Saturday, September 22, 2018

Autumn Equinox - Balance

Autumn Equinox Walk In The Woods :)

Hi Everyone :)

Now that the planting, gardening and harvesting season is nearly at its end, the time for sharing, connecting, resting and thought is commencing. :)

Mabon (Autumn Equinox) is here! I think I'm finally okay with letting go of summer! :)

I made an  apple pie with a design of the Moon and the Sun to symbolize Balance

Mabon symbolizes balance - the balance between light and dark, it's the Second Harvest Festival - a time to gather up all the last bits and pieces of the garden and to preserve for the long winter ahead. It's a time to give thanks, in fact, it's coined the Pagan Thanksgiving because we are just so grateful for the bounty that Nature has given us through our efforts in the garden.

In Nature-based Pagan spirituality, the Sabbats (the eight festivals of the year) are divided into Lesser Sabbats and Greater Sabbats. Mabon is a Lesser Sabbat because it represents the changing of a season. The Greater Sabbats, such as Samhain (Halloween) are high energy and powerful holidays where the season is at its peak.

Nature Offers Beautiful Decorations!

Every Sabbat has meaning, symbolism and a great connection to Nature and the Universe.

Potato, Ham and Gruyere Tart - celebrating my potato harvest!

I celebrate each holiday (Pagan and secular) with a special Tarot reading, a few rituals and charms, decorations that symbolize the season, some symbolic yoga and meditation routines, and of course a great seasonal supper! 

I found a really good Yoga Routine for Balance, and a nice relaxing Mabon Meditation. It's amazing how relaxed and grounded I feel after a little bit of yoga and meditation.

Please enjoy my Tarot Spread and Charms :)

I did my reading this morning, and what showed up very glaringly was that I need to investigate my "Shadow Self" in order to balance my life. The Shadow Self is the dark side of our personalities, of our thoughts. It's that negative aspect of the self that most times we refuse to see or admit to. It's important to uncover this shadow in order to learn from it, grow as a person and live with greater love, happiness and gratitude. A lot of the issues we have, the problems and the disappointments in our lives are caused by repressing or denying this shadow self.  I'll be working on this over the winter!...and on a personal note, Magic Love Crow my friend - you mentioned this to me a while back but I guess I wasn't ready to dive into it yet, now I am! :)

I found a great place in the middle of several tree trunks to lay down my intentions for the season!

Mabon Intention Charm

Here is a charm I came up with one day as I was walking in the woods. We all have great ideas and intentions to improve our lives and reach our goals. Here is something you can do on Mabon (or within a few days of the Sabbat).

1. Write out your intentions on a piece of paper.

2. Wrap the piece of paper in a beautiful fallen leaf with some twine - a red leaf would be much more powerful as red represents passion and fire!

3. Take a walk in the woods, or in a nice park where you know there are places you can be alone. Find yourself a beautiful tree that seems to be calling out to you and place your intentional charm under the tree and cover it with leaves. If you find a tree with a hole in it, or a spot where you can lay down your intention, that would be even more powerful.

4. As you walk away, thank the tree and Nature; and think about the actions you'll take to set your intentions and make them a reality. Remember to trust in yourself and the Universe. 

The Wish I Want To Manifest? A HOME.

Mabon Apple Wish Manifestation Charm
(Idea from "The White Witch Parlour") 

Here is another little charm that I think is a great way to send out your intention to the Universe!

Find a quiet spot at home or in your yard where you won't be distracted. Light some candles, burn some incense, play some whatever gets you into a calm and spiritual mood for this charm.

You'll need an apple, a bowl of water, some salt, some cinnamon, a small knife and a small tea light candle or a taper candle.

1. Hold your apple and think about what you really want to manifest in your life and really meditate on it for a little while; make the intention clear as you focus on it.

2. Carve a hole in the top of the apple that will hold your candle. Set it aside. You may want to slice the bottom off the apple to make sure it can stand on its own.

3. Add some salt to the bowl of water. Concentrate on your intention and stir deosil (clockwise) to energize the water. (Stirring widdershins, or counter-clockwise, would be for something you want to banish from your life.)

4. Carve your apple with words or symbols..anything that represents the intention you want to manifest.

5. Place your apple in the water, insert your candle and light it. Sprinkle some cinnamon over the apple and water. Cinnamon is for prosperity.

6. Bask in the energy of the charm, imagine this intention has already been manifested and enjoy how wonderful that feels! Send your intention out to the Universe as you blow out your candle. Work towards your goal but be sure to trust yourself, your intention and the Universe...doubt and worry do not serve us ONE BIT!! :)

My Joy :)

Have a blessed day my friends! Enjoy the season and live with positivity and gratitude!


wisps of words said...

Thank you for all the information you give!!! I always hope to be learning, and trusted information is necessary for that. Thank you!!!!!!

✨ 🍁 ✨ 🎃 ✨ 🍁 ✨

wisps of words said...

