Saturday, February 24, 2018

What's For Dinner?

The Tarot doesn't have to only be about gaining spiritual insight for personal growth or advice. I use my decks for all sorts of things, like suggestions on what to make for dinner! :)

You guys know that I usually have a full month of dinners planned before I even go shopping. Sometimes though, I feel a little rebellious and I want to be spontaneous...that is so NOT like me, but I guess once in a while it can happen. :) I decided to ask the Tarot for some advice.

Dinner's main element: the Ace of Swords represents the element of Air.

Dinner's main colour: the Princess of Pentacles represents the Earth, the colour green and the colours of the Earth. The fairy tale is The Princess and the Pea...but I HATE no can do! I'll stick with the colours of the Earth!! :)

Suggestion from the Tarot: the Queen of Cups represents water, flowing emotions and female nurturing. The fairy tale is about the Sea, but seafood is out for tonight...I don't have any!


What would you have thought of? What came to mind with air and earth colours, and nurturing (comfort!)...pancakes with maple syrup...these are airy, they are made from ingredients that come from the Earth and they are definitely comforting!

For fun, I drew an extra card to figure out a side dish. The Star also represents air and the colour yellow. Scrambled eggs...airy, yella...why not?  Now the ball is rolling....pancakes with scrambled eggs, hash browns and maple syrup. Comforting and easy. Thank you Fairy Tale Tarot! 😁

Friday, February 23, 2018

Seven Day Chakra Healing

As many of you know, I very much believe in the link between a balanced mind, body and heart, and how our energy flows through our body. As I have gradually immersed myself into yoga and meditation, I've been noticing a difference in my overall tranquility. I still have "blips" when my throat refuses to swallow food...but I'm able to pinpoint what the heck is going on now and what I need to do to restore that dis-ease in my body.

Besides taking supplements, herbal tinctures, calming teas, fish oil, fruit shakes and fresh vegetable juices daily...I also do cardio, stretching, yoga and meditation. This takes up most of my morning, but I would much rather do all of these things rather than take a pill. Please know that this is my choice and I hold no judgment whatsoever on anyone who does take medication, it's just not for me anymore. :)

But I also came up with a seven day Chakra healing routine. I started this two weeks ago, each day I do a different pose. It takes no more than a few minutes each day but it really does ground me. I wanted to share it. Basically it's a yoga pose that specifically helps the energy flow of each Chakra, with a mantra that I repeat as I hold the pose for a few minutes. If the pose uses one side of the body, then I'll repeat it on the other side too. I have no intention to ever stop doing these because they really make me feel good. :) After just two weeks, I'm noticing I can almost touch my toes in some of these positions and also I feel like I can hold them longer!

I do the Throat Chakra pose daily, and I'll be starting the Root Chakra pose daily now too. (Thanks Toni!) Yesterday I did all seven, I just felt like it!

I've read that it helps to envision the colour associated with the Chakra during these poses as well, but for some reason, I cannot see colour when I'm meditating! If you can, go for it!


Warrior 2 Pose


Pigeon Pose


Cobra Pose


Bridge Pose


Forward Bend Pose

Half Forward Bend Pose


Tree Pose

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Emotions and Forgiveness

February 20th 1712 was the last recorded day where witchcraft trials took place in England. Atrocities...anyway, this made me think of forgiveness. I often talk about forgiveness because at least for me, it saved me from self-destructing when the pain of the past was too overwhelming.

When you realize that forgiveness has nothing to do with the other person, it's pretty powerful. It sets you free, it can inspire great change and personal growth. I know that I became a new person when I was able to forgive. I started to live again.

Holding on to long-term pain only continues to do you harm, likely the person who hurt you doesn't care much anymore about it anyway. You don't need to let anyone off the hook, just yourself. Do you have some forgiving to do?

We all know how powerful emotions are. They can lift us up and they can tear us apart. I wrote this Tarot spread to help uncover emotions that may be jumbled up inside. I believe that anger, jealousy, shame, sadness, desperation, resentment...all of the negative aspects of our emotions are ALL based on some kind of fear. It's important to uncover them in order to heal and live your life to the fullest.

