Friday, March 29, 2019

Day 27 of 30 Days of Self Love: Unplug!

A gorgeous drake at the duck pond!

Hello my Friends! :)

Is there another word for hypocritical??? I don't want to say I'm a hypocrite, but today's challenge may put me in that position lol... ;)

Today's Self Love Challenge is to UNPLUG. Stay off the internet, don't be glued to your phone, don't be tempted to check your email or social media account when you hear a "beep" notification! I realize that I'm on the internet writing a post and I've been on the internet all morning answering me telling you to unplug may seem slightly duplicitous....(oooh big word lol, I have my thesaurus handy!!!)

Seriously though, are you old enough to remember the days BEFORE the internet, before smart phones and Facebook and Instagram? I am. I only learned to use a computer when I went to secretarial school in 1987. After I left home, I spent a few years partying and working in bars, then I realized I needed a better job. The secretarial school taught me to type and take shorthand, and taught me how to use a computer. It wasn't like the computers of today though...kind of looked like this:

MS Dos was the language before "Windows"...When I got my first job in finance, I was on a training program to learn how to use Windows 3.1. That was in 1993 before Windows 95 came out. I remember thinking at that time that life as I knew it had completely changed! Remember that dial-up modem sound?  :)

Don't get me wrong, I LOVE the internet. Information at my finger tips...communication with friends any time I want...paying bills, checking bank accounts, shopping...and now finding real definitely has made life much easier for a hermit like me! :)

But once in a while, it's good to focus on the non-technical...the garden, Nature, your pets, your family, your a book, go for a walk, open a cook book and make something in the kitchen, do some photography, some art, some home get the idea! :) Enjoy some time in the REAL world!!! :)

On that note, I just want to say that I am slowly but surely removing myself from social media. I never had a Facebook account, but I have been on Instagram for the last year or so. I initially opened an account to follow a few art challenges, but I noticed over the last year that I started to become too "into" the platform by posting photos of the pets, my garden, myself and day to day things. I find myself checking my phone MANY times a day to see if I got "likes" or comments. I was never like that before and I want to get back to the person I was. I will always have my blogs and I love visiting my friend's blogs too! But I think that Blogger will be the only platform I use from now on! That's my way of disconnecting from technology a little bit more!


Magic Love Crow said...

I remember dial up! LOL! I'm not on facebook as well. And, as you know, I just started Instagram. I still love my blogging the best. I don't know how people can be on the internet for so many hours! Doesn't make sense to me? Big Hugs!

Mama Pea said...

I've never gotten hooked up with Facebook, Instagram, or any of the "others." In my lifestyle, how would there be any time left for real life? My hubby and I share one cell phone, and it's an old flip phone that we use only as necessary when one of us is gone away from home. If we're out and about together, I have it in my purse or pack for possible emergencies. No smart phone so we don't text. We still have our land phone line in our home. I hate the way so many people are attached to their devices 24/7. We're losing the ability to interact with each other on a face-to-face basis. I am so afraid "human-ness" is slipping away from us. I'm glad to hear that you're scaling back. It is so, so easy to fall into the habit of becoming addicted to them. (I fully realize, though, that if I were out in the working world today it would be necessary for me to "catch up" or be left in the dust.) But as far as our personal lives go, we still have choices.

Rain said...

Hi Stacy :) When I was working, I was on the internet for 12 hours a day at work, then another 6-8 hours at home, I don't know how I did it. These days, just spending a few hours looking for real estate exhausts me!

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :) I think it's a good idea for security purposes that you both share a mobile phone. We each have a smart phone and for a long time I hated mine, I had it in my purse, I used to forget about it. Then I got on Instagram and blech. It can become an addiction, but another thing I noticed? I was hoping for validation from others for my artwork - when all I need is my own love of it and my own validation. I love to share my art on my blog, but it's different. On Instagram, you get into the bad habit of expecting INSTANT replies...I'm so glad I shut down my account because it just got too stressful. I say the loneliest places on earth are social media platforms!! I agree that the "human-ness" is slipping away from people.

Martha said...

I'm definitely old enough to remember those days, Rain! And somehow we managed to be socially connected without all the gizmos and gadgets. And we even were terrific at navigation. Maps, instinct, asking for directions...we got to where we needed to be. I have a very small presence on social media and I've really trimmed it down over the past year. My cell phone doesn't even have a data plan on it. How many people do you know that don't have a data plan? LOL So when I'm out and about, even if I have my phone with me, I am disconnected from the internet. I just don't want to get caught up in that. It feels just too overwhelming for me.

Rain said...

Hi Martha :) Okay, you're better than I am...I like the data plan on my phone! It's super handy when I'm out and need information!! :) But you know it's true, I never "needed" it before, it's just a convenience I think. Having the phone when I'm out though, I think that's needed because if something were to happen with the car, I'd feel safer knowing I have it if I"m stuck on some mountain road alone! I remember calling CAA when I was doing road trips and getting their Tip Tricks and maps and I never had any issue with directions or navigation at all!

Fundy Blue said...

I have found blogging to be the form of social media I enjoy the most, and It's because of the connections I've made with special people like you, Rain. I can remember what it's like to live in places without a telephone and having to go visit or chase down someone you needed to speak to. Life was more peaceful, but much more limited. If I could just get some consistency into my life.

J C said...

My first visit here. Bookmarking so I will be back. I remember DOS. And the programs back then...Over the years I went from WordStar to WordPerfect to..finally!!! Word! WordPerfect was the worst. So. Many. Steps. just to make a paragraph. And dialup! OMG AOL had an Open Chat that I went to faithfully every morning with my coffee. How things have progressed. I dont do Facebook either but I do IG, mostly because I love birds and there is a bird community there to learn from and interact with. I also blog only on Fridays now, but thinking of getting back to it. Really glad I found your blog. Thanks to awesome artist Stacy Crow. You have a lotta good stuff to say.