Monday, November 30, 2020

Focus Your Life


Are you feeling a little out of focus lately? I have been. For the last few months, I've been focusing on things that (in hindsight of course) were not all that important. What I need to focus on is right in front of me and I've been avoiding it like the plague because the thought of putting my attention to something overwhelming was, well, overwhelming. But once I stepped out of my comfort zone, you know what? It wasn't all that bad!! The mind can play lots of tricks on you! 

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All About You


Are you being genuine?

Are you being true to yourself?

Are you just being yourself?

Maybe you want to be someone completely different, maybe you want to change your lifestyle, go down a different path...maybe, maybe. Back in the 1990's, I wanted to be a jet-setting highly-stressed-paid executive with fancy toys, an expensive condo and a fast car. This is who I was never meant to be, but I didn't know it at the time! Time, life experience and being true to yourself will help you find the path you were meant to walk!

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The Moon's Energy and Your Goals

Use the Moon's energy to help you achieve your goals. Setting and achieving a goal is based on the idea, the motivation, the desire and the action taken. Some goals may take one cycle of the Moon to achieve, others may take years, but timing your intentions and actions to coincide with the Moon's energy will boost and inspire your own energy to help you accomplish your goal.

~ New Moon: Set your goal and deepen your intentions

~ Waxing Moon: Make a plan and take action

~ Full Moon: Celebrate achieving your goal

~ Waning Moon: Rest, rejuvenate and feel gratitude

During every stage of the Moon's cycle, keep your goal close to your heart and always envision achieving it.

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No Place Like Home

Home means something very different to each person. I've heard the old saying that home is where you make it, but that doesn't apply to me. For the first time in my life at the age of 52, I have a home. Sure, all of the apartments and houses I rented before were my dwellings, and I did my best to decorate them and make them cozy - but they never truly felt like home. 

I was never feeling at home in those rentals because they were too impermanent. I always felt as though a landlord could kick me out at his/her will and I'd be homeless and on another exhausting search for a roof over my head.

I associate feeling at home with:

- My relationship with Alex and the love we share
- Our happy and healthy dogs and cats
- A cozy and relaxed atmosphere
- Cooking, baking, making cheese, growing and preserving food
- Celebrating holidays and milestones
- Enjoying my hobbies
- Nature all around me
- Practicing my spirituality
- A comfortable, inviting and warm environment

One could say that I had all of that already, even when I was living in temporary rentals. But for me, the clincher to really feeling at home is ownership. It's having my name on the deed, it's paying my property taxes and knowing that I can do what I want because this place is MINE. 

Another huge factor for me in feeling at home is location. For too many years, I lived in a province in Canada that was unwelcoming to English people. The arrogance and entitlement of a lot of the population where I lived was disheartening. Six months ago, we packed up and left that province for good and both Alex and I suddenly felt a lot of relief and peace of mind; we immediately felt like we were where we were supposed to be - that's feeling at home.
All that's missing is the white picket fence! 😏  What's your idea of home? Have you found your home yet or are you still searching?

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Runaway Train

I used to be a runaway train! My main focus in life for far too many years was success. In my late teens and early 20's, my idea of success was to be a workaholic who made as much money as possible despite the health issues it caused me. I felt the need to live a life filled with material goods and instant gratification. I needed the high paying job, the "distinguished" job title, the promotions and the accolades. This is what fed my self-esteem; and when I lost it all, I felt like I lost myself. That Rain-train had a terrible wreck, I barely survived.

I was definitely out of control and out of touch with my path in life.

Now I can say that I'm on the right path in life and my idea of success is nothing like it used to be!

Earth: Home and hearth, your physical body
Strengths: grounded, logical, hard-working
Weaknesses: laziness, materialism, stubbornness

Air: The mind, thought
Strengths: communicative, imaginative
Weaknesses: dishonest, unreliable

Fire: The spirit, action, passion
Strengths: courageous, passionate
Weaknesses: angry, impatient, obsessive

Water: Love, emotion, the heart
Strengths: healing, trusting
Weaknesses: apathetic, secretive, fearful

Balance of the four elements - that's what I strive for. If one element is out of balance, I experience anxiety, self-doubt and misery. My most challenging element is Water. My heart is filled with love but I often trust too quickly, I often hide my feelings for fear of being mocked or chastised. 

Nature's elements represent areas of your life. Think about these elements, is there one particular area of your life that needs your attention? Or several? 

