I don't hide anything anymore. I do a few yoga poses that help open up the throat, like the two above: The Camel and The Forward Bend. Imagining a blue orb in my throat while I'm meditating helps to train the mind to open the Chakra.

I also have trouble with my Sacral Chakra, the energy center that rules my emotions. I'll talk about that another time though! That's a biggie lol! :) 

Are any of you working on your Chakras? Do you believe that the energy flow or block of that flow affects all aspects of our well-being? Are you open to the idea that unblocking the Chakras can help your body heal too?


Pam Jackson said...

I have worked hard to keep stress, drama and anxiety out of my life. Now we all know that it will work it's way into our life whenever it can but they over all daily stuff I keep at arm's length. Work was a major stressor for me and since I left that got better. Kids can be a big one, animal getting sick, money....but a lot of all that depends on how we except it, how we handle it. Last week was a stressor for me with the friend and me doing for him while in the hospital. My body was not happy but I am trying to get back to being centered. Thanks for the lesson. I would love to learn more about this sort of thing.

wisps of words said...

Long-time-no-see a reference to the Catholic 'Blessing Of The Throats" on St. Blaze Day. Or at least, I think I remember that it is St. Blaze. Actually, that throat blessing is very timely, in today's world of dodging flu germs. :-) Although I don't believe that a blessing will ward off cold/flu.

But since the throat blessing has been around a long time, it's obvious that colds and etc., have been around a long time too, at this time of the year.

Anyway, I am open to the idea that we are a bunch of energy. Isn't the whole universe, a biggggg bunch of energy..? And we are certainly effected by how we think, feel, believe. And how others do... Especially toward us. -sigh- How can any thinking person not know, that the emotions of others, can effect us? How..?

Anyway, I don't know much about Chakras. But use whatever you can, to deal with whatever needs dealing with.

Thank you for these informative posts!!!

Martha said...

All these experiences from your past sound heartbreaking, Rain. I'm sorry you had to go through that. The pas has a way of following us around and trying to mess up our energy. I'm so glad you are expressing yourself openly and honestly now. It is a gift to you. And you have a lot of support.

I learned about chakras during my first major spiritual journey and was fascinated by the entire subject. And while I was on that journey, I began seeing a counselor at the CLSC after my separation from my first marriage who was very spiritual. You can imagine my joy! I was able to talk about these spiritual things with her, which helped with my healing process. She even recommended some books, taught me visualization and meditation, and introduced an exercise to me where I discovered my spirit animal. She not only helped me mentally and emotionally, she also helped me spiritually. An amazing woman that I owe so much to her!

I'm working on my chakras at present during another major spiritual journey. I feel unbalanced, which is perfectly understandable from the past month experiences, and I'd like to take care of that. The winter doldrums don't help but that is something that will go away as spring comes closer.

Pam Jackson said...

Thank you for the link you sent me.

Lisa said...

Great post! Energy affects everything :) If you have Amazon Prime/Kindle unlimited here is a good book that I read that was free for Kindle unlimited accounts: Chakra Healing: A Beginner's Guide to Self-Healing Techniques that Balance the Chakras Kindle Edition by Margarita Alcantara (Author)

Tammie Lee said...

Lovely and inspiring. Yes, I agree, we are bundles of energy and everything effects us. Learning to let energy flow through our beings without contraction is perhaps the best medicine we can give ourselves. I think of it as relaxing and opening to energy. But all the negative and fearful emotions and experiences inspire contraction, so it is a high art.

I have heard that troubles not only arise from not speaking what we need to speak, but also from speaking things that are best left unsaid. Wisdom around it all is helpful.

Magic Love Crow said...

My friend, we should talk! I have went through so much growth, since 2012. We are for sure a body, that holds this wonderful energy, that I guess you could call our soul, spirit. I can't even begin to tell you what I have been through. With my meditations, and shadow work, I have went back from when I was a child and even past lives and have realized, why certain things have happened and keep happening.

I have learned, that there is no blame, that everything is here to help us, even if we hate what is happening. We are meant to feel and grow, it's when we become stagnate, the universe will keep repeating things over and over, until we get it. I feel, when someone brings out something not right within us, like angry, sadness, negativity, it's something we have to deal with, within ourselves. We have to understand why we are feeling it, put all the love towards that feeling, until it's time for it to go (let go). Then, believe it or not, that person or situation, will change.

