Wednesday, July 29, 2020

I Am SO Grateful

My Home!

I am grateful for my home. I no longer have to rent. I have a small acreage in a rural area and it's mine. I can do what I want in this unzoned area and not have to answer to anyone but me. I am grateful that life here is quiet and peaceful.

My Burn Barrel

I am grateful for my $20 burn barrel where I burn non-toxic garbage. I am grateful that I have rocks and gravel all over my property that I was able to use to make my burn barrel both safe and artsy-looking!

Wild Blueberries

I am grateful for wild blueberry bushes that are all over my property. 

Charlie, Jack and Marlene

I am SO grateful for having healthy pets. And I am very VERY grateful to be able to walk my dogs from my door. The last place I lived, I had to drive to the woods because irresponsible villagers used to leave their dogs loose all of the time. 

The View From The Logging Road

I'm grateful to have a beautiful place to walk the dogs that is right on the other side of the road from my home. It is along an old logging road with a beautiful view - we see deer every other day.


I am grateful to be finding little spruce saplings all over my property that I can transplant to the front of the acreage so that one day I will have a beautiful border of trees for privacy.

The Old Rotting Staircase

I am grateful to have a friend in my life (Bill my realtor) who is helping fix some things around the house. The wee little porch/stairs that we were using was rotted and there was a danger we could break an ankle. Bill came over with his backhoe and removed it. He also moved some better quality wood to the front of the house that we could use as a temporary staircase. I'm grateful for Bill's help and innovative ideas!

After a month of drought, I'm grateful for rain!

"Big Beef" Tomatoes

I'm grateful that, despite the drought, my tomato plants are growing, slowly but surely. I'm grateful that I'm able to grow my own food.

Clear, Clean, Delicious Well Water

I'm grateful to have water. Our well ran dry and we had to have a new well drilled. We were without running water for 15 days. Trying to find financing was discouraging. I am grateful that the local branch manager at my bank fought hard to get me decent financing so I could afford to get the well drilled. I will never take one drop of water for granted ever again.

My Country

I am grateful to be living in Canada. I am grateful to be out of Quebec where I was made to feel unwelcome because of the language I speak. I am grateful to live in New Brunswick where people are friendly. I am grateful that the people of this province took the pandemic seriously and there are no new cases.

The Love of my Life

I am very grateful for my relationship with Alex. He is my best friend, partner in life, lover and companion. Our love is deep and lasting. We enjoy our lifestyle despite the challenges and are a perfect team. Life is good, life is short, ALWAYS find the good, always find the gratitude.