Tuesday, June 19, 2018


Every morning I draw a card from one of my many Tarot or Oracle decks. I take the message seriously and think about it and try to see how it'll fit into my day; how I'll learn from it; and what I need to change if anything to improve my life and my health. This is a part of my daily "maintenance" and self-therapy that has become a very pleasant habit!

This morning I drew the Spider from my Animal Oracle deck. Lately, besides enjoying the short summer season here in the mountains, I've been ensconced in writing. I started a little crime drama type of novel back in 2006 and got about twenty-three thousand words written...but then my mental health took a dive and I lost all of my creativity. I set that novel aside and never looked at it until last week.

I re-read my book and decided I wanted to try to write again. I finished reading it last Friday and then got a little writer's block. I started to write poems instead and they came to me easily, but after a few days, those ideas dried up a little. Then this morning, a new idea came to me. I thought maybe the Oracle card was telling me to go for it!

Another wonderful habit I've taken up again is walking the dogs in the woods and up the mountain each morning. I love it! I've started a little morning ritual as I walk. I spend some time thinking about what I'm grateful for, then I spend some time praying for my loved ones and my friends, then I think about three things I want to accomplish that day. I got this idea from watching inspirational videos with Tony Robbins. Love that man! So in doing my morning ritual, sometimes I think about it, and sometimes I actually say it out loud to further project that intention out to the Universe. I love my morning walking meditations! They start my day off on a positive note every time. :)

So as I was praying this morning for a person I care about a lot, I was just thanking the Universe for letting that person see that they can come to me, that I'm an open and caring and safe spot they can rest their head on. This person is going through a very difficult time and had a tendency to keep everything locked away, but yesterday she reached out to me and I felt like I really could offer her some comfort. I had asked the Universe for days in a row to show her that she could open up and she did. 

Anyway, I was just thanking the Universe for allowing her to see that I could comfort her when I walked right through a HUGE spider web with a spider on it that crawled down my arm. I JUMPED lol...I think I yelled too. I'm not an insect fan! 

But instead of freaking out, I thought wait...I pulled the Spider card this morning. Then another thought came to my head, the Spider Totem's message is this:

"What you have carefully woven lately is now bearing fruit".

JUST as I was thanking the Universe for allowing my friend to open up to me, the Spider was appearing to me to tell me that my efforts were successful. Isn't that cool?

I don't believe too much in coincidences, to me this was synchronicity, which (generally speaking) means simultaneous events that occur in your life that are somehow related in a meaningful way.

Do you believe in synchronicity? Has this ever happened to you? I consider this a wonderful blessing and an opportunity to strengthen my beliefs. :)


wisps of words said...

Oh yes, I believe in synchronicity.

Not a "belief per say." I have seen it proven out. :-) My husband too, has seen it, happen to me. And he accepts it.

Your whole morning plan, is lovely and bearing fruit. If it's helping you to become more the person, you want to be, and helping health, it is bearing fruit. :-)

For me synchronicity is when I am 'interested' in a topic/person/etc. And I get the urge to look here, or look there, or do this, or do that, etc. And find, that thus, I have somehow connected with my 'interest'. That's how it seems to work, for me.

And I listen!

Me'thinks if more people 'listened,' they too would find synchronicity happening, in their lives.

wisps of words said...

Because..... The whole Universe is connected, is it not? :-)

Linda said...

I believe God works in mysterious ways and I try to pay attention!
That is so cool about the spider connection!

Fundy Blue said...

The photo of your view from the top of the mountain is breathtaking, Rain. I think it's wonderful that you are walking there with your dogs each morning. Your morning ritual is rich. Gratitude is truly important. I know that synchronicity has been active throughout my life. Your spider story was very cool, and definitely synchronicity!

Martha said...

Well, you know that I believe! LOL The universe works in mysterious ways and there are messages and signs all around us regularly. We just need to silence the mind from all the chatter going on in this busy world/life and pay attention.

What a gorgeous view!

Pam Jackson said...

Signs so to speak don't come easy to me, either that or I just don't see them or know how to read them. The last time I thought I had one, I think I read it all wrong or maybe I did not and I just can't see the good that might have come from it for seeing the bad it created! So I guess they might be there, they seem to be there for others but for me I am not so sure. By the way, I would have freaked drawing that card and probably jumped off the side of the mt when it crawled down my arm. My biggest fear are spiders. They FREAK me out. Sounds like things are healing more and more for you, inside you. Great that you were able to help your friend.

Guillaume said...

I remember the term from the movie Les Aimants, maybe the one and only romantic comedy I enjoyed and maybe the best I ever saw.

Magic Love Crow said...

A beautiful post my friend! Of course I believe in synchronicity! The universe (source) is wondrous! I hope you keep writing! I have to tell you about my mint, it's even bigger, than what you saw, but I cut some down with the lawn mower! LOL! Right now, it's about 6 feet by 6 feet! I have dill growing everywhere too! I give my plants free range! LOL! Big Hugs !

Donna OShaughnessy said...

I'm a Cafeteria Catholic which means I kind of pick and choose my beliefs rather than believe what I told to believe by a group of slap happy nuns. Some Christians might therefore call me lazy but my decades in nursing taught me that God is not only in a book. He is most definitely in that spider web that's drapes across our face or in the new born calf that bumps my head reminding me I have grandchildren I need to reach out to. So do I believe in synchronicity? Oh most definitely.

ANNA said...

Hola paso por tu blog a dejar la huella del mio.
Por si deseas visitar.


Nicolas Hall said...

What a beautiful story Rain! So happy to hear that your creating and finding your way through a novel too! It's got to be one of the toughest creative journeys I have ever set out on but it's worth every moment. Looking forward to hearing how you progress!

Synchronicity s wonderful and I love when I experience it. I also think we can create it, or, at least, set it in motion subconsciously. I think we tune in to certain frequencies when we need them to arise and can, when it's most needed, draw those things to us, see them more clearly or discover them laying in wait, like your spider! I don't mean that to take away from the magic. . . I think it IS part of the magic!

You're a strong magnet for such energies and it's no surprise to me that the world around you responds and graces you with such gifts. :)

So lovely to visit and take in your words and intentions. :)


Pam Jackson said...

Checking on you...hoping all is well and you are just staying busy.

baili said...

I believe in each single whisper nature and sign she offers dear Rain and if i loose this faith i will be lost in vanity forever!

i am sooo happy that you are able to s raw daily and walking meditations :)

being writer i can understand the sudden mind block which can last for days or even for years have creative mind it will you yet flow of creative brain can be driven any time so best of luck for your unfinished novel!

i am so happy that your prayers were answered and your friend opened herself to you

take great care my dear friend ,nature loves you back so much:)))