Also, the way someone acts towards us, has nothing to do about us, it's about them. Your neighbour is mad, because "life" isn't giving her what she wants, it has nothing to do about you. You said you are a people pleaser, I was too, well, unfortunately, people pleasers will attract "takers", like your neighbour, or attract other people pleasers. You did the right thing. The negativity you feel, is your "ego" saying, you did something wrong, but if you sit quiet and listen to your soul, it will say, I am proud of you!

Try to sit quiet and listen to your spirit/soul, you will be surprised what happens!

Big Hugs!!

Blogoratti said...

A great and interesting post. Started doing yoga less than a year ago and my mind and consciousness is better off. Positive energy is far superior to anything else. And each day there is always something new to learn.
It's great that you are at this point where you can acknowledge the past but are not tied down by it. Peace and serenity always!

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) Work was a major stressor for me too. Though at the time I would have preffered to keep working because I felt useful. Now I know that it was all pretty warped, I tried way too hard to please the employers and unfortunately they took advantage of that. I'm glad to be home all day now. I think you had a stressful week last week, you helped your friend a lot and also had your own life to lead! I'm not surprised your body retaliated. I hope the link I sent you gives you a little insight. :)

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) I don't believe a blessing will ward off the flu either! But I find these "days" and festivities really interesting! :) Yes, the universe is just a big ball of energy and I feel we are too. The yoga is especially helpful! :) I think that some people are just too self-centered that maybe they don't realize they are projecting out negativity. Or they think it's okay to express whatever feeling comes to them at any given moment. For some people it doesn't bother them, but for folks like me, I really feel it.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Thank you for your words, the past was a heartbreaker, but that's where it is, at least in my memories. My body/brain however, seems to remember it from time to time and I feel it physically that's for sure. How amazing that your counselor was into that kind of spirituality! I think it's wonderful. I saw p-docs and therapists for just under 10 years, and the one person who helped me the most was that spiritual healer that I went to see. If your spirit is sad and unkept, the rest of your existence cannot function, at least that's what I believe. Once you heal and celebrate your spirit, the rest falls into place.

Spring does help, but you could always say it's only a bandaid if you are unbalanced because that imbalance will still always be in the background. I'm so happy to hear you're working on your Chakras. I'm doing the same and I really want to get that Chakra bracelet soon! :)

Rain said...

Hi Lisa :) Thank you for the book suggestion! We don't have that Kindle unlimited here, but you inspired me to find and download two other online books about Chakras, so thank you! :)

Rain said...

Hi Tammie Lee :) Very well said :) It's a high art. The negative emotions really do take over at times. And I do see that as sabotaging the energy flow throughout my body and my mind. You're right about wisdom all around! :)

Rain said...

Hi Magic Love Crow :) I like that "when we become stagnant, the universe will keep repeating things over and over until we get it". I agree with this. I have seen this in my Tarot readings. One time I was really struggling with something and I kept asking the Tarot for advice. I honestly kept drawing the same cards over and over and it astonished me. Once I was able to finally "get" what I was meant to do, guess what? New cards! You're so sweet :) Yes, I know my empath and people-pleasing nature attracts takers. I've always had that problem in my past. Now I'm more aware of the signs and I'm trying to be more careful. But that neighbour really took me by surprise. I was very proud of myself for telling her the truth as to why I couldn't drive her around. She didn't appreciate it, so be it! I can't change others right? Thank you for your comment, I'm going to really think about what you said, I think that the second paragraph that you wrote deserves me thinking. xx

Rain said...

Hi Blogoratti :) Thank you :) I think it's great that you started yoga. I think too many people think of it as pure exercise, but once you develop it as a practice, it's wonderful for the mind and spirit! :)

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Rain, I hope everything I said, makes sense? LOL!
Don't worry about changing other people! When you change, other's will change or they will leave. Just make sure to shine your light!
I have to tell you something. It is very hard, to put love towards a feeling that arises inside of you, when it's negative. But, when you sit still and understand where it's coming from, inside of you, it feels so much better and it leaves.
I will give you an example. My older brother and I always have had many disagreements, and I have always "blamed" him in many ways. Have cried many nights, over things he has said. Until, I started practising what I have said to you. "No blame" "Sending love out" "Sending love to ourselves" "Taking Responsibility For Ourselves" and GROWING!! Like I said, done so much growing, through my meditations! So much I have healed, that I thought was my fault!

Anyways, last year, my older brother says to me, "You are the most selfish person I know, You are like Trump!" To be honest with you, I don't even know why he said this. I looked at him and said, that is the most horrible thing someone has ever said to me and I forgive you. He looked at me and said, I don't care if you forgive me. I said, I know that, but I do.

