Thursday, March 15, 2018

Take Control of Your Destiny

What defines your destiny? Do you believe your life has a set path? Do you believe in fate?

I'm wishy washy on the subject. I do think I was meant to meet Alex, it's just too coincidental that we have so much in common and have such love for each other. I also think I was meant to live the life of a hermit...with a boyfriend hermit that is live a life of solitude with my boyfriend and fur family in the woods, simply, peacefully and side by side with Nature.

Besides that, I don't believe in fate. Destiny, fate, kismet...whatever you call it, implies that your life is already planned out for you whether you like it or not. I believe that adults choose the paths they follow - good or bad - and that we are the only ones who can change the direction of our lives by our choices and actions. We can't control what others do to us, but we can control how we move on from there. Of course, sudden death, violence and illness...there is no controlling that, but you get the idea! :)

Destiny for me, is my dream life, the life I want to live. 

I went to my Animal Spirits Guide Oracle for some advice. I love Kiwi's advice and I'm taking it. Now that the weather isn't so frigid, I can spend time out walking alone. The woods aren't accessible yet - too much snow, but I can walk around the village in the early morning when nobody is around. Whenever I need to do some deep thinking, walking always grounds me.

Another card I drew was the Tortoise, whose message is always a good one. :) It follows the advice of the Kiwi. First I need to get grounded again with the walking, then I have to do whatever it takes to move my dream/destiny forward! :) To me, this is taking control, making choices that will bring me one step forward and not two steps back.

Are you in the same boat? Do you have a dream you are working towards and need some help in sticking to the plan? Do you think you're sabotaging yourself somehow?

How can you get grounded and back on track again?


Martha said...

Hi Rain! Nice to see a blog post here from you. I always enjoy them. I have gotten that Kiwi card twice within a short period of time. The universe is trying to reach me. Or it is scolding me! LOL Like you, walking always grounds me, especially when I'm surrounded by nature (wooded areas, places where there are lots of flowers, etc.) and even more so when I'm near water. Rivers, lakes, oceans...makes no difference. When I'm near water I feel every cell in my body relax. I feel connected to the universe. On a smaller scale, gardening has the same effect on me. When I'm working on my garden, I am totally focused and relaxed. Whether I'm in a small space of a big one, being immersed in these types of elements is therapeutic. I forget about everything else and pay attention to the sights, sounds and smells around me.

The dream I would love to fulfill is to do some traveling. One trip a year would be great if we can manage it. I am fascinated by the world and would love to see more of it. I hope we reach that goal. Other than that, I'm perfectly happy living a simple life with few things and lots of time exploring the outdoors. I don't need much to be happy. And as long as my life is calm and drama-free, I'm good.

Pam Jackson said...

My biggest plan and has been for awhile is to PURGE things out of my life but I have been having such a hard time with that. Then when I get one room in some sort of order I mess it up doing other rooms and moving things around. Then I get overwhelmed and I shut down. But I figure I will get things day. My laptop seems to keep calling me a lot of the time...I probably need to pack it up somewhere! haha

baili said...

Dear Rain i love your post (i do always:)

i believe that there is half part of our destiny given in our hand .
our choices and decisions build up our living .

other half part is in the hands of God and it comes front of us when we get fail after even giving our 100% .

this is what we call fate and i totally believe in it

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) that the house is done, I can get back to my blogging, which I really love! :) Ha ha, sometimes I think the Universe is scolding me too lol. There was a time in 2009 where I just was not happy with where I was living. I felt like my healing was stalled, I was on the fence about quitting the meds and losing the weight I'd gained from them...I kept getting the same card over and over for months off and on, Rapunzel...trapped in her tower. I kept thinking "coincidence" until it just never stopped. Have you heard of a "jumper"? That's a card that jumps out of your deck as you shuffle. Usually it's pretty significant, it REALLY wants your attention! Well, little old Rapunzel jumped out at me one day and I finally paid attention lol! I moved to P.E.I. for a year and it did me such a world of good. Fresh start, new eyes to see and a new perspective.

I don't need much to be happy either. I love the woods, but I'm just like you. I NEED to be around water. I feel the most peaceful when I'm near a lake or a river. I think when we move to Nova Scotia that having the ocean nearbye will be so healing and lovely! And I know that feeling about gardening too. I wish I could spend the entire summer out in the garden, but for now I don't have enough garden to do that. In my new place, I want to have a gigantic garden so that I get lost in it lol!

There was a point where I wanted to give up everything, by an RV and just live on the road with my pugs. I had an entire plan going (this was before P.E.I.). I would spend my spring/summer/fall's on the road all across Canada then park my RV in a 4-season RV park during the winter, but I chose an area on the West Coast where it was mostly rain and not much snow. I felt like this is the life that I wanted to live. Then one of the pugs got really sick and I had to postpone my plans. I opted for P.E.I. instead and I'm glad I did. I lost the travel bug, but I don't regret it! Have you thought about road travel? Packing up you and your man in the car with a little camper? That might be a nice way to start living your dream! :)

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) laptop calls me a lot! But I have found a bit more balance lately. Doing the spring cleaning and being away from the internet, kind of by force since our connection died for 3 days, helped me to see that I may have been spending too much time there. Plus spring is coming, I'll be outside from April to November I hope!!!

Another plus that spring cleaning did for me was the purging that you're dreaming about! Alex and I have accumulated so much junk that it was ridiculous. As I was cleaning, I was purging at the same time and it was tough at first. Then I kept asking myself...when we move, do I really want to box this and carry this box from the basement of this house to the basement of our new house? 99% of the time the answer was no way! It's hard to let go of our stuff though, I agree. And having some decent thrift stores close by doesn't help me either lol...