For example, if our cat Dana tries to run out the door every time we open it, I get mad at the little stinker. This anger is based on the fear that I'll lose him in the big bad world out there. He is definitely forgiven for being the curious cat that he is...but what about people?  When I was 19 years old, I had a boyfriend that I'd been with a few months. One day I went to his apartment to surprise him and he was there with my best friend at the time. They both had lipstick on their faces and the bed was all messed up; but I never said anything. He finally admitted to the tryst and I ended up breaking up with him shortly after that and I never spoke to this friend again. I felt so betrayed and I held on to that hatred for so long. That hatred I felt for the both of them was based on my fear of feeling discarded and abandoned. I didn't want to admit that he didn't love me enough to be faithful to me; and that she didn't love me enough to respect the boundaries of our friendship.

But people, let's face it, can be A-HOLES! We can't control that! And unfortunately we can't control when we will get hurt. But after working through the emotions, we can control whether or not we allow ourselves to heal or to hang on.

Friday, February 16, 2018

Just Some Thoughts Today

I'm a little wiped out today! Yesterday was (the dreaded) shopping day and when I got home, I could not focus on anything except being in bed watching old Saturday Night Live episodes from the 1970's. Dinner was leftover Valentine's Day cake! Oooh, healthy! as per usual, any time I'm out in society, I need a few days to recover. Today all I could manage was some drawing and artwork...and lots of thinking as I watched the birds at the feeder.

I never found magick until I gave up the city life. I couldn't feel anything above the noise of humanity. Now, I look out my window every day to the woods, the birds and the skies. I can't wait to look out my window and see my pumpkin patch again! :)

I used to think that being by myself was so lonely. But that's because I hadn't yet discovered how much I love being ME. I often say that solitude is bliss. I love Alex with all of my heart of course, but being alone while I'm creating, blogging, thinking...brings me a lot of joy. I know who I am now. 

I'm turning 50 on Tuesday. As I think about the first 50 years of my life, it seems like a dream to me, sometimes a nightmare, but definitely not very real. Have you ever experienced this? I think that this is a phenomenon that's a result of living in the present and healing from the past. I have fond memories of my Grandfather and my pugs...but honestly, all the rest is fading. I like that the good is in my memories rather than the traumatic. It took me a while to get here!

I split an egg up between the dogs each morning, so this morning I had to boil some more. One of them cracked...ooh, who was to visit??? Well, it was the Purolator guy...I guess he could be considered a visitor! :)

A very Happy Chinese New Year to those who celebrate! :) It's the year of the Dog. :) Dogs represent loyalty, friendship and unconditional love. Look at all of this love I get to enjoy every day! :) (...and please do NOT look at my ratty kitchen cabinets excuse is that I'm renting lol!)

This year is all about dog medicine for me! Not only am I devoting myself to my relationship and my furbabes, I'm devoting myself even more to MYSELF, to my health, to my creativity and to my spirit. Remember, you only go around once on this Earth. It's so important to find what gives you bliss...what makes your passions soar and what feeds your spirit.  :)

Tuesday, February 13, 2018


I found this on Pinterest. I think I'm going to do this on the night of March 1st's Full Worm Moon...anyone else want to join me and compare notes? :)

I had to take the time to write a post today because I have been riddled with nightmares of late. Last night Alex woke me up in the middle of the night because I was crying in my sleep. I was having a nightmare that a snake kept biting me over and over. According to Dream Moods:

"To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced."

I was probably bit (from what I can remember) at least a hundred times before I got woken up. I wonder if this means I have a lot of hidden fears and worries that are threatening me. I will be doing some card readings today for more insight.


And now for Sunday's night's dream.  Here is another doozie....I don't have the time right now to check all the symbolism, but I will at some point because it was so weird that I'm curious beyond belief!!!I can't believe I remembered it in such detail and if you have any opinion of this dandy, I'd love to hear your thoughts!! :)

I was in an apartment parking garage, in the basement, with Charlie. I noticed that some maintenance men had picked up something of mine and were tossing garbage over it. I told them to leave it alone, it was mine. One of them told me it was trash and kept throwing garbage on it. Charlie lunged at him and barked. The maintenance men took off and I recovered what seemed like a metal bed.

The bottom of my car fell rolled down a hill and I was chasing it. It ended up in a mud pile and I tried to dig it out.

On the way back home, I got a letter saying the maintenance man was suing me for $350 thousand dollars, saying Charlie bit him.

