Thursday, February 21, 2019

Back Soon!

Life, cabin fever and writer's block are in play right now. Must be February! 😱 I'll be back soon!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

The Fires of Imbolc

A Blessed Imbolc to all of my friends! Though it seems unlikely, the groundhogs have more or less agreed that spring will come early this year! Fingers crossed!!

I have had a ROUGH start to 2019, physically speaking. I am happy to kick January to the curb to be honest. It started off well, then I got the stomach flu, some kind of mystery eye infection...then earlier this week, I strained my arm from shoveling snow. I'm afraid to leave my bed lol! Well, the arm was my fault, I didn't take a break, I wanted to finish getting the heavy snow off the deck so I paid for it. I wore a bandage and a sling for 4 days and then got sick of it, so I'm loaded up with painkillers...which I don't like very much, but at least I'm able to function now!

I can't stand being out of the kitchen! I'm hoping that February will put a stop to the injuries and illness!!

Imbolc brings with it the hope of spring, light and warmth. It's time to leave the cold darkness behind and look forward to the joy of a new season. I was looking through my photos from last year and I really long for the warm humid summers again!

So...on to the thoughts. What darkness must you leave behind? What is keeping you frozen in darkness? How can you bring warmth and light into your life?

I guess this translates to how can you make the best of life despite the challenges it brings? I had some big challenges in January with my health and I think I did an okay job of accepting those things I couldn't change. It was hard, but it taught me the lesson that I need to be better prepared physically for whatever could pop up. I walk every day, weather permitting, so my cardio health is in great shape - but my muscles aren't what they used to be so I have to pace myself when it comes to repetitive activity (like shoveling snow) or else I put too much strain on myself. It's a hard lesson for me to learn because once I have something in mind, I like to finish it in one shot!! :)

Is there a project you have in mind that you want to start? Why not start it TODAY? Or at least start thinking of it and planning it? Winter is a great time of the year for some very deep thinking and lots of planning. My biggest project for the next 3-4 months is about finding a property to buy. I'm proud to say that Alex and I have saved our down payment already, the credit score has improved over the last month too; so all that's left is FINDING the dream home and land. That's my project and I'm 100% focused on it.

Is there an area in your life that you want to thrive? What can you do to make that happen?