Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Wouldn't you love to go for a walk there? :) I have been slowly but surely getting to know the Celtic Tree Oracle that Alex got me for Christmas. This is a beautiful deck. :) I drew this card today. A "Koad" is a Celtic wood or forest. The message of this card is to reconnect to what is spiritually meaningful to you. 

To me, my spirit means everything. It's not just my sacred belief system I'm talking about. My spirit is my heart, my mind, my energy and my emotions as well. When all of this is well in order, I feel like I can soar and I enjoy every moment. Reconnecting to what is spiritually meaningful to me, also can be described as what makes me happy? What makes me grateful and feeling fulfilled? 

I thought about some questions that would make a good exercise to figure out how to reconnect with whatever it was that once made you happy, currently makes you happy - or to give you inspiration in finding new ways to reconnect with your spirit and your passions. Whatever your answers, make sure you incorporate these things into your daily life! And if you can't, try to find new things.  I can't lift weights like I once used to, but yoga is a great alternative. I can't ski anymore, but I do enjoy snowshoeing. I miss those things, but what can you do? Move on and work with what you've got NOW right? :)

Here is a small but meaningful example for me. The past summer,  I had fallen into a smashing routine of walking the dogs for an hour each morning on the mountain. OUR three dogs that is. It was wonderful! I loved it. Then our friend had his emergency and we took in his other two dogs. My walks got cut immediately and I have to say I felt it. I had a really hard time getting over that but I tried everything I could to figure out something else I could do to enjoy my time with the dogs, get some exercise and be out in Nature. It's not exactly what I'd like, but I take each dog out one at a time, and with the exception of Houdini Charlie, I let them run loose in the back yard - they love the snow! Things will change in the spring because the little snow banks that are naturally in the back yard act as a fence to keep them in. I'll have to revisit things then. Maybe two walks? I guess my point is that I will stop at nothing to feel that happiness, that rush to my spirit. Ask yourself these questions:

These questions are also good to ask yourself if you're having a bad day, it makes you focus on good things, people and thoughts that bring you pleasure.

I think I've nearly figured things out! :) But it honestly took me up until this year to realize what made me the most happy and how my spirit and my creativity were of such value to my happiness. Middle aged wisdom maybe? :) I'll be 50 years old this year, it's nuts, I don't even feel my age.

I came to a light bulb moment this morning. All I want to do for the rest of my life is create art, make delicious food, garden, follow my spiritual path and take care of my home, the pets and Alex. That is it. I don't feel the need to travel or to be famous or to be rich with material goods. If I never had to leave my home, porch and garden, I'd be a happy little lassie. :)


I wanted to mention that our friend Martha, whose blogs Plowing Through Life and Miniaturopolis are ones we already love and follow...has a new blog called The Gateway to Enlightenment. It's a wonderful blog about many of the ideas, beliefs and thoughts that we all share, so please enjoy a visit there. :)


Martha said...

What a beautiful scene, Rain. I can imagine myself walking that path in moments of contemplation, and in moments when I want to detach from the hustle and bustle of life and connect with Mother Earth. When I'm feeling unbalanced, I need more than anything else to immerse myself in nature. I find it uplifting and healing.

That is a terrific list of questions. Number 9 especially caught my attention. I wonder sometimes how I'd look back at my life if I was fortunate enough to grow old. What would I want to remember about it? What would stand out? My hope is that I'd reach that point and be in peace.

I wish for you to have that happy and serene life. You are a kind soul and deserve it. Your needs are few and very joyful.

Thank you for the shout-out!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Lovely post! We often forget to stop and think of what really, truly makes us smile; makes us happy. Everyone is just "too busy" to take a breath and just think - even if its for a moment.

wisps of words said...

Wonderful questions!!!!! Thank you!

I did ... A few words, to say all of what is important to me, at this time of life. I came up with Health... Husband... Hearth.

