Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Day 4 of 30 Days of Self Love: What Don't You Like About Yourself?

That's me back in 2013, a few months after Alex and I started dating.

Hello Friends :)

How are you doing today? I'm doing very well. Though I will admit that writing a blog post every day is challenging. Not because I don't have the content, I have lots of things to write about with regards to this Self-Love Challenge that I created; it's finding the time!

Now that the weather is very very slowly getting a little better, I'm able to take the dogs out on several walks each day. I'm also exercising more. I started my knitting project too! :) Every morning when I wake up I greet myself in the mirror with a "Hello Gorgeous!" and write down why I love myself in my journal. That is really helping me a lot.

Funny thing though, doing all of these positive things for self-love and self-acceptance has brought up what I don't like about myself. I'm not going to focus whatsoever on negativity. I'm not going to point out things that can't be changed. I won't be assassinating my body, mind and soul! That's not what this exercise is about. It's about thinking deeply about what (if anything) you want to change about yourself with the goal of feeling happier and more confident.

My Nemesis!

Some people, like Louise, made it her mission to lose weight and get healthier and I think she's an inspiration! :) In fact, Louise, you've inspired me to try to get back to the shape I was in 2013, in that photo above! :) Between 2004-2007, I gained over 100 pounds from a medication that I was taking for depression and anxiety. In 2009, I got off the meds and made a plan of action to lose the weight, I lost 97 pounds in just over a year. I had a great plan where I counted calories, was super active and ate a very healthy diet. I kept the weight off until maybe 2015...then I started to slowly gain some of it back. I also stopped being as active as I used to be - I really am not happy about that. 

I don't have 97 pounds to lose, but maybe about 15-20. I'd love to achieve this goal before the end of the summer, so that's what I'll be working on through sensible eating and being active.

Another thing that I thought about was that I don't necessarily take care of my appearance as well as I used to. After a lot of deep thinking, I think that over the last few years, I have kind of given up. When I would fix my hair nicely and put on a bit of perfume or do my nails - I used to feel so pretty, so feminine. I don't feel ugly, that's not what I mean, but that little part of me that enjoyed doing those things kind of died out gradually in 2017 when I was going through an extremely stressful time. I never got it back.

I love myself for who I am. I know Alex loves me for who I am, but I kind of want to hit myself with a pretty-stick again! 😜 I'm not your typical "girly girl", I'd rather wear a tool belt than a face full of makeup; but when I spent more time on my appearance, I felt better about myself - I felt prettier, more feminine and much more self-confident.

So my goal is to take a few minutes each morning to work on my appearance. 

What don't you like about yourself, something that can be altered, adjusted or changed? Is there anything about yourself that you really want to change but for some reason or another, you gave up? Is it physical, mental or is it an attitude or a thought process? What will be the benefit of making this change and how will you go about doing it? 


wyomingheart said...

Hey Rain! Yes, it would be challenging for me to post everyday too, because I am dabbling in too many things everyday! One thing I do that makes me feel good is color rinse my gray hair. It's still gray, but just not

Rain said...

Hi Dino :) Colour rinsing is just fine! :) If it makes you feel good, go for it! :) The daily posting is tough, but it's a very good routine and it helps me stay on track for my challenge.

wisps of words said...

Oh yes, it makes so much difference, to make sure we look as nice as we can, every day. No need for fancy clothes. Or lots of makeup. Or curling our hair, all night. (You are too young, to remember nights of going to bed, with hair in pin curls! -grin-)

It simply means, to make sure our clothes of choice, are clean. And picked out in a flattering color maybe. Fit as best they can. Put some lipstick on. Comb our hair. Even these tiny little things, give us the self confidence, of feeling good about ourselves.

Ideally, I would lose that 15-20 pounds. But it is not wise, at 81, to work too hard on that! Eat in a healthy way, consume plenty of liquids, and get some exercise. That's the best plan, for me. And after my husband's sickness, we are really doing these things.