Next thing I know, I was sitting on my couch with Jack, when all of a sudden Arnold Schwarzenegger and some other guy showed up and got into a very nasty fist fight. They fell on top of me and Jack. I was screaming to get off of us. I kept rolling away with Jack under me, protecting him with my body, but Arnold and the other guy kept rolling back on top of me fighting. I kept screaming and Arnold kept yelling "I can't, I can't".

Alex woke me up because he said I was shaking and twitching.

I have recurring nightmares, I have strange dreams, but this one takes the cake recently. Anyone else have weird dreams like this that are so vivid you wonder if they really happened??

Now...back to my living nightmare...the shopping flyers lol! ;)

Sunday, February 11, 2018

Celebrations This Week!

There are some fun days to celebrate this week! :) This Friday is the Chinese New Year. It's the Year of the appropriate for me lol...I think I'll make the dogs one of those "Spoiled Dog Cakes" that our five dogs devour in seconds. Here is Charlie last year on her birthday! According to Chinese Astrology, I'm a Monkey. :) Those who are Dogs are communicative, serious and responsible. So for 2018, we should be focusing on those traits. It's cool because that's what I'm doing! I've tightened the belt and getting really serious with my finances. Which animal represents you? Find out here.

Big Pile O' Pancakes (photo from last year)

Tuesday is "Pancake Tuesday".

A lot of people know this day as "Shrove Tuesday" or "Fat Tuesday". In some religions, it's the day that you fatten up before you are "shroved" or confess your sins, be absolved and begin to pay your penance of abstinence during the 40 days of Lent.

In Pagan history this day was meant to ward off the gods of darkness and cold. Making and eating round pancakes symbolized the Sun. The ingredients of the pancake represented the staples of the kitchen in those days, and was an offering to the Sun to ask for warmer weather and the beginning of spring.

I have also read that people would put their pancakes on the window sill as an offering, then burn them in the fire when night arrived as a ritual of hope.

Even if you're not a Christian, have you thought about giving something up lately? They say that giving something up makes us appreciate it more...How about breaking a bad habit? I have one little secret habit (hidden chocolate bars) that I'm going to try to give up. I think that a successful way of breaking a bad habit really consists of replacing it with something new. If you have something you want to give up, what will you replace it with? I haven't figured out how to replace my dirty little not-so secret habit yet, but I will figure something out! I have a list of new things that I want to try. 

Wednesday is Valentine's Day. That'll be a nice day of romance and delicious food, wine and dessert! I'm already working on a card for Alex, this was the one I did last year. Corny! But we love that! :)

There are so many variations of the Pagan roots of Valentine's Day and honestly I don't know how many are credible, but this one is kind of interesting, sorry to the guys out there :) -

After Imbolc, the Galenalia festival was celebrated by all women in honour of Minerva, the goddess of wisdom. Women would gather on spiritual renewal journeys for weeks at a time, often at the sacrifice of their relationships. In Celtic tradition, they would leave flowers on the makeshift graves of these sacrificed boyfriends.

Long story short, Valentinus was a Gnostic theologian who was martyred by the church in 160 AD. He later became a saint and was honoured on February 14th. So apparently a mix of the words Minerva and Galenalia and Valentinus became Minervalentine and Galentine...then just Valentine.

Another thing I read was that as the church continued to eliminate Pagan tradition, it became heresy for any woman to leave her boyfriend or husband on Valentine's Day; thus the culture of love and romance to keep the home fires burning. Sweets were exchanged, women stayed home and the flowers that once adorned the makeshift graves of ex's became tokens of love instead.

I don't know how credible all of this is, but it's interesting!

Even if everything is going superbly in your relationship, it's always a good idea to do some thinking about how things are going. Since Valentine's Day is coming up and it's heresy to leave your loved one 😄, why not think of ways to make things even better?

And for those of you who are single, how about thinking about how to bring more love into your life?

I've given you lots to ponder haven't I? :)  

I may not be posting here for another week because I have a lot on my plate this week. Not only the fun stuff, but it's THE DREADED SHOPPING WEEK lol...I usually plan and shop for a month, but lately I've been a little drained because of the winter doldrums and have been doing it bi-weekly. So here we are again. I do love the planning of the meals and cooking them; it's the being out with humanity that I can't handle lol! :)

Sending love out to all of my friends! xxx (don't send me chocolates)  <=== Do subliminal messages really work? ;)

Wednesday, February 7, 2018


Wouldn't you love to go for a walk there? :) I have been slowly but surely getting to know the Celtic Tree Oracle that Alex got me for Christmas. This is a beautiful deck. :) I drew this card today. A "Koad" is a Celtic wood or forest. The message of this card is to reconnect to what is spiritually meaningful to you. 

