Friday, March 30, 2018

Seize The Day

I've lost track of the days lately. What with my little hound dog Jack being so sick/injured...back and forth to the vet, all the vet fees and shifting around of bill's enough to drive a gal out of her mind! I always tell myself, this too shall pass and everything will work out in the end. It always does! :) I gave up caffeinated coffee a week ago...bad timing! ;) 

Things are slowly starting to get back to normal. The Moon is Waxing Gibbous tonight, ready to make her way into a full Blue Moon tomorrow. This is a strong time for magic or meditation on new ideas, new commitments, new projects. This is also a time for healing energy, family and loved ones coming together. I used my Celtic Tree Oracle for this spread today. It gave me a lot of good insight and comfort. If you are interested, I posted that reading here.

This is what a good optical zoom does...I took this photo of a Waxing Gibbous moon a few years ago. I LOVE my camera!

Do you seize the day? Do you make the best of your situation and live each day with gratitude despite the challenges?

You never know when a loved one, a pet, person or even your own life will be taken away from you. An emergency health scare really puts things into perspective. I never want to live with regret about anything. In order to do that, I have to live each day to my version of its fullest. Here are some questions to ponder this long weekend.

Do you place value on the immaterial?

Do you realize that you "can't take it with you"?

Do you hold on too tight to things, people, ideas that serve you no purpose at all?

Does guilt or fear keep you in toxic relationships?

Do you fill an empty void with frivolity?

Are you writing your own story or living someone else's?

Do you KNOW that you deserve happiness and love?

What's worse for you, failing or never trying?

What is stopping you from taking that proverbial first step?

This is a hard one, but imagine you have one day left on this Earth. What would you regret the most? What would you value the most? What do you need to do now to make sure that your last day on Earth will be filled with gratitude and love?

Jack is recovering, slowly but (I hope) surely

Beauty. Art. Love. Comfort. Nature, Home, Pets, Alex, Friendship. These are the most important things in my life. I let go of materialism a long time ago and never looked back. I let go of toxic people as well a long time ago and will never look back. I made a very unalterable decision to only allow love and happiness in my life and for the most part, I've seized that every single day. If today were my last day on Earth, I would feel so much gratitude for the life I have right now.

Thawing Rivière du Nord

Water is a healing element, it flows and spreads love and healing energy, it washes away negativity and pain. It's cleansing.

Here is a little healing charm you can do if you have access to a lake, stream, pond or river.

Find yourself a little rock or pebble. During a Waxing Gibbous and/or Full Moon, hold this item close to your heart and let it absorb your pain, your thoughts and your wishes for healing.

Bring this item with you to a source of natural water. Express your gratitude for the water in front of you. Dig a hole near the shore and place your rock or pebble in the hole and cover it up, releasing all of your thoughts, pain and wishes as you bury it. 

Take some time to visualize everything that you released into that item seeping down into the Earth and flowing away into the water for healing.

If you can't bury your item, release it gently into the current as you feel the healing power of the water.


Pam Jackson said...

Water is healing. If heals my mind when I am able to look out and watch it running or flowing! I have a creek next to my drive and there are a couple of spots that have a small waterfall! I also fall under the water sign...but I have a big fear of water. I don't swim either. You left us with a lot of questions to think about! Personally, the only regret I have is that I did not take better care of myself while taking care of a family and maybe my health would not be so iffy these days. I can't always live each day to the fullest cause of this fibro but I do try as much as possible. Other than that, on a whole, I am happy and fullfilled. Here is hoping that Jack recovers soon and is up and about wagging that tail.

Nicole Thomas said...

I like the healing charm ... we are surrounded by little creeks and ponds and we all enjoy to go and play in there or to "drown" our worries. Right now tho ... every surface of water is still ubder thick ice...every shore under 2 feet of snow.
If i was to live one more day ... I would make sure that I spent it exactly the way I am spending my days right now. Just with more hugs ... I would make sure that I tell my kids all the things I want them to know for their path thru life. And then I would hold them and be with them as long as possible. Not just them G and the animals too of course. I have everything that is important right here. We tey to life every single day with gratitude and love. I wouldnt want to do or be anywhere else. We too are eaten up by vet bills right now ... but I too believe it will all into place. I don't worry. All is good. Life is good :) I am glad u send me here :)

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) I'm the same way, when I can see water flowing, I feel so much better emotionally and mentally. It's very soothing. I'm a water sign to a T! :) I think that I have similar regrets as you, that I didn't take better care of myself before I burned out. But...I have tried my best to leave that all in the past because what can you do? All we have is right now. Thanks for the well wishes for Jack :) xx

Rain said...

