Sunday, November 4, 2018

Falling Back

Okay, I'd like to say something positive about Daylight Savings Time...I got an extra hour of much needed sleep today and that's all I'm going to say!!! :)

I have many goals for the coming year. Some are big and some are small. I have a journal of monthly goals and projects that I keep. For the last ten months or so, I've forgotten about a few of them because I convinced myself that I found them too difficult. I'm disappointed in myself because they are goals I really WANTED to achieve. I gave up because other stressors in my life lead me to believe they were too difficult.

But all disappointment aside, today, instead of beating myself up by saying that I failed, I was weak, I was lazy, I gave up etc....I think of it more like I put those things on hold while I was able to get my emotional health back into a good state. Sometimes there's a curve along the road and we have to follow it to get back to the main path! We can stay in that curve or we can push ahead and walk the walk. My "curve" is now behind me and I'm on track for those "forgotten" goals and projects again.

One thing I really wanted to do was develop a solid daily yoga practice. I do a lot of yoga, but it's sporadic. Sometimes I'll do it daily for a week and then find some excuse or another not to take the time. But when I do yoga, I FEEL good. Again, why do I resist doing something that makes me feel good??? Because some mornings I just think it's too hard to get going I guess. That's what I need to leave behind...that FALSE belief that taking half an hour or so out my daily routine is just too difficult. It's not. I have to switch that bad habit with a new one - a new way of thinking that it's not too difficult. It's just that I'm groggy and tired when I wake up but that as soon as I start the routine, I'll instantly feel energy and peace.

Have you done this? Have you put certain projects and goals on the permanent back burner because your mind has convinced you it's too hard? Is it really too hard or is that just a mind game playing tricks on your logic and your drive? Do you just need to put it on hold temporarily while you take care of more immediate needs? Or are your priorities skewed? 

Are you afraid of something? Is fear stopping you from moving ahead? Remember, you thought about this particular goal or project at some point because you were excited about it, you really wanted to accomplish it! So it's worth making time for, or making an effort for.

Think about a time in your life when you accomplished a project or good that felt! Try to find that motivation again to get your butt in gear!! 

What is motivating me right now is how nearly a year of stress building up in my body makes me feel like I'm 50 years older than I am. My aches and pains have gotten worse where just a year ago, I was so flexible and to be honest, a few pounds lighter.

A big adventure is on the horizon and I need my body to be in great shape, I need to be flexible and not so fragile. I rejoined my favourite online yoga site today and I have chosen the first yoga routine I will do tomorrow morning. It's a Hatha yoga routine called "Yoga For Burnout". Hatha yoga is a good start for beginners. It's a slower type of yoga, focusing on proper posture and breathing. I have to be careful starting out again because some of those twists and poses can be hard to do and I've hurt myself before when I try to advance too quickly! My friend Dianna said once that yoga can be violent and I agree! But I'll be going at a turtle's pace to make sure I keep going!

For further insight and peace of mind, I drew a card from my Celtic Tree Oracle deck. I drew the Poplar/Aspen card. This is the message the card represents:

"The poplar and aspen trees are hardy, fast growing and strongly resistant. This card offers you the strength to endure any adversity and promise success after your difficulties have ceased."

How reassuring! :)

I'm really looking forward to this journey - even though it may be challenging at first, I know why I want to do it and nothing is too difficult for me when I want to better myself. :)


Pam Jackson said...

Okay....I left a comment, computer did a glitch and I am not sure if that comment went through or not so here I am trying again and hoping I can remember what I put. First off....give yourself a break. Goals are something we work for but unless there is a tight deadline then you are good....just give yourself more time to meet that goal. There is no reason to put pressure on yourself for missing or skipping a goal for a few days. Move it out and work for it again. I am terrible about putting things off. I try not to stress if I don't get something done....I just shoot for another time. Smile, laugh and enjoy the love.

Connie said...

Those are some pretty powerful questions that would require some deep thought, at least in my case. I replying to the comment you left on my post: I would have added some feathers with the ribbons if I had remember what I've done with them. Somewhere in a special place I have a little envelope filled with white fluffy feathers that would have works great. I guess if I ever come across them I can always add a few then. Thanks for stopping by :) The painting you spoke of is titled Cortez Fisherman, it's one of my favorites and was inspired my a sailing novel I read on sailing and fishing the Sea of Cortez.
Wishing you a beautiful day.
Connie :)

Jono said...

My excuse isn't that it (whatever it may happen to be) is too hard, but too time consuming. The (lack of) results are the same, however. I need to be stronger and make things happen.

wisps of words said...

Do we resist, doing those things, which we know, will be good for us......?

Because we know, they will be good for us?

And we are punishing ourselves?

Lisa said...

Thank you for the Yoga course link, I will check it out!

