Saturday, November 4, 2017

Full Beaver Moon

Tonight is November's Full Beaver Moon. The Algonquin tribes named it the Beaver Moon to remind themselves that this is the time of year to set the traps to catch the beavers so that they would have warm pelts for the winter to come. Tonight's moon is also called the Frost Moon, for obvious reasons, at least here up north! :)

I usually post a Tarot spread that I've put together with meaningful questions and thought-provoking ideas. But that can also happen without the spread, I thought I'd do a few posts now and then about moons, lore and totems.

Totems (or Animal Spirits) came originally from North American Indian tribes ages ago. These people lived by nature and put symbols and meaning to everything around them. I'm fascinated by it, and I find it rings very true for my own beliefs.

The Beaver totem has a lot to teach us. They are extremely industrious and hard-working animals. This teaches us to work hard to achieve our goals. Do you ever see a beaver give up on building his or her dam?

Beavers are flexible and adaptable as well. Despite our climate change and the seemingly shift of the four seasons, the beaver is still in harmony with his and her environment and alter their plans to meet their needs.

The beaver pelts are soft yet very durable because they are waterproof. The idea of repelling hardships in a graceful way comes to mind! (I need that message these days!!) :)

I think that the most important message the Beaver has to offer is that we have to act on our dreams to make them a reality. It's nice to wish and daydream, but without action, that's all they are, wishes.

I spent far too many years wishing for things, but I never took the necessary steps to make those wishes become reality. I've changed that these days. Every day I'm learning new skills, honing in on current ones, and working towards home ownership and most of all a joyful life without regret. Is there any action that you need to take to make one of your dreams come true? If so, ask yourself, why haven't you taken that action yet? What's stopping you? 

Alex and I watched a documentary on baby beavers being reintroduced into the wild and our hearts melted. We both said at the same time "I want a beaver" lol...we're suckers for any animal. Heck, maybe they'd help us build our house if we trained them well lol!


Martha said...

What a great post! Years ago, I spent a lot of time learning all about animals spirits. It was one of the most fascinating journeys I went on after my failed (toxic) first marriage. It was a period of tremendous spiritual and emotional growth. At the time I was intrigued by the white tiger. I'd been having recurring dreams of one shadowing me and I wanted to understand and learn more. In the dream I was not afraid of it. Rather, I felt comforted by its presence. It showed no aggression; in fact, I never saw any teeth. I discovered after some research that the tiger spirit animal's meaning is willpower, personal strength and courage, which is exactly what I needed during that period of my life. I really enjoy this blog, Rain, because the things you share are things that I think about, believe in and appreciate. And it is not easy to find people who are interested in these subjects.

Rain said...

Hi Martha! :)) I'm so glad you're enjoying my blog! I'm rather private with my spirituality so I kind of generalize sometimes, but the more I feel comfortable talking about it, the more I can reveal :) I'm always worried about being judged for my beliefs, but that comes from living in a fundamentalist-type upbringing. I'm glad I found what feels good for me now.

I think that is VERY interesting about the tiger totem. Do you have any cards? I have a few tarot decks and an oracle deck. You might like the oracles. Here's a link to a nice one just to give you an idea. Each card has one message to ponder each day. I have an animal spirits oracle deck. My Tiger card also mentions to trust that you are capable of taking action. After your toxic marriage ended (sorry for your pain, but I'm so happy you had that courage to leave, lots of people don't!) definitely needed the tiger to guide you. But another interesting point is that the tiger was white. White often symbolizes snow, which is peaceful and brings solitude. A white tiger was also telling you to find peace in solitude. Isn't that interesting? :) So many people miss out on taking the time to grow emotionally and spiritually and I think it's just so important for well-being and peace of mind. I mean, to each her own right? But I feel so much richer and more grateful and happy with my beliefs!

I have met a few other Bloggers who share similar beliefs and spirituality, but also those who may not necessarily share the beliefs, but find them interesting and thought-provoking. I have met a few Wiccans and a few staunch Catholics, but it seems that all the people I've met are very tolerant of other's beliefs, live and let live I say! But it's nice to know that you share a lot of the things I do. I have a hard time labeling myself (who needs a label anyway??) but I guess my spirituality is nature-based with Pagan leanings. :))

Rain said...

Forgot the link to the oracle card! This is from my deck, it just gives you an idea about them. All oracles are different, but I always find that I can relate much more to animals, nature-related and fairy tale types!

baili said...

Tremendous post dear Rain!

i found your thoughts inspirational and motivating.
know you through you only blogging world though my dear friend but i can claim and believe strongly that you are very strong person .
can't say why you got bit late to step forward towards making your dreams come true but trust me whenever you will try , you won't stop until the job is done.