Since then, we have been like the best of buddies. Through my growing, I have realized the pain my brother carries in him. I know he feels like a failure and lashes out at everyone. But, once I stopped blaming him, for my situations and started to send him love, everything has changed.

I will actually sit in a room, with people I don't align with (my family! LOL!) and say to myself, I LOVE YOU. That love is for me and for everyone.

I have tried to explain things to my mom and she things I'm crazy, but, that's ok, because I am so much happier now!! When I first started to meditated I would cry all the time! The insights of things, that I was holding on to!!

Anyways, I will shut up! LOL!
One more thing, if you haven't already, try to understand why you are a "people pleaser". I was like that too, not anymore! LOL! Again, I was shown things in my meditations, from when I was a child, things I didn't even know I remembered and then everything started to connect for me.

Magic Love Crow said...

Sorry about the spelling mistakes! LOL!

Rain said...

Hi Magic Love Crow :) Oh, the spelling, I think most of us can read between any errors, I was just talking with Martha about my brain working faster than my fingers lol! :)

What you said did make sense. I was very interested in the shadow work and I had to look that up. I found a website that talks about it in detail and how to work on it. That's something that interests me a lot and I'm going to spend some time in the next few weeks on that, so thank you for mentioning it.

The story about your brother really touched me. I'm in a situation where a friend of mine is suffering and lashing out at me. I know it has to do with her upbringing and her failings and her self-hatred. It is a struggle for me and I want to see past all of her garbage and nonsense because it hurts me. It's very true that when I fill my heart with love, nothing negative can get through without a big battle! :)

Yes, I was a people pleaser, which in my case was not a good thing. I did about 12 years of therapy in total (yikes) and through some of those sessions, it all became clear. I did see a spiritual healer who helped me the most to realize why all of this "stuff" was happening to me. She really helped me a lot, I started to feed my spirit more and I found more self-love and self-forgiveness. This is something I continue to work on though.

Magic Love Crow said...

Good for you! I'm proud of you! I just had another break through, which I wrote to a friend about, something I have never told anyone, but I had to, to heal and forgive myself.

Rain said...

That's great Magic Love Crow, and thanks! :)

Toni said...

Chakras are such a vital part of us and yet so many of us know so little about them.

Several years ago, I was having some incredible problems with my Third Chakra or Solar Plexus Chakra. My long time friend invited me to his ranch for the weekend and told me to bring my journal or a notebook. We spent the whole weekend working on my trouble area using Caroline Myss' book, Anatomy of the Spirit. Absolutely one of the best books I've ever owned.

He would read a paragraph and then we would discuss. The results were incredible. It was such an incredible healing.

Since you have throat chakra issues and they are deep, you might want to get a copy and do the work!

I have to say, though, that your communication & creativity skills are wonderful from what I see and read on your blog. I would say you are conquering the issues on your own pretty well.

Rain said...

Hi Toni :) Thank you! :) I agree that Chakra energy and work is vital to good health. Ever since I started doing work on all of my Chakras, I've been feeling much better and eating better too. I'm going to work on a daily practice of yoga moves, mantras and thoughts to heal and unblock each Chakra. I'll update that here on my blog as I go along. I really want to share this because it feels really good to get that energy flowing again.

Thank you for the book recommendation! I've added it to my wish list. I did find a little pdf file with a summary of her book per Chakra so that'll be a good start for me! I think that the weekend spent with your friend on his ranch sounds so amazing.

Fundy Blue said...

You continually post on such interesting topics, Rain! I have been going to a massage therapist for about twenty years now. I went to her out of desperation because I was in a lot of pain from fibromyalgia. She is a healing touch therapist, and she has worked on my chakras all this time. Usually the one that gets blocked for me is the solar plexus one, and sometimes the heart one. Usually she has to drain a lot of energy from my body, because I am a very high energy person. She just pulls it from my body and shakes it off the ends of her hands. Terry calls her my "woo woo" friend. I think the work that she has done on me has helped me learn to manage fibromyalgia very well. I don't quite know what to make of it all, but our western way of knowing is definitely not the only way. I'm not sure I could get into either of those yoga poses ~ LOL Have a good one!

Rain said...

Hi Louise :) I'm sorry about your fibromyalgia. That's a tough one. We have a few blogger friends who suffer that as well. Your massage therapist sounds like a wonderful woman. I went to a spiritual healer right after burning out and she did work on me that is called "Body Talk" sounds a LOT like what you are describing, pulling energy out of certain energy centers of the body. This woman helped me so much back then and I wish she still lived near me now because I'd somehow find the money to see her often! She grounded me. I love that, your "woo woo" friend lol...