"Where in your life have you taken two steps back?" definitely my weight :( Since retiring this time last year I just "assumed" the weight would drop right off because I was no longer tied to a front desk position eating fast food every day for lunch...but it hasn't and that is so frustrating! My cholesterol and BP have also crept up over the past couple years which resulted in my doc prescribing low dose medicine for both to control. UGH back to the drawing board! Lisa

Serena Lewis said...

I am so glad we don't do Daylight Savings here in Queensland. We did trial it one year and I did not like it at all.

I hope you get yourself into a regular Yoga routine. For me, I would love to set up a daily routine of morning pages, meditation, and of course, sketching/art.

I feel like ever since my Dad's illness and passing three years ago, I've been off-kilter. Then, only two weeks ago, I lost my favourite Aunty to a form of Leukaemia. Emotional setbacks always reflect on my physical output.

You deal with aches and pains too? As much as I loved yoga in my younger years, I can't do it any more with my back injury. Yes, best to ease your way back into it though.

You drew a very apt card for your situation. Definitely reassuring for you.

Wishing you all the best with your new plans. :)

Martha said...

Good things are coming your way, Rain! Send those positive intentions out to the universe and it will respond in kind.

Sometimes I do put things off because they seem so overwhelming. I used to get really upset about that. Now I just take things in stride and get to whatever needs to get done when I'm ready. Because the frustration and stress that comes if I try to force myself to do something I'm not ready (or willing) to do is too much to handle sometimes. There are some things I give myself an extra push to get to, but those are things that are a real priority.

I'm going to check out that yoga link! Thanks for sharing it.

Nicole Thomas said...

Reading the passage about how u sneaked yourself out of yoga reminded me so much of myself. I used to start every morning with 30 minutes of yoga ... 6 o clock no matter what. The kids knew they had to wait ( in bed ) until mom was done with her yoga ... believe me I managed for at least 6 months. Then exactly a year ago this little tiny person came into my life and from that moment on I have not found 30 minutes anywhere to squeeze yoga back into my day ... but someday I will :)

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) Blogger has been buggy the last week or so. That happened to me too, I've left long comments and then poof! All gone. I tend to write in Notepad then copy the comments so I don't lose them now. Thanks for the advice :) My biggest issue is that if I don't follow through with my goals then it get lazier and lazier. I'm a routine type of gal, and when I don't have my life organized, the stress and anxiety creeps back in.

Rain said...

Hi Connie :) That's neat about the painting! Thanks for letting me know! Deep thought is pretty much all I'm doing lately's that November mood I'm in!! :)

Rain said...

Hi Jono :) Time is something we need more of isn't it?

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) Interesting thoughts!! You could be on to something! :)

Rain said...

Hi Lisa :) Weight is a little issue for me too this year. I always forget that my metabolism needs physical activity to stay on track. Back to the drawing board is where I am too! :)

Rain said...

Thanks Serena :) I'm so sorry about your Aunt. :( I'm just like you about the emotional setbacks. It drains me and I am physically worn out at times, unable to do small tasks that I used to do easily. Yes, I have chronic shoulder pain from an old injury. I also have wonky knees from a ski accident. My hands feel pain in cold, damp weather. I manage and most of the time don't even think about it, because it feels so "normal" which is a weird thing to say!!

Rain said...

Thanks Martha :) I have been talking to the Universe A LOT lately! :) I know Mother Nature has my back, I have tremendous faith that everything will work out! :) I'm the same way, if it's not a huge priority, I give myself a break and accomplish it when I'm ready. That yoga site is wonderful. I've been following that lady for years on YouTube and she has a paid site now with SO MANY routines! I joined for the first month for $1 (euro). After this month, I'll see if I think it's worth it or if I'll just continue the free YouTube yoga routines.

Rain said...

Hi Nik :) It's understandable that you had to give up your yoga! But yeah...I did sneak myself out of taking good care of myself. I always ask myself why if it made me feel so good...but no more excuses. I've done cardio and yoga every day the last three days and I'm finding my energy surging! I feel so much better. I hope you can find a little time every day to do some!

Magic Love Crow said...

Be you Rain! You have not failed at anything! Don't beat yourself up! It just wasn't your time to do those things! Live every moment, one day at a time! Listen to your heart and do what it's saying, like your yoga! Many of times, we self sabotage ourselves, because we feel we are unworthy. I understand this too well. It's a process many of us go through. Make sure to love you!! It's good to have goals, but you have to love you today!!! Don't live in the future! I was afraid to get my part time job! But, the universe pointed me that way and I am so grateful! Big Hugs!

Rain said...

Thanks Stacy :)) I've actually taken your advice, many times during the day I put my hand to my heart and say "I love you, you are worth it". Thanks for mentioning that! It really works! I'm living in the present with big dreams for the future. :))