To me, my spirit means everything. It's not just my sacred belief system I'm talking about. My spirit is my heart, my mind, my energy and my emotions as well. When all of this is well in order, I feel like I can soar and I enjoy every moment. Reconnecting to what is spiritually meaningful to me, also can be described as what makes me happy? What makes me grateful and feeling fulfilled? 

I thought about some questions that would make a good exercise to figure out how to reconnect with whatever it was that once made you happy, currently makes you happy - or to give you inspiration in finding new ways to reconnect with your spirit and your passions. Whatever your answers, make sure you incorporate these things into your daily life! And if you can't, try to find new things.  I can't lift weights like I once used to, but yoga is a great alternative. I can't ski anymore, but I do enjoy snowshoeing. I miss those things, but what can you do? Move on and work with what you've got NOW right? :)

Here is a small but meaningful example for me. The past summer,  I had fallen into a smashing routine of walking the dogs for an hour each morning on the mountain. OUR three dogs that is. It was wonderful! I loved it. Then our friend had his emergency and we took in his other two dogs. My walks got cut immediately and I have to say I felt it. I had a really hard time getting over that but I tried everything I could to figure out something else I could do to enjoy my time with the dogs, get some exercise and be out in Nature. It's not exactly what I'd like, but I take each dog out one at a time, and with the exception of Houdini Charlie, I let them run loose in the back yard - they love the snow! Things will change in the spring because the little snow banks that are naturally in the back yard act as a fence to keep them in. I'll have to revisit things then. Maybe two walks? I guess my point is that I will stop at nothing to feel that happiness, that rush to my spirit. Ask yourself these questions:

These questions are also good to ask yourself if you're having a bad day, it makes you focus on good things, people and thoughts that bring you pleasure.

I think I've nearly figured things out! :) But it honestly took me up until this year to realize what made me the most happy and how my spirit and my creativity were of such value to my happiness. Middle aged wisdom maybe? :) I'll be 50 years old this year, it's nuts, I don't even feel my age.

I came to a light bulb moment this morning. All I want to do for the rest of my life is create art, make delicious food, garden, follow my spiritual path and take care of my home, the pets and Alex. That is it. I don't feel the need to travel or to be famous or to be rich with material goods. If I never had to leave my home, porch and garden, I'd be a happy little lassie. :)


I wanted to mention that our friend Martha, whose blogs Plowing Through Life and Miniaturopolis are ones we already love and follow...has a new blog called The Gateway to Enlightenment. It's a wonderful blog about many of the ideas, beliefs and thoughts that we all share, so please enjoy a visit there. :)

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Chakras - Healing and Balancing

For those who aren't familiar with the Eastern concept of Chakras, here is a very basic description:

Chakras are energy centers within the human body that help to regulate all its processes, from organ function to to the immune system and emotions. We can commonly count 7 Chakras positioned throughout your body, from the base of your spine to the crown of your head. ~ (

Here is a quick reference (I've included links for a much more detailed explanation, including symptoms common with blocked Chakras and ideas on how to unblock them):

1. Root Chakra: associated with the foundation of our life, our basic needs, how we are grounded; personal security and illness brought on by fear.

2. Sacral Chakra: associated with our emotions, our creativity; emotional disorders.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: associated with our will and our personal power; our energy levels, our emotional and physical health.

4. Heart Chakra: associated with our ability to love and show compassion; hormone production and the regulation of the immune system.

5. Throat Chakra: associated with communication skills; mouth, tongue, jaws, palate, shoulders, neck, thyroid and metabolism.

6. Third Eye Chakra: associated with intuition and imagination; pineal gland, sleep and wake time.

7. Crown Chakra: associated with higher states of consciousness; the brain and nervous system.

I personally believe that we are just a big bundle of energy in a human body. I can already attest to the fact that negative energy harms my emotions, my mental health and my physical well being. I was talking with a friend about my nasty old neighbour who is so hostile with me because I told her I wasn't able to drive her around anymore. It's a long story but I was honest with her about the stress it caused me and that I hoped she didn't take it personally...well...she pretty much hates me now! I FEEL that negative energy and I have physical illness from it (I'm working to heal that too!). So it's not out of reach for me to believe that our bodies have energy centers and that our entire physiology is reliant on this energy's ability to flow.