Friday, November 13, 2020

13: The Number of Intuition

Today is Friday the 13th so I thought I'd talk about the number 13!! Thirteen is the number of intuition. Many of us don't even know what our intuition feels like, we don't know how to find it; or we feel it but ignore it. A basic definition of intuition is your gut feeling - an immediate feeling we get in our own bodies that helps us to understand a situation and not have to think it over or get another person's opinion.

Here are my 13 tips on how to tap into your intuition.
1. Sense every part of your body. Sit quietly and breathe deeply, focus on each part of your body and notice what's happening. You may feel pain in your wrist, your eyes might be tense and shut tight, you may feel a tingle in your throat. Observe how you feel. When I first did this many years ago, I realized how tight my throat was, I felt like my voice couldn't be heard, that I was being silenced and censored.

2. Believe that what your gut feeling is telling you is true. Sometimes when faced with decisions, we ignore what our gut is trying to tell us. Don't ignore it, acknowledge it and heed it. When I rented a home back in 2006, I had a terrible feeling that the owner wasn't a good man. I ignored that feeling and two months later I was pulling a midnight move because he tried to break into my rental one night when he was drinking. ALWAYS trust your gut.

3. Know your energy. If you feel great then suddenly in someone else's presence, you feel negative, sad or angry...stay away from that person if you are not able to block their energy. Know what your limits are when it comes to other people and situations that bring you negative energy. When I first started to notice other people's energy, it was at grocery stores, lining up for the cash register. I also felt it when I was driving. I felt every bit of people's impatience and negativity all around me. It absorbed me so much to the point where I didn't even want to be out in public anymore. I now know my limits and plan my days out accordingly.

4. Listen. Just sit and listen. Notice what you are hearing. It's easy to block out sounds in our modern world. Just try to turn off all the electronics and listen deeply to what's going on around you. You may even hear your own heart beating if you listen hard enough.

5. Divinate. Read Tarot cards, Oracle cards, use a pendulum, throw some Rune stones, stare into a crystal ball, stare into a candle...see what happens, see what thoughts and feelings come to the surface. This is the most significant way for me to tap into my intuition. After I experienced my burnout, I often stared into a candle's flame for what seemed like hours. I saw shapes, felt emotions and even heard messages - it was a very powerful healing tool.

6. Slow down every day. Meditate every day. This brings you into the present moment and trains your mind to stop the racing thoughts. Starting a meditation practice can be difficult because there is so much "noise" in our lives. Try starting each day with 3 minutes of silence. When you wake up, set your timer for 3 minutes, close your eyes and focus on one word. I focus on the word "love". Three minutes each morning became a habit that I really missed when I didn't do it. Now I practice 10 minutes of meditation each morning. You can find lots of guided meditations online, or you can simply sit in silence, focusing on a word or two.

7. Bring creativity into your life. Do something creative, play and enjoy yourself. Using your hands and your creative mind pulls you away from your logical, overthinking mind, this helps to connect you to your feelings.

8. Commune with Nature. Watch the skies or go for a walk, smell the breeze, feel the rain drops. I've always called my walks in the woods "Nature therapy". When I'm out alone (or with the dogs) in Nature, I'm able to release all of my thoughts and worries and focus on what I see, hear, smell, can feel and can hear.

9. Pay attention to your dreams. Try to remember your dreams and have some fun analyzing them. Before you go to sleep, think of what you'd like to dream about, tell yourself that you will dream of x, y or z. Sometimes your unconscious mind needs to tell you something and the only way you can get the message is through your dreams.

10. Take up an exercise routine. This could be yoga, running, dancing or walking. Get your body moving and enjoy how this makes you feel. Moving around jumpstarts your energy force, when your energy is activated, you are more likely to sense your intuitive feelings.

11. Enjoy all of your senses - taste, sight, smell, sound and touch. Do things that will spark these senses. A great meal does the trick for me! If you can really be in touch with your senses, you are more aware of your feelings and your intuition. 

12. Communicate with your pets - non-verbally. Look into your pet's eyes, open and close your eyes slowly a few times. Repeat this gently and you'll see your pet may follow along. Look at your pet then look at something else, then back at them. See if they will shift their glance. Non-verbal communication activates curiosity and feeling - it brings our attention to our senses.

13. Feel instead of thinking. When you find your mind racing, acknowledge the thoughts, then ask yourself how you feel. Knowing how you feel about something strengthens your confidence and self-trust. If you really trust how you feel about something, you cannot be steered wrong by another person's opinion, judgment or idea.

