Thursday, December 26, 2019

Ask Yourself One Question Today

Christmas Morning 2019

What is the one thing I can start doing or stop doing that would have the biggest impact in my life?

It's an interesting question and a very simple one as well; but the answer could make a huge difference for you! I pondered this question over the last few days because I really felt like something was missing from my life. I also felt like I was spreading myself too thin.

I'm making some changes for myself that will be very healthy for me. I'm going to spend more time developing my skills as an artist, writer and photographer. I'm going to focus on quality, not quantity. I have a few ideas for a home business and I've been procrastinating a little due to lack of organization - I didn't know where to start! But I'm buckling down because I want to have things in place by the end of 2020 to launch my new business ideas.

I'm going to spend less time doing things that I feel are 1- time-wasters, 2 - things I feel obliged to do and 3 - things that produce anxiety for me. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations where we fall into roles - roles we think we should be falling into naturally; or because society taught us that that's what we should be doing. I've spent a lot of time on people and projects that are just going nowhere so it's time to put a stop to that and focus on areas where I shine. 🌞 

What about you? Is there some meaningful change you can implement that will have a positive effect on your life and for your future?

Saturday, December 21, 2019

Celebrating A New Solar Year

A Glorious Sunrise on Winter Solstice Morning 2019
Happy Yule Friends! A Blessed Solstice to you!

I woke up to a beautiful scene this morning. We are celebrating the end of the solar year and the beginning of a new one. The Sun really made an entrance today! I see the Sun as the giver of life on this planet - without it, there would be no life - (despite what those epic disaster movies want you to believe where people seem to be able to survive in an ice age!) 

I'll be lighting ice lanterns this evening, lighting candles and feasting with my hubby. We'll be having a meal that celebrates the harvest but also symbolizes light and fire. It's going to be lovely. I'll post photos of our feast with my recipes tomorrow on Rain's Garden.

During the longest night of the year, let's be thankful for all of our blessings. Winter and dark nights can feel quite cold and lonely. I admit that I often have cabin fever, especially when February rolls around. But I try to make my life cozy and comfy to help me feel gratitude for everything and everyone I've been gifted with. I love seeing a little bit more light each day!

Do you celebrate the Solstice?

Friday, December 13, 2019

Love, Beauty, Gratitude and a Happy YOU

I woke up this morning and looked at the calendar and thought, oh neat, Friday the 13th! Though this date honestly doesn't mean more to me than those terrible horror movies from the 1980's! (Which I admit I watch every year lol)

Friday is Venus' day. The day of love, beauty, romance and creativity. You don't need to be in a relationship to celebrate this day! Show yourself some self-love, self-care and do something to make you feel beautiful inside.

I have been under the weather the last few days - pretzel overload me thinks. I was in bed all day yesterday which isn't a good thing for me, I get so bored. I'm not a good "bed rest" patient that's for sure. I browse a lot on Pinterest out of boredom at times and I came across a quote that asked:

The quote focused on the YOU. Are you living the life YOU really want to live?

So many people live by the expectations of others or by the "rules" of society. Some people live in loveless marriages, stay together for the kids or for fear of being alone. Many people work jobs that they hate and it makes them physically ill and bad-tempered. When we shy away from the status quo and follow our own paths, a lot of the time we are mocked or plain misunderstood by others. It's a shame but it's a reality.

The life I really want to live is in progress I suppose. There are some things I definitely want to change. Some of them I work furiously hard towards, and for some odd reason, others I just don't bother with!

I decided to write out a list:

1. What is making me unhappy with my physical, mental, spiritual and emotional life?
2. How do I envision my happiest self, my ideal life?
3. How will I transform my life? This step requires a plan, lots of detailed steps and a timeline.
4. What is a priority? This step requires listing all of the changes I want to make in priority with baby steps on how to begin each one, one at a time.
5. What will keep me motivated? 

Number five is easy for a few of the changes I want to make. But for others, I feel like I really need a supportive kick in the butt to feel like I deserve all of the happiness that I can have in my life. I know this sounds defeatest, but it's really hard-wired thinking that was drilled into me as a kid that I didn't deserve anything good in life - that I was simply a burden. Many people who grew up in abusive families become people-pleasers, as I did. It's hard-wired and very difficult to change - but I'm taking baby steps every day to change it.

In order to help with those baby steps I started a Gratitude Practice. Every morning when I wake up, I brew some coffee and sit down by myself for a little while. I don't touch the computer or my phone. I just enjoy what I see out the window; the warmth, aroma and taste of my coffee; and the gentle snoring of the fur babies.

I write three pages in my Gratitude Journal. Even if I don't have three pages to write, I do it anyway, even though I may be repeating myself! This compels me to think deeply about what I am thankful for.

I add at least one little slip of paper to the Gratitude Jar that I made a week ago. It contains things that make me smile - and it could be anything. This morning I wrote "Alex rubbed my head before I fell asleep." I think this is a lovely way to catch happiness in a jar! When I'm feeling down I just have to empty the jar and read all of the slips of paper. This makes me grateful for the little things in life.

Because I love to be creative and artistic, I also started a Gratitude Art Journal. Every morning, without fault, I draw or paint a scene that makes me happy. It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, just a doodle if I want. This taps into my creativity each morning and creates a visual image of what I'm grateful for.

I'm very big on gratitude and I love this practice I started! It really is motivating me to continue taking those baby steps to change the things in my life that make me unhappy. Baby steps is the key. A little progress is much better than no progress at all. In five years, I could be sitting in the same rut or I could be celebrating all of the changes that I made through self-love, discipline and hard work. I'd prefer the latter!

You are a beautiful person and deserve all of the happiness in the world. Let's all live by that truth!