Friday, February 23, 2018

Seven Day Chakra Healing

As many of you know, I very much believe in the link between a balanced mind, body and heart, and how our energy flows through our body. As I have gradually immersed myself into yoga and meditation, I've been noticing a difference in my overall tranquility. I still have "blips" when my throat refuses to swallow food...but I'm able to pinpoint what the heck is going on now and what I need to do to restore that dis-ease in my body.

Besides taking supplements, herbal tinctures, calming teas, fish oil, fruit shakes and fresh vegetable juices daily...I also do cardio, stretching, yoga and meditation. This takes up most of my morning, but I would much rather do all of these things rather than take a pill. Please know that this is my choice and I hold no judgment whatsoever on anyone who does take medication, it's just not for me anymore. :)

But I also came up with a seven day Chakra healing routine. I started this two weeks ago, each day I do a different pose. It takes no more than a few minutes each day but it really does ground me. I wanted to share it. Basically it's a yoga pose that specifically helps the energy flow of each Chakra, with a mantra that I repeat as I hold the pose for a few minutes. If the pose uses one side of the body, then I'll repeat it on the other side too. I have no intention to ever stop doing these because they really make me feel good. :) After just two weeks, I'm noticing I can almost touch my toes in some of these positions and also I feel like I can hold them longer!

I do the Throat Chakra pose daily, and I'll be starting the Root Chakra pose daily now too. (Thanks Toni!) Yesterday I did all seven, I just felt like it!

I've read that it helps to envision the colour associated with the Chakra during these poses as well, but for some reason, I cannot see colour when I'm meditating! If you can, go for it!


Warrior 2 Pose


Pigeon Pose


Cobra Pose


Bridge Pose


Forward Bend Pose

Half Forward Bend Pose


Tree Pose


wisps of words said...

This is wonderful that these help you. I myself would never be able to make this old body, do them. Oh I know, all things have the ways of beginners. But still.

Do them!!!!! All who are young and supple enough!

I do believe that our mind, emotions, etc., dooooo have effects on our body. And I try to eliminate those things, which are detrimental. Being OC, it's an uphill battle. But I do believe in the need for it.

How interesting, reading this, after having a bout with... "I thought I'd found a peaceful place, and I was mistaken." I needed the reminder, of how we need to be aware, of taking charge of our own balance. Thank you!!!!

Another one of those synchrinisity things... I also so believe in. :-)

Pam Jackson said...

Oh good for you. I don't like taking meds either but there are times (last night) where I have to give in. I have been wanting to go back to yoga but have not made it back yet. Might just jump in with you and do what you are doing!

Buttons Thoughts said...

Well, this is interesting. I also have trouble swallowing now and wonder why. I have been doing dynamic stretch for a year now and it helps relax my body but this interests me. I think I will check into this. The poses look much like what my physiologist tried to teach me to do. Good luck and thank you for peaking my interest.. Hug B

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) I can barely touch my toes without bending my knees! You're right, we all start out somewhere, but if it's not comfortable, I don't do it. I don't do headstands or too many twisted poses, they injure me. But these are ones that I researched and chose based on my own level of comfort and flexibility. I can relate to your uphill battle. The mind is very powerful as we both know...if only we could switch up the harmful thoughts quickly and squash them down...I realize that I do need to take charge of all this. Sometimes the thought is exhausting, but once I was able to accept that nothing will change unless I change it, it got easier to fit everything in. Now I seek even more healing each day.

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) Pain is something different to me. I take remedies for pain too. Especially throughout the winter for my hands when they just don't want to stop aching. But I try for the natural route first, Arnica gel. When it gets really bad, I choke down an Advil though. I hate how medication feels in my body. If you start yoga a little bit at a time, it might be easier for you. I used to follow programs and watch I just research poses, try them out and if I like them, I make my own routine.

Rain said...

Hi Buttons :) I'm so sorry you are having the problem swallowing. Honestly that SUCKS as you know. My neck and body just spazz out and won't let anything down. Sometimes I can't even swallow my own saliva, that's how bad it gets. For me though, when I was in my 20's I went to doctors about it. I had no allergies, no blockages, nothing abnormal with the barium test and gastroscopies...After the burnout when I was on tranquilizers, it mysteriously vanished. Since I went off meds, it comes back now and then when I am not taking good care of myself or if I have tremendous stress...tremendous for me is not tremendous for others!! I hope that you find something to help you.

Martha said...

I love all these poses! There are a couple that I've already incorporated into my weekly exercise routine and I will try the others, too. I always feel much better when I do things like this regularly. And I'm so glad you have methods that help you stay healthy and balanced!

Rain said...

Thanks Martha :) There are others but I find them too difficult on my body, these seem easier for me. The tree pose is the biggest physical challenge though, the dogs distract me and I lose my balance lol...but I like the mantras too. After I'm done, I journal all about the mantra and what insight I got too. :)

Since I've been doing yoga and meditation regularly I'm doing so much better all around!

Toni said...

Awesome routine. Your dedication to self-care is inspiring.

I'm afraid that if I followed these exercises that my Tuesday mantra would be, "I am creative and unique. Call 911!"

I was having trouble visualizing colors while meditating so years ago I bought 7 8.5x11 squares of felt from a craft store. Staring at them while working on a chakra really helped my visualization.

Rain said...

Hi Toni :) LOL at the 911 remark!!! :) Thank you. I think I've gotten to a point where I need this in my life, the self-care. I can't NOT do these things or I suffer a lot. I like that idea bout the felt. I have construction paper here, maybe I can do the same thing! Thanks!

Magic Love Crow said...

Rain, I am so happy for you!!! This is excellent that, this is all working for you! I say if it works for you, keep doing it! Congrats on not taking any medication! Big Hugs!

Rain said...

Thanks Magic Love Crow :) I'm trying my best to overcome all of this without meds, but honestly I have days where I'd rather just pop a pill...then I have to remind myself of the side effects that made me very uncomfortable! :)

baili said...

ahh what beautiful post dear Rain!
after the birth of my second child who born after ten years from my first one i felt so sick and each part f my body ached terribly .

God show the path when we are in trouble and call him fro help as medicine were no help at all then i saw all these steps of yoga in a morning fav t.v show and started doing it ,and did for years and felt like never before ,though i am not doing it properly any more after surgery but i will start after some months .
thank you so much for reminding dear friend!!!

Rain said...

Hi Baili :) Yoga is so good for the body and the spirit, I agree. When I'm doing it regularly I feel great! I hope you can start it soon again! :)