Sunday, March 31, 2019

Day 29 of 30 Days of Self Love: Drink Water!

Swimming in the river with Charlie a few summers back

Hello Friends :)

Sunday's nice and quiet here, I'm the only one awake! Alex is a night owl and sleeps until afternoon some days. All six pets are twitching and snoring's POURING RAIN outside so the snowmobiles are's a peaceful and solitary time for me! :)

Today's Self Love Challenge seems so simple: DRINK WATER. We all know the benefits of staying hydrated, heck it's vital for life.

I've had an up and down relationship with drinking water. For the longest time I found it sickeningly sweet. That's when I lived in Montreal, I hated the drinking water there. I put it through filters and I just always felt nauseous drinking it.

Waterfall in the woods

Then I started on bottled water, but either always suffered dry mouth or heartburn from it. It got to the point where I was only drinking a brand called Montellier, it's an effervescent mineral water. I was going through 2 bottles a day of that stuff and it was getting expensive. There were times when I couldn't find the amount of bottles I needed for a month's supply and I ended up getting dehydrated a lot, drinking high sugar juices and sodas when I was thirsty.

The water in our current rental was always rusty and I didn't want to even try drinking it because my water-drinking experiences were always so bad. November, the price of Montellier water doubled so I had no choice but to figure out why I was having so much trouble drinking water! I did a lot of research and discovered that bottled waters fall into two categories:

Alkaline with a PH of over 7
Acidic with a PH of under 7

After doing more research, I read that some people react badly to acidic waters, they suffer dry mouth and heartburn, indigestion and swollen tongues! That sounded like me, so I did a few tests. I have a PH meter that I'd bought for my cheese-making, so I pulled it out and did tests on the water we had in the house.

Water refill from grocery store (no brand): 5.3
Naya: 5
Esca: 7.2
Nestle Pure Life: 7.8
Tap: 8.1
Tap through a Brita filter: 7.9

For me, the Naya water was the worst. I had immediate dry mouth and a swollen white tongue. I decided I wanted to get used to tap water again, so I got the water tested and it was fine for drinking, even though there was a little rust/iron in it, the lab suggested using the Brita filter to help with that.

Waterworks at the duck pond

The big day for me was November 16th - I drank my first glass of filtered tap water in years! Huzzah! No dry mouth, no heartburn, no swollen tongue! :) I still found it a little sweet for me, but I have gotten used to it now. I find that if I have it cold on ice, the sweetness is cut a little bit.

I remember as a kid, hating lemonade, especially pink lemonade because it made me so thirsty!! I still can't drink lemonade! (Minute Maid Lemonade has a PH of less than 3! Very acidic!!) I read a fun fact, battery acid has a PH of 1.0. 😇

When you're dehydrated, you are at risk for many problems. I remember one time my heart was racing so fast, I felt faint...and it was all due to lack of hydration. A friend of mine told me she was dehydrated one day and felt so weak, she thought she was having a heart attack.

We know that being hydrated is great for your skin and your digestion, your organs, your entire well-being and health. It also helps to keep the weight at a healthy range and it keeps your muscles supple.

I just had a memory...when I was in grade school, we used to have gym outside on hot days. The gym teacher had us running around for hours, there were no water bottles or anything like that for us. So many of us kids would have terrible cramps in our sides...all due to dehydration. The gym teacher would tell us to just walk it off. Yikes.

Are you a fan of water? How do you make sure you drink enough?


wisps of words said...

Yes! I am a fan of water! Always have a glass of tap water, beside me. Or when out, a (re-used) glass bottle of water, with me. :-)

Used to be told, that I drank too much water.

But when my husband was sick in Dec., he was told to drink 60oz. of liquid a day. Hooray!!!!! I was validated!!! So I keep a little post-it note on refrig. Tallying how many glasses of liquid a day, we are drinking.

When we went back, for his check up, and he was fine... And I told him, I had us on 60oz. a day..... He was amazed! I said; "You said to do this!" But his reply was; "But people don't do it." How stupid is that??????