I sometimes come across various ceremonial celebrations from many different religious belief systems as I research and learn about spirituality.

Today marks a yearly Orthodox and Christian ceremony called the Blessing of the Throats. It takes place to honour the healing powers of Saint Blaise and to magickally ward off throat ailments brought on by the winter's cold. This got me thinking about the Throat Chakra. I have always had trouble with my fifth Chakra. Over the years, I've done healing work and I really have found it helps a lot. I think that my Throat Chakra tends to continually get blocked. This is due entirely to the experiences from my past. Sometimes trauma stays with a person for a lifetime. It's manageable, or so we think, but if there is any kind of post-traumatic stress, it manifests itself in other ways, and I'm convinced that my Throat Chakra takes the brunt of it all!

It makes sense because as a child I was not allowed to express myself. I was not allowed to voice my opinions. I learned that my voice wasn't valuable so I just kept everything to myself - every emotion from happiness to fear to anger...all bottled up inside. I continued this into adulthood by becoming a people-pleaser to the point where I burned out, and well, you guys know the story! :) You also know I have so much difficulty eating. Food gets stuck at the base of my esophagus, my throat suddenly seizes up and I can't swallow. This happens especially when I experience any kind of stress. And I'm talking about what most people don't even consider stress! I'm such a "dainty doily" lol! :)

It's so important to have flow and balanced energies. After the burnout in 2003, I went to a spiritual healer, oh my gosh she was wonderful! She taught me the Tarot too. But she worked on my Chakras and gave me exercises to unblock the energy in my throat. I incorporate those exercises into my daily life now, though I do admit that under times of stress, I forget all of my training and intentions.

For me, the key is prevention. I make sure I express myself very well any time I need to. I journal and of course, I blog! :) I'm open and honest, I don't hide anything anymore. I do a few yoga poses that help open up the throat, like the two above: The Camel and The Forward Bend. Imagining a blue orb in my throat while I'm meditating helps to train the mind to open the Chakra.

I also have trouble with my Sacral Chakra, the energy center that rules my emotions. I'll talk about that another time though! That's a biggie lol! :) 

Are any of you working on your Chakras? Do you believe that the energy flow or block of that flow affects all aspects of our well-being? Are you open to the idea that unblocking the Chakras can help your body heal too?

Friday, February 2, 2018

Plant A New Seed For Imbolc

Today marks a holiday in Pagan tradition, Imbolc, a Festival of Fire and Light. The legend is that the Celtic Goddess Brigid took form as the maiden of the Sun and revived the Earth from her winter slumber so that the agricultural season could begin. Imbolc marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. I'm VERY eager for the agricultural season to begin!!

Do you celebrate Imbolc? What are your traditions? I'll be making a nice comfy cauliflower soup in bread bowls for dinner and a carrot cake for dessert. Root veggies and grains honour the time of year when my ancestors were fishing around the root cellar and using up what was left in the pantry before lambing season and the agricultural season began.

I paint way too close to my laptop, see the paint dots all over it? Eegad!

I'll also be planting some flowers today. Though, I should really wait until the Moon is waxing again (according to Moon gardening rules!) but I'm hoping that the Moon forgives me for this one and helps my flowers grow anyway! I'm nearly done knitting my four "plant holder cozies" to keep the pots warm by the cold window! I hope that giving them this little knitted hug (thanks Dianna for that idea!) will help them bloom by my only sunny window when the February Arctic deep freeze sets in!

Now is a great time to symbolically plant a seed for the spring, an idea that needs your thought and action to bloom and thrive. Any ideas? Anything you want to start now and work on for the next few months?

Today's Drawing for the Drawing Challenge! :)

Some faery lore:

Those of you who want to keep your nice house faeries happy should leave a bowl of milk and honey out for them tonight. Legend has it that disgruntled house faeries will move on to another home on the Monday after Imbolc. Don't be surprised if the bowl seems untouched...the fae will absorb the milky sweetness as a symbol of your love for them. :) And if it IS's likely your sneaky felines cleaning up after the fae took their share! :)

Darkness is ending and the days are getting longer. Light a fire or burn lots of candles tonight to encourage spring to arrive! Wear bright colours like yellow and orange to set the mood of the fire festival! A very Blessed Imbolc to you my friends! Let's celebrate the coming of Spring! :)