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Ladies, have you ever been in a situation where someone in your life walks away from you or disappears on you? Do you chase them, follow them, insist on reasoning? Ask why? Are all of your attempts to reach out or communicate ignored? Do you continue to insist despite being given the silent treatment? This is your masculine energy at work (pursuit, logic, persistence, goal-oriented). 

I think that pursuit only causes more anger, resentment and distance. It also causes frustration and a bit of emotional torture because you can't get the results you're seeking. 

If the person who is "ghosting" you is being a real A-HOLE....then there is nothing you can do to stop this behaviour. Chasing them and demanding "why" or expecting a resolution won't work.

Next time, try something new - retreat. Let them go, accept it. Don't pursue. Don't try to control. But be genuine! Don't just say "'re an a-hole and I accept it." REALLY accept that this person cannot be reasoned with and you won't get your answers - so you're OKAY with that. (I know, it's hard)

This is feminine energy at work (retreat, receiving, emotional, calm). Physically lean back, put your shoulders back, breathe deeply and lean your body back. Close your eyes and remember you're a wonderful woman and you have the right to be upset and angry.

Now, do what you need to do to let go of the anger. Why? Because holding a grudge is harmful to you. It doesn't mean you have to accept their bad behaviour, it means that you respect yourself enough not to allow that bad behaviour to destroy you.

How to let go of the anger? Get to the root of how you feel. Don't let your mind start you down a rabbit hole of "WHY". Just stop, breathe and try to figure out how you FEEL, not what you're thinking. 

Your mind may also try to figure out what the other person is thinking. Mind-reading isn't what you want to focus on! Get the word "why" out of your head. Who cares why they did what they did? That's THEIR problem!

Focus on YOU. I go for long walks. I talk to the Universe. I write out all of my bitter, angry feelings which usually reveals the heart of the matter. 

Anger, for me, is an emotion that pops up when I'm deeply hurt. Other emotions that are camouflaged as anger for me are:

- I feel rejected
- I feel abandoned and lost
- I feel unloved
- I feel devalued
- I feel unimportant
- I feel invisible and neglected
- I feel afraid

A lot of these emotions are my inner girl emotions - feelings I had as a child growing up. Now is the time to nurture my inner girl.

When I really start to write out my feelings, I can figure out how I feel. At that point, I'm able to shake off the anger. I can work through my hurt feelings - I usually cry it out. Now, I can speak with genuine emotion and truth - not hatred and anger.

I practice self-love. I do something that makes me smile, something that brings me joy. I paint, I watch a funny tv show, I play with my dogs. I make sure I smile and laugh. I remind myself that someone else's anger is not a reflection of who I am.

I still don't pursue. I allow the other person their space, their time to figure out their own emotions. When they are ready to come to me, I receive them with genuine warmth and love because I did everything I needed to do to rely on myself for soothing comfort. It's up to me to decide if they are worth forgiving - but usually if it's a loved one, they are worth forgiving.

We are all humans who make mistakes. We say things we shouldn't; we do things we shouldn't do. The worst thing to do when a person comes to you with regret is to be cold and distant. Grudges. NO GRUDGES. If they are worth forgiving, let go of the grudge! Find your femininity and be open, warm and compassionate. If they deserve your forgiveness, give it to them and find love again. Life is too short to hold on to anger.

I used to do this. Hold grudges. When a person who hurt me came to me with genuine regret and apologies, I would turn into the ice queen. This created more distance and less chance of resolution. Now I try to be as genuine and welcoming as possible because I never want to stoop to what I call their level of drama. I'm better than that. It doesn't mean I deserve nasty words or hurtful behaviour hurled at me of course. But if I make the decision to forgive, I can't just take it back out of pain, spite or vengeance. That's why it's so important to work through the anger and the pain before making the decision to forgive and receive.

Disclaimer: This doesn't apply to anyone who shows a pattern of abuse or anger towards you. If that's your situation, set a boundary and keep it, get help, talk to friends or simply walk away.

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I find it a shame that some religions label pride as a sin. I am a very proud woman! Proud of my home, my accomplishments, my lifestyle, myself.

Pride in yourself doesn't mean behaviour related to:
- entitlement
- arrogance
- stubbornness
- conceit
- superiority

Pride in yourself means you have:
- a strong sense of self-worth
- contentment and gratitude
- confidence
- a sense of accomplishment
- love and warmth for the accomplishments of others
- comfort and peace of mind

Don't let anyone convince you that you shouldn't be proud of who you are.

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