Monday, September 23, 2019

Seeing The Joy In What You Have

Hello Friends! A Blessed Mabon to you!

Today is the Fall Equinox and I have bid a fond farewell to summer today. I'm very much enjoying the cooler nights, the changing of the season, the warm cozy meals, sweaters and blankets and the beauty of the colours of Autumn. The air at this time of year has a special fragrance doesn't it? 

Today I am celebrating what I have in my life, what I'm very grateful for, what brings me joy. I used to only live for the future, I had a case of the "when-then's"...when the winter is over, then I'll feel better...when I buy my house, then I'll be happier...when I find love, then I'll feel complete...I'm sure some of you can relate!

I changed my thinking around quite some time ago. I make do with what I have with dreams of the future of course! But I live in the moment as much as I can and I'm grateful to be alive, despite the challenges of chronic pain and the world around me.

Where is the joy in your life? Look around you! Life is so short, drink in every moment! Celebrate the abundance of life! Celebrate the harvest by baking some bread, or making an apple dish. Write a gratitude list. Think about what you need to leave behind and make honest efforts to do so. Go spend time outside if you can, walk the dogs, pick some beautiful leaves and make a centerpiece - enjoy yourself!