Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Day 11 of 30 Days of Self Love: Spend Time In Nature

Good morning Friends! :)

It's a beautiful day today in the mountains. I got up very early this morning to watch the sun rise. As soon as it got a little light out, I took the dogs out for their walk. Here is what the lake is looking like these days. It's so peaceful in this area, I just love it!

Today's self love challenge is to spend time in Nature. Connect with the Earth today. Be aware of the natural beauty around you.

The rising Moon is visible in my sky this morning! I feel so lucky, so grateful that I am able to experience these wonders.

Being outside with the dogs is my favourite thing in the world. Nature therapy is what I call my walks. Little did I know that there is an actual term for it in the medical community: Ecotherapy. It's a different kind of approach to mental health disorders such as depression. Studies have shown that people who spend more time in Nature have less anger, boredom and sadness. (Web MD, Psychology Today) I found this site that really has a good article about Ecotherapy if you're interested in reading up on its benefits.

In my case, I always feel better when I'm out in the woods. I tend to be able to really clear my mind and think about things in a positive way. If I'm having a problem, a walk in the woods helps me to sort it out. I think that's why depression gets worse for me in the dead of winter when it's too cold to be outside, I get cabin fever and can't do some Nature therapy to help myself feel better.

My Lemon Tree is coming out of hibernation! :)

All of my gardening friends out there already know the emotional, mental and physical benefits of playing in the dirt! :) Well, I read a study in Neuroscience which found that certain soil bacteria increases serotonin in the brains of mice, just like prescription anti-depressants do. I know we're not mice, but I found that study really interesting! Nobody has to prove to me the anti-depressant effect of gardening! :)

A view of the raging river from the covered bridge
Why not do a great act of self love today and connect with Nature somehow? Whether you're in a city or lucky enough to live in the mountains like me, what can you do for some Nature therapy? How does being in Nature affect you?


wisps of words said...

Beautiful photos!!!!

I need a whole lot more, of Ecotherapy!!!!!!

Linda said...

I’m late to the game on your 30 days theme but I’m catching up this afternoon! Would you believe I’m still in bed and on my second cup of coffee? Perhaps bed therapy is my go to comfort! Hahaha! Love your woods, your lake and the way you live Life!

Rain said...

Thanks Wisps of Words :) I think we could all use more Ecotherapy! :) You know, I think back of the days when I lived in Montreal, there were times when I went from my air-conditioned apartment to my sealed-in air RE-conditioned office and so on without more than a few minutes outdoors a few times a day...the only thing that got me out was my dogs, thank goodness for them. My pets have taught me a lot about life and what is good for the spirit, body and mind!!!

Rain said...

Hi Linda :) I LOVE BED THERAPY!!! Lol!!! I do that often!!! We have to listen to our bodies right? :)

wyomingheart said...

Hey Rain! I saw that beautiful moon this morning when I took the dog out before the rooster crowed! Your snow looks awesome, because it will melt and water all those beautiful plants in the woods. We have had a lot of rain here on the ridge, but I can see through the woods that will fill in when the plants use this awesome rain! I like you, feel complete when I'm out watching farm !

Rain said...

Hi Dino :) I like that "farm therapy"!! Very good! Yeah, if I'm not out in Nature every day, I feel awful. I guess that's why I was so miserable living in the city all those years, I was too "citified" lol...I love that you got out before the rooster crowed, I can just imagine your lifestyle, it sounds like a blissful life!

Magic Love Crow said...

Thank you for the great photos Rain! Nature can do wonders for everyone! Just opening your window and breathing in the fresh air, is good for the soul!

Rain said...

Hi Stacy :) That's a very good point. In the real dead of winter when I can't go outside, I can definitely open a window for some fresh air. It's so important to me to be outside, but when I can bring a little of it indoors, it helps a great deal too. xx

Nicole said...

Spend every day sitting in nature for 10 minutes ... unless u are too busy ... than sit in nature for an hour !!!
One of my favourite sayings

Rain said...

That's a good one Nik! :)