Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Dark Of The Moon

Dark Moon or New Moon? I guess depending on what your beliefs are, you may see tomorrow as the New Moon rising. I personally see the next few days as the Dark Moon phase, sometimes called the Dead Moon phase (to signify the end of the cycle and the preparation for a rebirth of the Moon cycle); I've also heard it referred to as the Balsamic Moon phase (anyone know why it's called the Balsamic Moon?).

I took these photos of the Moon on September 27th, 2015 during a Lunar Eclipse. It was wonderful!

When the Moon is completely invisible, that is the Dark Moon phase and it usually lasts from 2-3 days. I see the New Moon phase as the time when the moon shows a visible crescent. I live by the cycles of the Earth and the Universe so for me there is a big difference.

During the Dark Moon phase, I do a lot of soul searching. I look inward and reflect on the last Moon cycle and what I've learned about myself. 

I also make sure to take things very easy because I tend to get carried away at times and overdo it. These few days of the Dark Moon remind me to relax and enjoy some solitude and quiet moments, away from society and life.

The phases of the Moon really influence my day to day life.

The New Moon teaches you to start new projects and get excited about new opportunities. 

The Waxing Moon is a time for growth and following through on your plans.

The Full Moon is a great time for nurturing and taking care of your home, family and self. This is a time for women to celebrate their femininity.

The Waning ​Moon is a time of letting go of negativity and banishing toxicity from your life.

Then comes the Dark Moon where you need to just relax and reflect and get ready for the motivating power of the New Moon phase. As you look inward, it's a good time to set intentions for the coming month.

Here are some questions to ask yourself during the next few days:

1. What stands out most for you during the last month?

2. What were some of your greatest accomplishments in the last month? 

3. What were some of your greatest challenges? What can you learn from them and how can you grow from them?

4. What did you struggle with in the last month? Take a hard look and set an intention to change what isn't working for you.

5. What loose ends need to be tied up?

6. A big question I ask myself each Dark Moon phase is what have I realized? I can share this with you. I've realized I have a 50-year old body mind still thinks I'm in my early 20's! Thirty years ago I was a body builder and quite obsessed by it. Well I had the bright idea last month that I could get back into weight training, slowly mind you, but surely. My body told me differently and I had so many ouches and owies and a few kind of bad injuries that I had to deal with the last few weeks. Arnold Schwarzenegger I am NOT. I had to finally accept that my body needs a gentler approach to physical fitness and I'm working on that now!  :)

For the next few days, it's going to be raining so this is the perfect time for me to do some self-therapy and self-improvement. I have a few intentions I'm setting for the next month and a few goals as well. But mostly I'm going to spend some quiet time on the porch journaling and appreciating the quiet of the mountains before the tourist season officially begins in a week's time! And of course, with relaxation comes good food to share with Alex, tomorrow is fondue night and that's a great way to enjoy a quiet Dark Moon night! :)


wisps of words said...

Yes, I have noticed, it is the Dark of the Moon or New Moon or whatever. But I didn't note it, on my blog, as I often do.

I like your views, on how to look on and treat, the different moon phases. Like them a lot. They make a wise routine, for each and every moon cycle. Doing things, which need to be done, for our well being. But which get forgotten, without a plan in place.

Thank you!

I am in need of self-therapy. I've allowed myself to get overly involved, in things, which I can no longer do... As I could, years ago. :-) I get thrown "for a loop," and my tranquility gets 'whapped'. -sigh-

And now is the perfect time to slow down, and take deep breaths, and get back to where it's best for me.

All the best to all of us, who will try to do these moon phase inspired things...

Pam Jackson said...

HAHA....I would love for my 58 yr old body to act like it is still in my 20s...hell I will take 30s! HAHA...sorry. My mind wants to go, and do but my body says no way. Reading my post you know I suffer from daily pain and fatigue but there is so much that goes into Fibromyalgia that what I might suffer from today will be something else tomorrow. I hate this stuff cause I used to be a very out going and social person...that has dropped down so much in the last 5 yrs. I still try and push cause if I did not I would NEVER get a thing done. I am hoping your mind finds that 20 yr old body but I hate to tell you, it is probably GONE for good. are so cool, love reading your blog.

Magic Love Crow said...

Gorgeous photos! I love them!
Take care of yourself and do everything one day at a time! Body builder? That's interesting! Time goes by so fast! Big Hugs!

Fundy Blue said...

This was a fascinating post, Rain, and I love your beautiful photos. I've largely looked at the moon through a geologist's eye. I, too, tend to get carried away with things and over do it. My body slammed me down last week with a major fibro-flare, because I got carried away. I definitely need to slow things down a little. I know better. All the best to you!