I appreciate how so much of pagan belief, is tied to our own intentions. I need to say that, about 50 times. Because it is very, very informative, to me. Maybe not to all, but to me.

We have energy and will. The universe has energy, certainly. As I see it, much can be, a loving combination of these.

Before I go any farther, my comment box is covering your last photo. So that only your beautiful gray/white dog is showing. Her eyes! So lovely! I keep having to switch my gaze, from my comment, to them. :-)))))))

OK, back to comment! :-)))))) Guess what I'm trying to say, is that it's easier for me to 'understand' something, which is using just natural things... My own intentions. The energy of the Universe.

Clear as mud perhaps??? -grin- Sorry if this is so.

✨ 🍁 ✨ 🎃 ✨ 🍁 ✨

wisps of words said...

And I certainly love the views of Mabon, Equinox!!!!! Who doesn't need balance in their lives? And who wouldn't be helped, by investigating our shadow side?????

Thank you!

✨ 🍁 ✨ 🎃 ✨ 🍁 ✨

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) Thanks for your comments!!! No mud here lol...I know what you mean. Intention and action is the magick of life, in my opinion. We are beings of love and energy and I really believe that we are the higher power in our own reality. I feel the energy of the Universe, but I don't look to a being who is superior to me. Everything I need, want and can grow from...all comes from me first if I am open-minded enough to see what's in front of me, and what is possible.

I really believe in the law of attraction and I've experienced it both negatively and positively. Intentions dictate action, consequence, Karma and energy. :)

That is husky-mix Marlene with her beautiful eyes :) I call her my Guardian Angel because she is SO in tune with my feelings. It's unbelievable at times how she knows exactly what I need! :)

As for investigating my Shadow Side...I'm a little nervous, but I think that it will be a powerful healing exercise for me!

Martha said...

What a lovely post, Rain. This is a beautiful and magical time of year. I am thankful for its arrival and for cooler days and nights, although I am not eager for winter. I can't seem to handle the cold well any more. I am looking forward to the colours of autumn and the sentimental feelings that this season brings with it.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Thank you! Oh I know how you feel. It was 2 degrees this morning when we took the dogs out and boy...that is already starting to go right through my bones and joints...I do not look forward to winter that's for sure. I hope we find a place that's milder when we move to the Maritimes. But Fall is really a lovely time of year.

Guillaume said...

Belated happy equinox! I love autumn, my favourite season.

Magic Love Crow said...

Hi Rain! Such a beautiful post! I love it! I'm so proud of you and happy for you! Believe you me, it takes time, but it's well worth it, because it's such a great healing within your soul. I went through a healing over the past two weeks. I didn't realize the fear that has been stuck in me. When we resist things, they will keep going, but as soon as you acknowledge things, things start to leave and heal. Your pie is so beautiful! I love the picture of you and your puppies! Big Hugs and Happy Autumn!

Rain said...

Thanks Guillaume :) The only time I say Autumn isn't my favourite season is when winter is over and I'm so happy for the summer :) But Fall is my season, that's for sure!

Rain said...

Hi Stacy :)) Thanks :) You're does take time, and it's not always fun is it? I've found some meditations that help you open up your shadow side and some of the things that go through my mind are bothersome, but it's true that once you start to accept rather than resist...healing begins, and I have to say I feel so much better already! :)

Pam Jackson said...

I love reading your blog always so full of info. I have just stared reading up on this sort of stuff but my problem is that I have such a hard time retaining info these days. I love nature and I love what it can give back to us in so many ways.

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) Thank you!! :)
There is so much out much information, so many things we can incorporate into our lives. Honestly, I keep a "Holiday" journal. Every holiday, which for me includes Pagan holidays, Traditional holidays and even Full Moons...I have a section in a binder for each one and I add more each year, I refer back to them when I need to. I don't have very good memory retention since the burnout, so that's the only way I can keep all of these things in mind!

Fundy Blue said...

Loved this post, Rain. The three dogs look so handsome against the green moss background and walking with you in the wet green woods. Your pie and tart look scrumptious. I'm trying to manifest some weight loss in my life, so I'm avoiding pastry now. One day it will be back on our menus in judicious amounts. The Sabbats calendar is really interesting ~ I don't recall seeing one before, so thanks for sharing. I've been striving for balance much of my life. It's a constant battle. I enjoyed reading about your rituals, and I wish you success and you strive for balance. Sending you a big hug!

Pam Jackson said...

I am having Rain withdrawals....I need a Rain Thought!

Rain said...

Thanks Louise! :) Good luck with your weight loss...slow and steady! I managed to lose 97 pounds between 2009-2012 WITH a metabolic disorder! Everyone's body is different. I hope you find a good balance for that. I refused to give up my good food, so I compensated with lots of exercise and it worked for me. Weight training helped the metabolism. I have to be diligent about that now to make sure I don't gain a lot of it back!

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) Oh...I'm thinking...I'm thinking... LOL! ;)