Actually, at my advanced age, I've pretty much come to terms with "me." Not totally! I still do things, which I could "kick myself for," after. I still let "things" get-to-me. I still let my OCD, mess with my quality of life.

But! Like I've said before! I don't want to "get perfect," and be done. I don't want to be done. I want to keep on living and working on it. :-)

You are wise, to notice and work on, what you choose. Now! And you are doing wonderfully.


Rain said...

Thanks Wisps of Words :) You may be surprised to know that in high school I used to go to sleep with those soft foamy curlers in my hair lol...I remember that discomfort...I'm no longer willing to abide by "no pain, no gain" ha ha! ;) It's true that the little things we do for our appearance really do make a difference when it comes to self-confidence. I think weight loss is a very personal issue. When it becomes a health issue, it's a no-brainer, but in my case, it's to feel better about myself as a whole, so I'm motivated to do it. I like not having to struggle with a zipper! ;) But at the same time, I'm not willing to give up the foods I love, so I make sure the weight loss (and maintenance) comes mostly from leading an active life.

For a few years, I was okay with the weight gain, but now I'm not. I'm also thinking that weight training is going to help me get back my strong body. With a big move and lots of home/garden work ahead of me, I don't want to be injured or in a lot of pain. So for me, the weight training is for practical reasons!

Pam said...

Since retirement I sort of let my appearance go a bit. Pull the hair back and not makeup. Some days I dress really sloppy and of course one thing I don't do that I also loved doing was wearing different jewelry everyday. BUT...that is about to change. Work on you Rain, you are doing a great job and pin pointing what you love about yourself. I thing that is great. You are doing a great job!

Martha said...

This is a wonderful plan, Rain! I'd like to lose about 10 pounds, which isn't all that much once I set my mind to it. Thankfully I've been exercise every day for months now, so that's one less hurdle to cross. I just need to dump some bad eats to get rid of empty calories. The rest should fall into place! I totally get you about the feminine stuff. I'm far from being a girly girl but I used to paint my nails all kinds of quirky colours and pay a little more attention to my appearance. It's time to get back on track.

Your posts are very inspiring. You're rockin' it, girl! Here's to new habits. For everyone!

Rain said...

Thanks so much Pam :) Jewelry is another thing I stopped wearing. I don't quite know why I let it all go like that. I think circumstances in my life just were so overwhelming that I couldn't even find energy to put a ring on my finger. But I'm proud of myself, yesterday I actually wore earrings!!! I haven't worn earrings in years...actually I was afraid I'd have to "re-pierce" my ears...but they were okay, phewf!! :)

Rain said...

Thanks Martha :)) Oh the nails...I used to do my nails EVERY day...but honestly, that's one thing I don't really miss...the UPKEEP lol...though now I make sure I file them nicely and I'll put a coat of clear polish on them. Also another thing I didn't mention is skin care. I was so vigilant with how I took care of my skin, again, let that go. I've got my little creams and oils back on the shelf in the bathroom (dusted off!) and I'm starting my daily skin care routine again. Good luck on the 10 pound weight loss!

Magic Love Crow said...

Good for you Rain! I'm getting back to eating healthy and taking care of me! Big Hugs!

Rain said...

That's great Stacy! Keep it going!!! xx

Nicole said...

Oh sis I can so relate to this. I often think I should get up 30 minutes earlier, take a shower before the rest of the house wakes up ... pretty myself up a little and start the day ... instead of opening my eyes jumping out of bed and making breaky for everyone in my pjs with a messy bun ... i love my messy bun but it would look even better with a little mascara :) this is inspiring me.
I love the picture of you. So pretty :) I am working on a healthier destressing diet right now as well. Lots of leafy greens and fresh from scratch food. Its so hard sometimes with 4 little wildies in the house. But I will work myself through this :)

Rain said...

You can totally do it Nik!!! I've made it a habit of getting up at 6:30am every day again. I'm a creature of habit, so if I'm up at a certain time each day, I fall into a good routine. I just have to make sure I get to bed by 10pm each night. A messy bun is cute, but if you feel better with a wee bit of mascara, I say go for it! :)