Rain said...

Hi Baili :) Thank you! :) I respect your beliefs, even though they are not my own. I think that a person's faith is so personal. If you believe that fate exists, that's wonderful because it makes you secure and fills your heart. :)

Anonymous said...

Rain, I really enjoyed reading your post today, it truly got me thinking in a more positive way! Thank you!

I too don't believe in destiny or fate, for I believe the same as you do that what happens in one's life is from the choices that person makes and from the actions that person does.

I do believe very much in KARMA!

There are some things I've been doing in my life that are stopping me from fulfilling my dream but, I believe that's soon going to come to an end.

wisps of words said...

I don't care for Fate, because I care toooo much, for Free Will. Having our lives planned out for us, doesn't sound good to me.

We are each born with certain 'bents.' Like wanting a quiet life. Or needing a whole lot of action in our lives. Inner choices. Inner preferences. That are just-us.

Finding the right person. I like to think that synchrinisity has a hand in that. Somehow, the person, we would best be with, comes around.<-Not good wording but... If we are smart, we choose that person. If not, we don't.

Finding what one needs to "do," now... Periodically, it is best to try to clarify our thoughts, on this. And you are doing so.

Being at a very different time of life, from you... My plans would be very different. But no matter what our age, it is wise to take some time, to straighten out our thinking.

Are we content? What would make us more content? What can we do, to achieve this? It's never too late, to polish up our mind and our attitude and our life force!

Rain said...

Thanks Lon :) I hope to spread as much positivity as I can, it helps me to feel more positive as well, I'm so glad to hear my post got you thinking well! :) I believe in Karma as well. When bad things happen that you have absolutely no control over, it's hard to think that it's something you deserved. Believing in Karma helps me know that the person won't get away with the evil deed. I do hope that what's stopping you at the moment passes soon.

I've been open about having one big dream, that is buying a home and property, living out in the woods. What's currently stopping me is time. I have to wait while I save money and pay down debt. Those are my choices, but time is something I can't choose to go quicker!! :)

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) I love all of your words today. :) I think that taking time to straighten out our thinking is really important. I never used to, I just went with the flow and ended up kind of miserable because of it. I got to a point where I was just working and working, not really knowing what my goal was...I had an idea, but I didn't take the necessary steps to make it happen, I just figured it would, and of course, it didn't. Bad choices! There are certain things that would make me more content and I am working towards those things one step at a time, but for now, I'm very content with what I have. :)

Martha said...

YES! I get 'jumper' cards sometimes. In fact I got one this morning. I was shuffling and BOOM one flew out of the pack and landed right next to me. I pay close attention to those cards. They often have a significant meaning even when I resist them. LOL... Sometimes I don't LIKE what they tell me...haha

And yes! We have thought about getting an RV and doing cross country traveling for at least a year, possibly two. If we do decide on it, it won't happen until after my youngest daughter is done with school and settled like her older sister is. As long as she's in university, we'll stay grounded in case she needs us. When she's done with that, we'll decide then what we'll do next.

Oh, I'm excited for your move to the Maritimes! And Nova Scotia!! *squee* It'll be exciting to see what you share from there. Just think how nice it'll be to be near the ocean ALL THE TIME. We plan to visit the east coast at some point in our lives. It is so beautiful and I am really curious about it. Not sure when we'll get there but it's on the list. Oh that list... We'll try to tackle it little by little.

Rain said...

That's funny Martha, usually the jumpers are the cards I tend not to want to listen to also, lol. I think we the stubborn get the most jumpers ha ha! ;) Alex and I talked about a cross-Canada trip, but with all the pets it would be impossible. But then, we'd likely get annoyed with the people around us. I think that once we have our land and home, we'll be set for the rest of our lives.

We waffled a little bit about where we want to live. But if we want to continue living a simple life, with a nice lifestyle, it has to be the Maritimes because the properties there are the most inexpensive in Canada, depending where you go. Since I don't work and Alex works from home, we have the liberty to live far away from a city, we are actually going to be looking in "dying" towns so that we get a good deal and so that the population won't be too high. I'm SO attracted to the Fundy Bay. I lived near Moncton for a few years as a teenager and visited The Rocks along the Bay so many times, it felt like home to me. NB could be an option if we find the right spot, but we're trying to be closer to the ocean so the winters will be a little less arctic. We have a lot of work to do and a lot of sacrifices to make...I just hope we can do it!

Yes, the step at a time!!

Magic Love Crow said...

Great post Rain! So many feelings about this. I have to say, the way I use to believe, is so much different now. Saying all of that, to truly live your truth, your path, you have to listen to your "spirit/soul". When you align with yourself, everything else will align for you! This, I know is true! And, don't worry about the "how's". You are the gift, so whatever is your calling go for it!
I have visited past lives and I understand what I have worked through in this life.
It's very interesting!
Has everything been decided, before we come into our bodies? Maybe, I don't know? If you are sabotaging yourself, you are stuck in your "old" story and scared to move forward. To be in the now. I know this to be true, because I have done it!
Big Hugs!

Rain said...

Hi Magic Love Crow :) I also believe that the key to living your truth, your dream and the life you love starts with listening to your spirit and to keep making sure you listen. :) I also visited past lives and what I learned was very interesting. I'll do a post about that some time. It's kind of freaky when I think of it! Fear definitely promotes self-sabotage. I know because I also have lived that, I was stuck in my "old story" for far too long...I have some regrets, but I still try to move ahead and not get stuck with the regret as well. Self-forgiveness is a key to moving on from the old story I think. :)