"This Mama" listens! :-) And does, what's necessary, for his and my health. ,-)

Of course, my husband doesn't like it, and grumbles, but I remind him, it's for his health. And of course, he knows this. And he says..... Don't listen to his grumbling, he's just venting. But very grateful, that his wife, does this. :-)

Hooray for drinking water!!!!

Rain said...

Hi Wisps of Words :) CONGRATULATIONS!!! Well done despite grumbling and venting lol! :) To reiterate, you are a GOOD catch. :) I'm so happy that I'm able to drink tap water again. I think I drink close to 60 ounces, probably a little bit more than that. I always feel so much better when I'm well hydrated. Hooray indeed!!! :)

Anonymous said...

Im glad you found a resolution from the water problem, I know all too well the acidity of water and what it does, when I eat or drink acid foods, the lining of my bladder becomes ful of sores and inflammation, it has been that way since my accident, people don't appreciate good water quality, I never knew it could cause the problems you have had,, that's horrible, I have drops that I put in our water to keep it a bit more alkaline, all very scientific lol,thats a wonderful water photo!

Susan Kane said...

Oh my goodness! The water may be why I have exactly the symptoms you described!

Will change that right quickly.

Rain said...

Hi Laurie :) Oh that sounds too painful what you described,'s unbelievable how the body reacts to anything we take for granted, like water. I thought about drops too, but I really wanted to figure out if I could live without them, so far so good! :)

Rain said...

Hi Susan :) Isn't it crazy to say that you can't drink water because it makes you sick???? That shouldn't even be a part of our vocabulary...I hope you figure out the water problem for you! I remember at one point when my tongue got all white and my throat dried up..."what the hell am I going to drink???" I figured, okay the Romans drank wine all the time lol...that wouldn't work hee hee, as appealing as it sounds! Let me know if making a change works out!

DUTA said...

Our tap water contains chlorine; I have no symptoms of any kind, but it appears to 'kill' my indoor plants, so to water the plants I buy distilled water at the pharmacy (it's quite cheap).
I drink and cook with bottled spring water. No symptoms whatsoever.I have no patience for filters or any other devices that are supposed to clean tap water.

Mama Pea said...

Yikes, yes! Dehydration can cause all kinds of awful things to happen to our bodies. Even brain damage which is really scary.

When we bought this piece of property it was a dump of a rental, but it had a drilled well. Before we purchased it, we had the well tested and were thrilled it tested out good and the water tasted great.

Our intake of good, clean water is so very important! Bottled water, regardless of how the water tests out, unfortunately comes in plastic bottles. The longer the water sits in the plastic container, the more toxic chemicals in the plastic will leach out into the water. Glad you finally found a way to drink your tap water.

Rain said...

Hi Duta :) The tap water in the city where I used to live had chlorine too. After power failures, one could really smell and taste it - yuck! I'm glad it doesn't affect you, but my gosh, killed your indoor plants? That's not good!

Rain said...

Hi Mama Pea :) Yeah...the astounding effects of dehydration are scary and a lot of people walk around dehydrated without even knowing it, I used to. That's so awesome about your water supply, I really hope that we have a good water supply wherever we end up. I'm trying to rid myself of every kind of plastic a little at a time, I don't like the chemicals leeching into my food and water.

Guillaume said...

I drink a lot of water. A bit too much in fact, sometimes, it makes me feel bloated.

I do remember liking that pink lemonade. Lemonade in general in fact, on a hot day. Or even a warm one.

Rain said...

Hi Guillaume :) I think too much water is better than too little. I'll never be able to drink lemonade again!

Fundy Blue said...

Water is far and away my favorite drink, Rain. When I walk into my favorite bar and grill, whichever bartender is working the bar is pouring me water and a merlot before I sit down. I'm glad that you have found a solution to your drinking water issues. I'm fortunate to live in a city that is a first user of water and that that water has won top taste tests in the USA. I remember having those cramps in my side as a kid ~ Who knew it was dehydration back then. I remember those days when no one carried water anywhere. Cheers!

Magic Love Crow said...

This is one thing I have always been great at! I drink tones of water and I love it!! Big Hugs!