Life has challenges for us not to just face them but to reinvent our self by facing them with strength and positivity.

In beginning times of my marriage i faced horrible pressures from bunch of people called "in laws" but i turned towards positive side of the view ,i asked God to stay close to me ,to uplift me and make me strong to face odds with courage .
God kept his promise Rain since i called him for help with bottom of my heart he did not leave me alone.
I started yoga and other physical exercises to stay strong .

will you believe that i was not even able to take a sleep as my mental mother in law chased me everywhere to create noise around me to turn me mad and sick but God made me example for her and her fellow family .
Today though i live away from her home i still send cooked food and gifts for her and she praises me front of all her family that she never saw such patient and loving daughter in law before and i think it is only the strength that God gave me to let that phase ass and forget bad times i had because of her for 16 years .she tried to make my life hell but today she is the one who is living in it

Pam said...

I am a big animal lover but I really prefer them to belong to someone else! HENCE the reason I animal sit for others! haha...I do this because any given day can put me down and I don't have what it takes to love on mine the way I want too. Getting Lily was a struggle for me. Dakota needed a playmate and I did not want another animal to care for. I went over pros and cons for months before finally deciding that a kitten was the way to go and it would be Dakota's pet! haha...they played for 20 mins this morning! Anyway, dreams....I try to live day by day. I am a 57 yr old woman, raised two kids and raising two fur babes. I own my home, my car and I have my hobbies. Maybe the only dream I would love to dream of is a cure for Fibro. But....until, I will live each day as I can.

MrsDuncanMahogany said...

Great post! We missed the full moon and all Her beauty as we were having a SNOW STORM. But I did get to see her Friday night before the snows found us. She was perfect and beautiful. Hawk is my totem/spirit animal. No matter where I go hawks always make themselves present to me. You could get your beaver(s) to build you a log cabin!! :)

Rain said...

Thank you Baili :)) I agree with what you say that life's challenges help us grow in every way. I had a bit of a late start in life due to illness but it's never too late to make the best of your situation right? :) You are better than I am...I don't know how I would have survived with those types of "in laws" even with my spiritual strength! I get hurt easily, so my emotions often are what make my decisions for me. I often say that every decision I make is to keep my happy, safe and positive, no matter what the consequence. It has alienated me from lots of people, but it's the only way I know how to enjoy my life and not live in pain and hurt. I guess we all have our methods that work! I believe that what goes around comes around...those who have mistreated me will definitely suffer in some way themselves. Not that I seek revenge, but it helps me to always put into practice my philosophy of harming nobody intentionally. Thanks for visiting :))

Rain said...

Hi Pam :) I think it's great that you got Dakota a playmate! :) I always had two pets, they love the company. And it's so understandable, what with your fibro, that you can't have too many pets of your own. It's a lot of work...I'm finding out the hard way lol. I'm so happy that you are living a great life (minus the fibro of course)...we all seem to have to have SOME kind of challenge to deal with. Some days, I think it's just not fair, but I also try to remind myself I can't change things so I find a way to live with them. I know you do that too, and I think you're really courageous and inspiring. :)

Rain said...

Hi Dianna :)) Lol...I know, I feel like I could train a few beavers to naturally sand the logs for our cabin lol...but it's like all animals that aren't really meant to be domesticated...they grow up! A few full-grown beavers in the house might be challenging! They'd eat through walls. The hawk...the one with the "discerning eye and clear vision"...that's a wonderful totem to have with you! Mine is the deer. I'll post about that one day, but for years now, every time I need to get a particular message, a deer appears to me when I'm in the woods, or I dream about them.

With the dogs and that guy and all the added work and stress lately...I was really having a hard time so I went alone into the woods to try to get some kind of insight...a woodpecker kept following me from tree to tree as I walked. "Opportunity knocking"...that's all I could think of! I think the opportunity is how my heart is growing each day as I love all of these pets. I see so much positivity in them. Now I just have to deal with the other side - the human part in the form of "that guy" lol...

Tammie Lee said...

That baby beaver is so darn cute!
Clever full moon art too.
It is fun and meaningful to have totems and to pull cards.
Wishing you a home that you love.

Rain said...

Hi Tammie Lee, I makes you want to adopt one lol...they make the funniest little squeal too, very cute! Thanks for your nice wishes. We are okay here, but it's just not our own, I'm looking forward to finding our piece of paradise! :)

Pam said...

Rain~Happy THanksgiving to you and yours.

Rain said...

Thank you Pam!! You too!

Kanishka Gupta said...

Full beaver moon will bring different energies to different zodiac signs.