Friday, March 23, 2018

Encouraging Spring and WHY???

March 22 2018 Windy Sunset
I love all sorts of folklore and especially weather lore, I watch the skies and the critters to try and predict the upcoming weather patterns. The following combination predicts a fantastic agricultural year ahead:

Snowy February
Wind in March
April Showers
Dry May

Two out of two so far! :) Do I dare have hope??? I read a funny quote by someone named Vogel "To shorten winter, borrow some money due in spring." :)

More weather proverbs: "As March hastens, all the humours feel it." 

My humours definitely feel March as it hastens! All I want is warm, sunny weather again and I feel teased a little every year during the month of March because I know that in this climate, we are in for at least a few more soul-sapping snow storms.

On this date in ancient Rome, a Pagan festival was held to invoke the god Mars to help with banishing the last of the winter from the city. Magick rituals were performed to encourage the growth of crops and gardens. For a little kitchen witchery, cook a meal today with plants ruled by Mars...anything hot and fiery like peppers, cinnamon and ginger come to mind. Some herbs ruled by the god Mars are cilantro and cumin, so why not conjure up a nice Mexican Fiesta to encourage the melting of the snow? :)

Last night's nightmare: I was in bed alone in the dark. I felt a presence, knew someone or something was there in the shadows. I was terrified. I had a big knife under my pillow and I grabbed it in my hand. I lifted my arm in preparation to defend myself when I heard a horrible screeching. I stabbed whatever creature was lurking in the dark and it tried to stab me back. 

I woke up screaming and Alex came running. My heart was racing and I was too terrified to open my eyes. Jack, my lovely loyal hound dog came running too. I wish these nightmares would cease. It's been suggested to me that an evil spirit may be haunting me, that a demon may be trying to enter my mind...but in order to believe these things could exist, one must believe in monotheism, which I don't. I have quite an open mind, but I really believe I still have some post-trauma that I have to deal with at some level.

This got me thinking about my repressed emotions. You'd think that 9 years of therapy might have helped with that, but apparently there is still something lurking that is threatening my well-being. I wrote the above Tarot spread to help me out today. These aren't easily answerable questions, so I thought I'd spend some time this weekend with my decks and my thoughts to try to get a hold on what's going on up in my noggin! If that's possible! :)

I'm not much into philosophy, thinking too much has proven not to be a good thing for me...but I was reading that on this day in history, Nietzche was award his PHD in Philosophy, so here are some headache-inducing questions for you to ponder this weekend:

Why is there something rather than nothing?
Is our universe real?
Can you experience something objectively?
How do we really define what is right and what is wrong?
What are numbers if we really can't see them?
Did I invent the question mark? 

The last question is kind of a joke...because I saw the second Austin Powers movie recently where Dr. Evil states that his father claimed to have invented the question mark. I'd love to state to a total stranger that I invented the question mark, just for their reaction lol!

Are you lamenting spring? Teased a little by the weather? Are you thinking too much? :)


Pam Jackson said...

Today was in the mid 50s here. SUNNY....with NO RAIN! Finally. I know rain is good for the spring and up coming summer but I am so tired of it already. I so hate that you have to deal with these nightmares. I might have mentioned this before but I pulled a website for you just now...
Read up on this and see if it will help any. There also articles on what food could cause a nightmare. I am sure you have them for a reason but maybe something eat is what brings them on a certain night. I hope you have a peaceful nights rest tonight.

Rain said...

Thanks Pam!! I'd love to try the chamomile essential oil, I think that might be very relaxing and soothing. The orange was working for a while, but suddenly this week, I've been having some doozie nightmares. It would be interesting to keep a dream log to see if what I'm eating has anything to do with it, thanks for suggesting that. I love that you're into the oils, they are so wonderful for so many things! :) I'm glad you have some sun finally. We have lots of sun this week, but it's still too cold for me! :)

wisps of words said...

No fiery foods for me! -grinnnn- I am a wimp, when it comes to such.

To me, there is no doubt, that your subconscious, is trying to tell you something... Trying to bring something, to your conscious mind.

