Friday, May 17, 2019

It's Never Too Late

Hello Friends :)

I hope you all had a great week and (in Canada) have a nice long weekend ahead! (I'll be hiding from the weekenders lol!)

It's never too late to start something new or change your path.

- Julia Child started cooking classes when she was nearly 40.
- Colonel Sanders started franchising his chicken restaurants when he was 62.
- Martha Stewart's fame and success came in her early 40's when she published her first book on entertaining.
- Charles Darwin wrote The Origin of the Species in his 50's.

....I remember when I was 21 years old, thinking that it was too late for me to go back to University to start a degree in Business. After high school, I did one year of Cegep ** and never got my diploma so I figured I was just a deadbeat and I'd never succeed...oh my gosh how naive I was (and how influenced by judgmental family too)! A year later I faced my fear of failure because I regretted wasting that entire year and went back to Concordia University in Montreal and got my Business degree. Too late? It's never too late!!!

**Cegep is a Quebec phenomena...high school goes to grade 11, then students do 2 years of Cegep (which is like college but with more mandatory courses to control the recently "freed" high school kids)...then you go on to University. I read that it was invented to keep kids in school longer during a time where jobs were scarce.

Tomorrow's moon is a special one: the Full Flower Blue Moon. Most people know that a Blue Moon is defined as the second full moon in a month. I learned something new today in the Farmer's Almanac. The traditional meaning of a Blue Moon is the third full moon to occur in an astronomical season. Since March's full moon occurred on the Equinox, May's full moon will be the third this spring, making it a Blue Moon. Interesting stuff in that almanac!

May's Full Flower Moon symbolizes blossoming flowers and gradual growth. It's a good time to push through the darkness and allow ourselves to flourish by:

- casting away what's been dragging us down

- acknowledging areas where we have neglected ourselves and attending to them

- soaking up the brightness of the Moon and the warmth of the Sun to gather energy and self-awareness

- shedding the "outer skin" that's been trapping us

- looking at ourselves in a whole new light

- embracing change

Full moons always give off intense energy and you might feel pulled towards creativity and celebration - so embrace that! I am! I ordered a digital pen and mouse pad yesterday, my creative juices are flowing and I'm finally going to try out some digital painting and drawing! I can't wait for it to arrive. I found one that plugs right into my laptop since I don't have a tablet! 

Blue moons don't come around too often, neither do second chances or opportunities...if you were waiting for a good time for a second chance or to seize an opportunity, it's here, take it and use it!

If you want to do a little kitchen witch ritual for luck tomorrow, light candles that represent the colours of flowers - pink, blue, green, yellow...and cook up something with cinnamon. Why not make my Cinnamon Crunch Knots? :) When you stir, do so clockwise (also called Deosil in Gaelic) to attract positivity and luck. (Stirring counter-clockwise, or Widdershins, repels negativity and banishes).

Cinnamon is for luck, but be creative, this is a magical ritual after all :)  If you're wishing for luck in health, add lemons or pumpkins to your recipe; luck in love, add some chocolate or honey; luck for success, use sunflower seeds; and just for luck in general, add some orange to your baking! Pour your positive energy into everything you do! :)

Tuesday, May 14, 2019

A Reminder For All Of Us

Foggy Night in 2018

1. Procrastinating.
2. Blaming.
3. Avoiding change.
4. Trying to control what's uncontrollable.
5. Criticizing yourself and others.
6. Minimizing your problems and fears.
7. Overemphasizing your problems and fears.
8. Living for tomorrow.
9. Living in the past.
10. Trying to be someone you are not.
11. Being ungrateful.
12. Allowing negative, toxic people to influence you or upset your life.

Sunset on Prince Edward Island 2010


You are alive. You have a roof over your head. You had a meal before bed last night. You can see a doctor if you get sick. You have a person or a beloved pet who loves you and trusts you. You have a choice of how to live your life. You can feel the warmth of the sun and the cold of the wind. You can read. You have clean drinking water. You can taste the sweetness of chocolate and the sourness of a lemon. You are a great person and people appreciate you!