Hi Nik :) We don't have too much running water at the moment here either, but that river is strong and keeps breaking through the ice on milder days! I'm the same, I've finally found a good balance in my life where I'm just so happy that I wouldn't want it any other way. Definitely more hugs though! :) Sorry about the vet bills, but we've always said that everything always works out, and it has hasn't it? :) I would have told you about this blog sooner, but I just figured you didn't have time to comment!

wisps of words said...

Since I am deep into Simplicity books, these things are on my mind already. Releasing all which does not bring you Joy. Which is not Essential. Which does Not Work for you, now.

It isn't always easy. It's work. But I like it.

Hugs to you and to Jack...

Nicole Thomas said...

No worries :) I am just glad I am here and can follow from here 💜

Rain said...

Thank you Wisps of Words :) I'll hug Jack for you! :) You're right that simplicity isn't always easy, but yes...very worth it. As I simplified my life, it took many years, and I still have some work to do...I started to feel better spiritually. I'm happy to hear you are reading those books! :)

Rain said...

Glad too sis :)

Martha said...

I follow the same type of journey, Rain, as you have probably realized from my blogs. I think about spending so many years being in a toxic relationship, I surfaced with the desire to live a happy and stress free life, so out went the toxic people. I have no trouble with that anymore. As for material items, I've always been a minimalist and it's easy to not only get rid of the excess but also to not put emphasis on material goods. We don't take anything with us. I try to live a very simple life with George, and we are grateful for all that we have. Because you are right when you say that we just don't know what life will bring. It can change in a second. Live in the moment and release what doesn't serve. That is how I choose to navigate through life.

Sweet Jack...I hope he is healing well and feeling much better xo

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Yes, we are on very similar paths, we have also tread very similar paths in the past, I find it wonderful that we met each other. :) I'm pretty much a minimalist myself, except all bets are off if I find a good thrift store lol... :) Like you, we live a simple life. All of the "stuff" we used to think was important holds no value to us anymore. It's almost freeing to find yourself not valuing materialism because you really do become more grateful for everything non-tangible in this life! I'll post an update about Jack today, thank you for asking and caring!! xx

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

I would rather be in, on or around water. Water is such a healing entity for me. I am not materialistic, have never really been. I don't like "stuff" - I am quite minimalist when it comes to "things". It actually gives me anxiety to think that there is stuff in boxes that I haven't looked at or needed for several years - it just really bugs me. With the upcoming move I have purged alot! This makes me feel good :)

As long as I have my pets, my son and my husband I am complete. Although in my mind there is always room for just one more pet ;)

Magic Love Crow said...

A very beautiful post Rain! I hope Jack is doing ok.
I let go of "material" things along time ago. It's sad, but many people think when they have "things", that will make them happy. I use to do that, not any more.
Enjoy life and smile!
Big Hugs!
(Sorry I am so late coming around in blog land!)

Rain said...

Hi Dianna :) I'm like you, I don't like "stuff" which I call CLUTTER or DUST COLLECTORS...purging is a wonderful thing...I'm very minimalist as well, it feels better! Oh...ha ha...I know how you feel, there is always room for one more pet, though with me, it's not just in my mind becomes my reality! I have to stop acquiring pets!!! ;)

Rain said...

Hi Magic Love Crow :) Thank you! Jack is doing a lot better, thank you for asking. I also used to think that "stuff" would make me happy, but the problem was that I was getting too much stuff...and kept looking for more because it didn't fill that empty void. Now I know how to make myself happy and it really doesn't involve "stuff" anymore!!! :) Hugs right back to you! xx

Fundy Blue said...

Hi, Rain! I hope that Jack is continuing to recover. I'm going backwards, so I don't know what happened yet. I smiled at his stuffed toy. It's not just humans who take comfort from a beloved stuffed animal. I loved the photo of Rivière du Nord, so wild and beautiful! Your post leaves me with so many things to think about. I am always grateful for the gift of a new day, health, Terry, and my family and friends. I could leave this Earth now, because I have been blessed with an amazing life filled with rich experiences and wonderful people. Hugs to you!