Health...because we can not do anything else, without it. So I want to try to maintain health.

Husband...because I want to be here-supportive for, my partner in life. He is here-supportive, for me, without a doubt.

Hearth... because I am happy, here. Home is my happy place, my nest.

wisps of words said...

-Grin- #9. I only have 10 years to go, for that one! :-))))))))

Toni said...

You and Socrates might have been close companions! Truly, an un-examined life does have it's drawbacks.
Your list of questions is compelling and profound.

Several years ago I attended a workshop where the instructor asked us to look within and find the different aspects of our personality. Then we were to name them, flesh them out and write a story about how they live together. The creative part of me I discovered was always pushed to the back of the To Do list or the Important lists. Creativity is what moves me, gets me pumping. When I'm 90, I want to look back and know that I nurtured that part of me and let the bookkeeper/accountant and housekeeper wait their turns!

I love your depth.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) I'm the same way, I need Nature in my life every day and especially when I'm not feeling well. I think that's one of the reasons why I get SAD in the winter months because the woods aren't accessible to me around here. But I'm feeding the birds daily and taking care of my window garden, going out in the yard with the dogs and it helps. But I can't wait to get into the forest again!!!

I think these questions are interesting to go over every once and a while to keep on track with what is truly important to us so that we have no regrets later on in life that we coulda, woulda, shoulda. :)

Thank you and you're welcome! I love your new blog and want to share it!!! :)

Rain said...

Thanks Dianna :) You're right, "too busy"...I used to be too busy all the time, just trying to please the employers that I forgot about my life completely. After the burnout, I had so much time on my hands and honestly had no clue how to live. I didn't know what hobbies I liked either, I had to look up lists of hobby ideas to see what I could try out!

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words, nice to see your face! :) I actually thought about you and giggled to myself...she's going to mention that I put 90 years old funny that we don't know each other, yet we know each other! I should have put 125!!! That's my goal age, lol!!! :) I like your, hearth, family are my three top words! Home is my nest too. :)

Rain said...

Thanks Toni :) I went through a rough period in my life where the examination of my past was so difficult because it caused so many regrets, and I really felt like I lost a few decades there. Now I do this self-examination almost on a daily basis to make sure I will never have another regret, or at least try not too, because it's too painful to think that I've wasted time on things that weren't important in the long run. I like that exercise you mentioned! And yes, creativity...I want to look back and know that I nurtured all parts of this in me!!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Rain! Thank you! Nature to me, is where I always connect to spirit. It truly cleanses my soul. I'm a simple person, like you. I want to create my art and live in the country! Big Hugs!

Rain said...

Hi Magic Love Crow :) I think so many of us who have found our secret to a joyful life seek Nature and creativity to fulfill us. It took me a while to figure it all out but I'm so grateful and happy just doin' my thing! Simplicity is bliss in my opinion! :)

Pam Jackson said...

Great post Rain, I will also skip over and check out the three blogs you mentioned. Not sure that I have ever visited one of those.

Rain said...

Thanks Pam :) You will enjoy Martha's blogs! We are all kindred spirits! :)

Fundy Blue said...

Hi, Rain! I'm slowly working backward catching up on your posts. I'm glad that I didn't miss this one. You asked some powerful questions. #3 is really a great guideline, because it's the things you truly love that you lose track of time in. Definitely one for me is writing, and another is walking in nature.

#10 really appeals to me too. Nothing fires me up more than injustice, which is why I became a union leader advocating for children.

Your Celtic Tree Oracle deck looks beautiful and inspiring. Have a great week!

Rain said...

Thanks Louise! :) I'm glad you liked the questions. I need to think about my life a lot, think about where I'm going, and make sure I'm still following the right path. Otherwise, self-doubt and anxiety can easily take over. I find it soothing to ponder. :) I lose track of time walking in Nature too, especially when I'm in the woods. I feel like I never want to walk out of the forest at times!! :)