I'm not knocking whatever others choose to believe but.... Please... Do not consider evil spirits or demons. Such thinking was fine, way back in time. When people did not have any other knowledge, or any other way to _explain_ happenings.

But by now, we do have the knowledge, to know the "why" of so many things. Thunder is not an angry god. Sickness is not a punishment for evil doings. Etc.

Your subconscious is trying to tell you something. How to discover, what that can be? That is the question.

And I wish you well, with this search.

Gentle hugs...

wisps of words said...

I went to WebMD, which is the only information source I trust on the net for health issues question.

Nightmares in Adults

That is the result of my search.

Martha said...

"To shorten winter, borrow some money due in spring." OH my gosh but that is hilarious! I guess lending it makes for a long winter? haha

Nightmares are our subconscious at work. You've had a lot of deal with in the past, so how could you not have some things that are lurking somewhere. I do hope you find some answers because you must be exhausted.

I am a BIG thinker. It is a blessing and a curse. George says my head overheats most days. LOL But I need that. My logical side is a huge asset when it comes to sorting through the debris in difficult situations and searching for solutions. But the curse part is when I get stuck in my head and go around in circles for sometimes days on end. In any case, I do try to keep myself balanced.

My favourite season of the year is spring when everything comes back to life. Even the word renewal, which is fitting for this time of year, makes me happy. Throw in more daylight and you have a happy camper. I've had enough of winter, but winter will leave when it's good and ready.

Happy day to you, dear Rain! I do hope you find what you're seeking and enjoy a peaceful period.

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) I agree with you about the subconscious. No, I don't believe in demons or stuff like that at all. That's just what some people have suggested. I find it impossible to believe that, though look at me, I believe in little fairies in the forest so who's to know? :) I don't knock anyone's beliefs either but I agree with you.

Thank you for the link! I'm sure a lot of the nightmares have to do with my underlying anxiety and ptsd. Last night Frankenstein's monster was chasing me all over a town. I should write fiction novels about my nightmares or something. I'm also going to look into food because I never thought about that connection either.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Isn't that a good saying? I laughed at the opposite...hmmm. have we lent money due in spring, because this winter has been a long one! :)

I love that your head overheats, mine used to way too much. I have to stop myself because it gets into a terrible cycle of too much thinking and not enough doing. It's a process though, some of us need to think things through longer. The curse, like you said, is when it goes in circles too long.

I'm a happy camper with the sunshine lately! Though I saw that we are in for a terrible week of SNOW and I'm weeping!!!

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Hiya Rain...this is a very thought provoking post! My son, when he was very little, would often ask me - mum, do you ever wonder what its all about? And I would say yes, all the time. Heavy thinking! I am sorry to read that you are being plagued by nightmares. Those suck. Have you ever tried, right before bed, to "will" yourself to not have them? I used to be quite good at willing my dreams to come and to stay remembered. I wonder if it would work for the opposite? To will nightmares away. You should write a book! And have little drawings with them.

As for the weather this March - well let's just agree that its March. :(

Magic Love Crow said...

I try not to think! It gets me into trouble! LOL!

I hope the bad dreams stop soon for you. I feel it does have to do with something, you have pressed way down inside of you, that is screaming to come out. Keep sending yourself love Rain!

I actually like winter, but this year, I am kind of anxious for Spring, but then I go back to thinking, I am hoping for more snow too! LOL! Crazy, I know! LOL!

Big Hugs!

Rain said...

Thanks Dianna :) Heavy thinking for a kid! I wonder what it's all about a lot of the time too. Actually yes, I've willed myself to have good dreams, I try to think of something pleasant, I use some aromatherapy and I stretch out...sometimes it works, sometimes it fails miserably.

Rain said...

Hi Magic Love Crow :) Yes! Thinking gets me in trouble too lol! ;) Oh, that is forbidden to wish for snow at this time of year! I hope that my self-improvement and self-therapy work helps me to uncover what is back there in my mind.

Guillaume said...

Here it is much warmer, but apparently it will be cold for Easter.